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November update:
Community Q&A Nov 25th
Newsflash- community, dev and Pine Store news
#PineBudsPro available December 2nd - ready to use
#Ox64 boots #Linux - available in December
#Star64 available in coming weeks
#PineTime InfiniTime 1.11 & new apps

Blog post link:

Hey Pine-Team, this is exiting news about the #PineBudsPro. How about collaborating with @Fairphone @WeAreFairphone on that to make them fairer and to extend the reach of both projects? Fairphone also released Earbuds They are build fair, but I the #firmware is not open. So if #Pine64 and #Fairphone could work together, this would be perfect.
I'm excited about the #PineBudsPro! Which audio codecs will they support? What's the best latency that could be expected? In other words: Could they be used for gaming?
the upcoming release of the #pinebuds and the #pinedio #lora gateway is very exciting! i set a reminder on my phone to buy the pinebuds the day they go up 😀
Really keen to try out the Ox64

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