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"El Señor que se bebe la Luna" Imbibitor Lunae 🌙 Dan Heng
Hice esto anoche en previsión que hoy no podría dibujar, pero es que quería hacer algo así 🙃🐉
"The Lord Who Drinks the Moon."
Imbibitor Lunae 🌙 Dan Heng.
I made this last night in anticipation that I wouldn't be able to draw today, but I just felt like drawing something like this 🙃 🐉

#HonkaiStarRail #DanHeng #ImbibitorLunae #artists #fanart #illustration #pencil #artistsonmastodon #mastoart #portrait #traditionalart

in reply to Vlad Wakinyan

this is great! Could be a character from The Dragon Prince

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