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LEEDS! Are you coming to shop with us this weekend?

Our new store is open for the entire festive season and into January. We have stock of every #RaspberryPi board and microcontroller, including #Pi5 and Compute Module 4.

Tag us if you make it over there 📸

Head over to Leicester Hackspace on November 18th to see how the new Raspberry Pi 5 compares with all previous models and with #RaspberryPi Pico.

They will also have a Pi Wars course available for you to try out your own robots.

"With faster hardware, punchier graphics, expanded storage support, and easy setup, it's nigh impossible not to love the #RaspberryPi 5, earning it a rare five-star rating and our Editors' Choice award."

Ackshully I use Raspberry Pi OS, even on my desktop.

Mainly 'cos I use Raspberry Pi so much, and I like things to be similar throughout my environment.

And Raspberry Pi OS is a sort of underdog that a damn lot of people use, but never seem to get into these lists.

Incidentally, I also use Xonsh as my regular shell, so I don't really tend to follow the trends very well!

#raspberrypi #rpi #RaspberryPiOS #Linux #Xonsh

BlueROV2 is an underwater ROV that surveys the darkest depths — well, the really very gloomy depths anyway — with the help of a #RaspberryPi 4 wearing its bespoke Navigator Flight Controller as a HAT.

We're launching new quarterly updates especially for our industrial customers. Sign up here to get news relevant to your business:


Thanks Fabrication Fest. We had a blast in the Experience #RaspberryPi 5 tent!

Westerville, Ohio!

Join this fun discussion with Samantha Snyder, Raspberry Pi Strategic Partnerships Manager. Samantha will be talking about the new #RaspberryPi 5 and other exciting developments in microprocessors.

This event is part of a series aimed at supporting women in computing in particular, but people of any gender and work background are welcome.

Hello. The rules in the UK state that once bonfire night is over, it's officially Christmas. Sorry.

In more excellent news, TWO #RaspberryPi Advent calendars made it onto this list from Forbes. You can buy both the '12 Projects of Codemas' and the 'Let it Glow' Pico calendars from The Pi Hut.

#MagPiMonday #RaspberryPi
DIY Games with Raspberry Pi Pico 🙂🕹️

Surprise! Just in time for the festive shopping season, we’ve opened a new temporary #RaspberryPi store in Leeds, UK.

We love this #Pi5 review. Marc Corredera gets loads of retro games running on our newest computer.


We know it's Hallow'eve, but what are you doing on Guy Fawkes Night?

HackWimbledon is hosting Pi Fawkes this Sunday and they're promising a "festival of #RaspberryPi 5s".

Head on over if you're in London and are after an indoor activity that doesn't require huddling round a bonfire.

I've turned a discontinued #Pimoroni Speaker Phat into a #MiniDexed Phat in order to give a new lease of life to a slightly damaged Raspberry Pi 2 that I recovered from ewaste

#RaspberryPi #diysynth #FMsynth

A Pimoroni Speaker Phat mounted on a Raspberry Pi 2. It has been extended with a 1602 liquid crystal character display and a rotary encoder knob. Blue and yellow wires have been soldered to the shared 40-pin heart of the Phat to connect the display and encoder to the Raspberry Pi. Red and black wire emerge from under the extended Phat to a small membrane speaker. An Akai LPK25 MIDI keyboard is plugged into one of the USB ports. The display reads: "Voice TG1 <8=PIANO 1>"

The RP1 is the new custom silicon on the #RaspberryPi 5 that is the helper chip to the Broadcom part onboard.

Our own James Adams and Liam Fraser were guests on The Amp Hour podcast to chat RP1 and beyond...

The new issue of HackSpace magazine is packed with #RaspberryPi 5 projects. We’ve picked this DIY Pi 5-powered computer to whet your appetite.

We have listed, to date, 40 Experience #RaspberryPi 5 events happening across 14 countries.

Between now and Christmas, we've events happening in China, Kenya, South Africa, Taiwan, UK, and the US.

Check the list to see if there's anything happening near you...


How're you spending Halloween night? At #RaspberryPi Club @ Makespace Cambridge? Us too?! Well... in spirit.

This is an Experience Raspberry #Pi5 event so you'll be able to give our newest board a spin, even if you haven't got one of your own yet.

You can also bring along something you've been working on, or just show up to talk with tinkerers.

Times and venue details:

Mike Reed is a completely self-taught digital learning teacher, and during his tenure he has built not one, but three, impressive #RaspberryPi clusters to make his lessons run more smoothly.

(Literally every person we showed this blog to before publishing it agreed that it's cool. Read about it and agree.)

Our final #MakerFaire appearance of 2023 will be at Shenzhen, China!

We’re partnering with #RaspberryPi Approved Reseller @seeedstudio for our first ever experience at Maker Faire Shenzhen.

Hope to see you there on November 11th and 12th. Let us know if you're coming along.

The inside story on the new Raspberry #Pi5...

The next iteration in the world-conquering Raspberry Pi line-up is here. HackSpace magazine caught up with Eben Upton (co-founder of Raspberry Pi and CEO of Raspberry Pi Ltd), and James Adams (CTO and principal hardware architect at Raspberry Pi, and designer of six of the seven flagship #RaspberryPi boards).

Settle in for this mega interview:


Raspberry #Pi5 體驗會 && 樹莓派社群聚會 #40

This is the 40th Taipei Raspberry Pi meetup and the topic is Experience #RaspberryPi 5. It's all happening on October 30th.

🚨 Raspberry Pi 5: available now! 🚨

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard with our friends at the Sony UK Technology Centre in Wales (where your Pi is baked) to ramp up the manufacturing and production test processes. Things have gone a little faster than expected, and we’re happy to announce that the first mass-production units will ship to customers this week.

#Pi5 #RaspberryPi

We did some benchmarking with Raspberry #Pi5 against its younger sibling #RaspberryPi 4 to show you just how fast it can go.

Dear diary,

Today's entry for the #Pi5 development diary is all about image processing on Raspberry Pi 5.

There's another nice video featuring enthusiastic nerds talking to each other about all the excellent nerding we did for our new #hardware ISP (image signal processor), developed here at #RaspberryPi.

#RaspberryPi OS Bookworm, released last week, brings a big change for Python users, as we implement a change introduced by the Python community in upstream Debian: from Bookworm onwards, packages installed via pip must be installed into a Python Virtual Environment using venv.



Your next #RaspberryPi meet up is on November 5th.


You need to be quick if you want to attend Sparkfun's #RaspberryPi 5 event TONIGHT in Niwot, CO, United States.

There are only a few places left so snap them up if you want a fun last minute hump day outing.

Coming up this week we have Experience Raspberry Pi 5 events happening in:

🇰🇪 Mombasa, Kenya
🇲🇾 Puchong, Malaysia
🇺🇸 Patchogue, NY, United States
🇬🇧 Nottingham, United Kingdom

And a hybrid event in London which you can join online at which Eben will be speaking!



It has been fantastic to see so many of the global network of community event organisers adapting their upcoming meetups and arranging special events to showcase the brand new Raspberry #Pi5.

Perhaps the furthest afield so far — if you’re counting the miles from Pi Towers in Cambridge, UK — happened in Melbourne, Australia. Organiser Trevor Warren got in touch to let us know how his Experience #RaspberryPi 5 event went down under.

NOTTINGHAM! This month Notts IoT has a very special event: experience #RaspberryPi 5!

Come along and get hands-on with the brand new Raspberry #Pi5 before anyone else.

It's happening on the 24th. Go and play.

We've dropped another behind the #Pi5 scenes video...

In this one, Eben talks to Senior Principal Hardware Engineer Dominic Plunkett about how #RaspberryPi PoE HATs work, and they discuss the design changes involved in the evolution of our PoE HATs across three generations of the hardware.

“It only took us eleven years and seven hardware generations, but we got there in the end”.

In this latest addition to our Raspberry #Pi5 development diary, Principal Software Engineer Tim Gover joins Gordon Hollingworth and Eben to discuss how we developed #RaspberryPi 5’s software environment.

For the first time ever, a new #Ubuntu release is going to be launched with #RaspberryPi support from day one.

and how many people would prefer an equivalent to Rpi4 in terms of processing power and spend the generational improvements on lower consumption so we don't need to discuss actively cooled cases at all ?

I'm sure I'm not the only one…

#fanless #RaspberryPi #PowerConsumption

NEXT WEEK we have Experience Raspberry #Pi5 events happening. Go along to get hands on with our latest board before it's even on general sale!

🇬🇧 Cambridge, UK
🇺🇸 Denver, Colorado, US
🇺🇸 Niwot, Colorado, US
🇮🇳 Bangalore, India

Check the list for times and exact locations:


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