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"El Señor que se bebe la Luna" Imbibitor Lunae 🌙 Dan Heng
Hice esto anoche en previsión que hoy no podría dibujar, pero es que quería hacer algo así 🙃🐉
"The Lord Who Drinks the Moon."
Imbibitor Lunae 🌙 Dan Heng.
I made this last night in anticipation that I wouldn't be able to draw today, but I just felt like drawing something like this 🙃 🐉

#HonkaiStarRail #DanHeng #ImbibitorLunae #artists #fanart #illustration #pencil #artistsonmastodon #mastoart #portrait #traditionalart

Imbibitor Lunae from Honkai Star Rail videogame
Imbibitor Lunae from Honkai Star Rail videogame

This idea's been in my head for awhile so I made it #artists #meme
Three screen shots of Gandalf when Frodo announces he will take the ring to Mordor, showing sorrow and pride in the same expression. But the captions read: (sad face) When I see artist mutuals raise their prices … (eyes closed, grimace) and I know I’ll never be able to afford them … (sad, weary smile) but I know they’re getting paid closer to what they’re worth

Woke up super early and hopped on a train from London to Kent, thought I should try Gravesend market for about 200 of my handmade jewellery. It's very empty and I'm yet to make enough to cover the cost of travel here.. anyone in Kent? Anyone who knows anyone in Kent? Come say hi ❤️
My Etsy shop:

#UK #Kent #England #london #unitedkingdom #saturday #caturday #jewellery

#handmade #art #artist #artists

Photo of my market stall full of handmade jewellery Side angle of my market stall
Selfie on the train, green top

MakerTube is now open for public registrations! It's a #peertube video instance for makers, musician, artists and DIY content creators. If you thought of trying out a video platform besides big corp now is the time!

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Content warning: Pride Toronto, misdirection of funds, settler-colonialism

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