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Oh, sweet, since I fixed the SPF record on my domain, i guess it's probably time to do an #intro post!
I'm Danny - a person that likes libre stuff. i spun up this friendica instance as my first real foray into the ~~fediverse~~. It is free to anyone to join. It's set to approval mostly to discourage spammy stuff.
In general i like to embrace the grey in life. I believe stuff like:
Genres are meaningless
using 'they/them/theirs" as the default for all people unless otherwise indicated/preferred [ok this requires forcing my brain bc english so it's super not perfect but i can still BELIEVE]
colorism is more deeply rooted than racism and i hate it, like a lot
using nocaps is subverting the linguistic perscriptivist patriarchy

so, uuh, yes, HI FEDIVERSE