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I miss the hardware for both, but at least Linux can handle regular tasks smoothly.
I use #arch btw.

It's really an achievement 💯

#arch #linux

22 years of, BTW, I use Arch! 🐧 🎂

#arch #linux

It's going to be a fun journey 🐧 🔥

#linux #arch

Can we interest you in an immutable Arch-based distro?

#linux #arch

You define a whole category of Linux user on your own. If people can start saying “I use Fedora btw”, it will only be awesome to hear because of you.

To: @archlinux
From: Fedora

#ILoveFS #Arch #ArchLinux #FedoraLoveFS

We are kicking 2024 off with a nice Arch-based distro!

#linux #arch

I have a m1 mac (I had to make some iOs libraries and apps), and I cannot stand #macOS 😆 it's so backwards, ugly, slow, uncustomizable.. I'm just waiting for some distro (hopefully #Arch one day) to work properly on that hardware

And there's that one guy always saying “BTW I Use Arch” 😆

#linux #arch

EndeavourOS Galileo has arrived with some important changes!

#linux #arch

A new release of Garuda Linux has arrived with a Hyprland ISO offering!


#arch #linux

#Arch lets you start with a blank canvas to build a system that is specifically tailored for you. For me that is the best feature of all, the learning and the knowledge you acquire in the process is a close second. #archlinux

What do you think about Pamac? Would you install it?

#Linux #Arch

Get Discord on Manjaro Linux using this tutorial if you're new:

#Linux #Arch


I've ported Unity 7.6 to Arch Linux 🐧 (got all the Unity packages to compile 🔨 on Arch, and packaged 🧳 them all for Arch), so you can now use Unity on Arch! 🎉 You can install it by following the instructions in the blog post 📰 below.

#Unity #Arch


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