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@rooftopaxx we are going to be thinking about shutting down all #OMN instances as the is currently no money to pay the hosting, and outreaching is not working without a LOT of help.

The #DIY coding project is not actually working anyway, the has been no movement beyond chatter on the tech side of #OMN for the last few years, and the #fedivers stuff was set up to seed this dev.

Any ideas for a good path, happy to pass the instances on to a new responsible crew.


Fellow independent musicians: If we're ever going to break this cycle of platform dependency, betrayal, and disappointment, we'll have to build and run the replacement ourselves. #IndieMusic #DIY #music #BandCamp

#modteam this instance will be shutting down in a month due to no funding coming in from donations. The has been a year of messaging on this, it's finally time to shut the instance down

Social change is a social thing #DIY is never free, but yes it's low cost.

Vernon Update: We designed/made a shim for the Ozito batteries in the vacuum cleaner... this lets us borrow some of the 18V power and use it to drive our motors and #ESP32 or @Raspberry_Pi Pico (we're planning to try both).

We've also finished designing/printing all the main hardware parts to get it rolling, such as the drive gears, hose adapters clean up the front end, and an integrated adapter inside the hose part that connects it all to the chassis.

Our resident electronics guru also got the motors hooked up and wheels turning, so now it's just a matter of getting the code done (doesn't he just ask AI to do that these days? easy peasy) and Vernon will be cruising around the space sucking up everyones belongings.

#hackerspace #project #diy #robotics #robot

Building a Submersible PC #diy


If you are going to make a bird feeder, make it on style.
For the name of the restaurant, It's a joke based on the local magpies, who steal food from the cats in our colony, so we've made them their own place. It means “The thieving magpie” which is also a nod to a Tintín comic book.

Yeah, I’m that kind of human.
#diy #birds #recycle

MakerTube is now open for public registrations! It's a #peertube video instance for makers, musician, artists and DIY content creators. If you thought of trying out a video platform besides big corp now is the time!

Join in or any other instance and let's make peertube a place as great as Mastodon.

Please boost this post! Share your creations! Let's build alternatives that stay!

#peertube #makertube #diy #maker #artists #musicians #contentcreator #synthdiy @edsu @rm4

Yes at the moment as it's a #OMN based on the #4opens you have very low barrier to running or even developing an instance this is where the value is.

Adding security generally makes a HUGE barriers to Dev and #DIY running an instance.

The #geekproblem has no idea of the damage they do when pushing there "common sense". This creates a signal to noise issue that has been blocking alt for 20 years.

Just stop comes to mind

We self-host nearly 3000 videos on our server, and you can watch over, 8000 more federated videos on activism and technology. Self-hosting costs real money which we don't have, if you would like to support this #DIY #openweb then set up a recurring donation here to keep his space #OMN available for people to step away from the #dotcons mess we are all in.

This is a view of one "tribe" on the fedivers, there are meany, to be welcome here is to #DIY build and nurture your tribe. As you say this is not as easy as #mainstreaming but it is what the #openweb is about. And yes the intolerant crew often do not help, this is a part of #DIY culture as well.

Talking about the #mainstreaming crew, they can be intolerant too

The "protocol wars" of new #openweb protocols, including #bluesky, #Nostr, and #activertypub, am suggesting that bridges between them are a good solution to the current issues. All of these protocols are #4opens and #openweb native, which is a positive development. However, the cultures of these protocols are different and this can create messiness in the discussions.

I advocate for a grassroots #DIY culture and urge people to focus on building bridges rather than adding to the mess.

A fantastic video by an incredibly inventive farmer who's built out a bespoke waste timber-to-biochar system, including a push-powered field railway and giant handmade flywheel.

#biochar #permaculture #diy #organic #solarpunk

The development of openweb culture and technologies relies heavily on #DIY culture and grassroots efforts. These communities are passionate about creating and maintaining these tools, and they often do so without significant financial support. However, it is important to recognize the importance of these efforts and to support them through funding and other forms of support

#openweb and encrypted chat should coexist without reproducing the mistakes of centralized #dotcons. Bounded projects like #4opens and #PGA help us resist #mainstreaming liberalism and create a shared space of practice and direction for politics and technology. Theory comes from practice, emphasizing grassroots #DIY practices, and using theory from them. Focus on the #4opens is important to avoid pushing mess

how old are you, have you ever done any frontline activism? You maybe need to.

We are building from what works #grassroots #DIY with #OMN #indymediaback #OGB based on theory from practices.

Good to engage with this flow to practice activism.

this is a troubling view of theory and practice. All good horizontalists understand that they come from practice. At the basis of this is #DIY that is working through practice to build theory.

To start from theory go ground and round and round then try and put this into practice, ends in a dizzy mess. When this mess is imposed as a solution we obviously get more #techshit to compost or academic wank to clean up.

we theoryise less and live and do more at the #OMN and by this I mean theory comes from on the ground practice, learn by doing, learn from doing, be the doing. The virtue of #DIY #Grassroots which academic "thinking" way to often misrepresents ;)

yep, its currently a mess, though after ten years of wasted #techshit it's a nice mess to have.

Let's take this mess and shift it into a #KISS semantic web of data flows and stores. The keywords for the #OMN are simple and stupid, it's the only root that actually works #grassroots #DIY path.

We need shovels (#4opens) and compost (current #techshit) and seeds (of hope) to plant, let's grow the "commons"

The are projects for this

To navigate the overwhelming barrage of information in today's world, we can compost the last 40 years of social sh*t to understand political motivations. The right-wing is motivated by fear and control, while the left-wing prioritizes trust and openness. In the tech world, the #4opens promotes transparency, collaboration, and decentralized decision-making. However, #4opens and left-wing politics only work if people embrace a #DIY approach

🛠️ Ayer salimos a realizar las primeras pruebas con nuestra cámara #PicaPiKAP, un dispositivo construído con @Raspberry_Pi dotado de sensores GPS, altímetro, temperatura y humedad estabilizado con un sistema #Picavet.

Documentación en nuestra web de recursos #ComingSoon.


aaaand interior completed -- the whole thing is done!!!!!

#punk #DIY #denim

Open Hack Night.. on a SATURDAY?!?

🎉🥳🎈 YES! 🎈🥳🎉

Join us Saturday Evening, from 6-9pm, for public shop access! Bring a project to work on, or come down just to check out your local community makerspace!

Can't make it this Saturday? Keep an eye on our official calendar so you don't miss the next one!

#makerspace #diy #3dprinting #woodworking #metalworking

It’s LED pixel hearts! It’s just a standard silicone candy mold I got in the clearance aisle, filled with colored epoxy, and some LEDs stuck in it. These are designed to go on my LED Tree.

#electronics #DIY #crafting

This is so, so cool! A whole bunch of #DIY #Modular #Synth modules!

Looks like most of them also offer #schematics if you don't even want to order the #PCBs and panels.

In the #UK it's not always sunny enough for one of these to be useful, but I've hooked mine up to a #DIY #battery pack—made of #recycled #liions—and while it's basically useless on a cloudy or rainy day, it actually provides a meaningful amount of power on a sunny day.

This would never work as a commercial product because, if these components were all brand new, it wouldn't make any economic sense.

That's the beauty of #solarpunk #diyelectronics and #recycling! It brings a whole new life to these reclaimed panels and cells!

For those wondering what the end-goal was for my DIY battery pack, wonder no longer!

I've put it together with various other parts—mostly used or reclaimed—to create a little portable solar battery system.

In fact, I've been using it to keep all my personal electronics charged—phone, laptop, headphones, e-reader, watch—and logging all the power generation and usage for analysis.

#greenenergy #diy #recycle

Another little silver chain I made last year. 31 or 32 tiny hearts. 🐈
#jewelry #MastoArt #diy #art #cute

Finally finished this necklace for a friend. I used 32 gauge (0.25 mm) round sterling silver wire 🐈 He liked it, yay 😁
#jewelry #MastoArt #art #diy

DIY FYI: Slow Changing RGB LEDs

I've been doing some testing with some slow changing RGB LEDs for an upcoming project and thought I'd share my findings related to their behavior when powered by a 2032 coin cell battery.

Je n'avais pas écrit ce texte en pensant à une #musique particulière, mais bon voici une interprétation dont vous reconnaîtrez probablement l'inspiration. J'ai intitulé le morceau "les centenaires"

#creativetoots #diy #artwork #mastoart #mastomusic #CC0 #Centenaire1418

🎶 J’ai traversé les crasses, qui m’ont été tendues
J’ai pas laissé de traces, je ne me suis pas vendu
Maintenant, je brise la glace, c’est un peu tendu
Je sais c’est pas très classe, fallait pas m’chercher
Tu sais, j’ai pas abandonné la lutte des classes 🎶

#mastoart #creativetoots #mastomusic
#diy #artwork #mywork
#libre #artlibre #creativecommons #communs #cc #ccbysa
#musique #music #punk #rock

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