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#Nobara is the intent, but I might end up on #Debian depending on how the wind blows.

#Debian for servers
#Ubuntu for the #LinuxDesktop from 200x to 2023
#Debian for the Desktop from 2023 to ...

PopOS for my modern PCs and Debian for my 32bit PCs. I don't see the reason to use anything else with DistroBox filling the gap if you need a package from another distro.

#system76 #Debian #distrobox

#LinuxMint will drop it's #Ubuntu-based distro and move to only using it's #Debian based distro.

third penguin in the background just chillin'? that's #Debian

#Debian on one machine, #MXLinux - on other, both #XFCE

#debian (stable and testing) with #sway.

On my Desktop = #Debian testing and on my Laptop = #Archlinux

Today we're releasing the newest version of Raspberry Pi OS, called Bookworm, like the #Debian release it's based on.

In Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm, we're launching some major changes to the #RaspberryPi Desktop: the Wayland display system, PipeWire sound interface, and NetworkManager network controller bring increased responsiveness, flexibility, and security. We're also offering Firefox as a browser option alongside Chromium.

The company is 31, but the distro will soon turn 30, the same age as Slackware and Debian.

You're a little early.

#Linux #Debian #SUSE

Learned about Linux from a former boss in 2003/2004 on an ancient dual Pentium 2 running Mandrake 9.2 and KDE 3. Coming from Mac and then Windows, this absolutely blew me away and I was sold.

Used it on the side while my main machine was WinXP. Distro-hopped with #mandrake, #suse, #ubuntu, and settled on #debian which became my daily driver in 2006 in grad school and never looked back.

in honor of being real good software, my #debian laptop background pic:

Happy Debian Day - going 30 years strong #Linux #Debian

Well that's a loaded question but I think I'd go for #debian at that point.

I think the more relevant question is "which package manager" or "which desktop environment"... those have way more of an impact than the distro IMHO. #linux #timtowdi


I don't support Red Hat and have not done so for a long time.

Red Hat screwed me over, and now they've decided to close their source code.

Alma Linux can go in another direction, and I'll be happy to keep using them. And if they somehow become unusable for whatever reason, I'll just further double-down with both Debian and Ubuntu.

#Debian #Ubuntu #AlmaLinux #RedHat

the #debian logo as an aurora

I’ve used #Fedora for years, absolutely love that distro. This, coupled with #RedHat’s latest shenanigans are why I’ve distro-hopped for the first time in a long time…I’m only community-run distros from now on. #ArchLinux for desktop and gaming, #Debian for servers.

To some it’s not a big deal, and I won’t fault them for using whatever they want. And there’s a ton of great people doing great things with Fedora but Red Hat seems to be going out of their way to destroy goodwill.

as always #debian is the only true anchor of #FOSS in the #linux distribution ecosystem.

Congrats to our friends at @debian :debian: on the successful release of the newest version of the "universal operating system": Debian 12, aka Bookworm

#Wikipedia runs on #Debian because of its commitment to stability, security and software freedom. We'll be upgrading to bookworm soon!

The big release you've been waiting for, is here!

Debian 12 🙌


Waiting for the Debian 12 release? Learn more about it here:

#debian #linux

That's exciting news!

I've recently read how the #Tor and #Debian teams take the #security of software distribution very seriously. Truly amazing stuff.

Great to see how @mullvadnet, a private #VPN company, and Tor are teaming up to make more secure and private tools for everyone.

A feature tip for @techlore maybe?

A leading global consultancy specializing in delivering the benefits of Open Source software to the commercial world, @collabora is seeking developers, sysadmins, engineers, and more. Browse current job openings on #OSJobHub #Linux #OpenSource #Debian #Python #sysadmin #kernel #developer #engineer

Hola, fediverso!

Vivo en las Islas #Canarias, territorio del noroeste africano bajo dominio del reino de "España".

Desde joven simpatizo con las ideas anarquistas, pero me interesan todas las ideas y prácticas anticapitalistas libertarias en general.

Desde hace muchos años que sólo uso #GNU/Linux, en concreto #debian o derivadas, y tengo predilección por #xfce. En el móvil/celular uso #lineageos.

Y en estos días de manipulación tan desmesurada y masiva por lo de Ucrania (como antes ha ocurrido por muchos otros temas), no está de más recordar algo: "Si no están prevenidos ante los medios de comunicación, les harán amar al opresor y odiar al oprimido." (Malcom X)

#anarquismo #softwarelibre #noGAFAM
#introducción #Introduction

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