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Oh heck yes! An update on the #PineNote, and not a small one either! 🎉

In the summary you have a typo though which produces valid syntax, and worse, inverts the meaning of the sentence: `Linux is finally taking shape on the PineNote and flashing Linux OSes is not simpler than in the past` (not → now)

RAM $89.99
- #PineTab-V(ery good!) & #PineTab2 pre-orders April 11th -- starting at $159
-PineTab2 ships with @danctnix Arch #Linux
-#PineNote development & amazing progress
And much more!

Blog post link:

Yet again, no mention of the #PineNote. Sad

Working on @PINE64 #PineNote again, while being enthusiastic and putting the Tux picture on full screen whenever I could. 😁

This is actually in the public BTW, I'm sitting here with a ton of people around.

June Update:

PINE64 EU launches next week

# stock in July

gamelaster becomes community manager

We are building a @risc_v SBC
# modem firmware & cam improvements

# you can now hand-write in LibreOffice on Linux!

And much more:

February Update:

- CNY Over: Production / support return

- #PinePhonePro: more units coming

- #PinePhone chat with modem & flash it via fwupd

- #PineNote: "all hardware works" & @kdecommunity Plasma in grayscale

- #PineTime simulator is awesome

and more!

January Update:

CNY starts Feb 1st; production & shipping stand still
#pinephonepro EE orders open
#pinephone keyboard is available
#PineNote e-paper works (!!!) now available for order without coupon
#pinetime InfiniTime 1.8 release best one yet & more!

So this is it, this is my @PINE64 #PineNote running #ArchLinuxARM and #XFCE desktop.

There are still many things that needs to be done, even booting without UART isn't possible yet. But it's getting there.

Ever wondered how #Phosh UI runs on @PINE64 #PineNote?

This is running on top of the mainline kernel.

This blew our socks off - #PineNote 's e-paper display now works on mainline #linux ! 🎉

Thanks to Samuel Holland ( as well as other contributors for this incredible achievement.

#pinephonepro and #PineNote Developer Editions have been dispatched today! Partying face

See 'stock, availability and shipping' for more info:

(pictured: PinePhone Pro Dev units)

@PINE64 hi, i would be interested to know wether you already testen styluslabs' write on the #PineNote pro and if so - if the hardware is capable of running it smoothly. because i do not need handwriting recognition but find some of its features really appealing to me. but since it works with (many) svg paths i feel unsure if thus app and the hardware are a good match...

October Update:

Introducing the #PinePhonePro - $399

#PineNote and PinePhone Pro pre-orders are now open to developers & shipping this year!

#PineTime #InfiniTime major firmware progress & project management update

September Update Time!

- #DevZone rolling out & introducing bounties

- @talkpine returns soon!

- #PinePhone keyboard production, hurdles & add-on cases

-#PineNote impressions & software progress

- #PineTime InfiniTime 1.4 & more

- #PineDio Stack dev report

And much more!

The #DevZone sees a gradual rollout and uses the #PineNote as a pilot project to test the system.

In the #PineNote?

It uses the Rockchip RK3566, which isn't open source really, but far more documentation is publically available than for most SoCs.

It runs Linux, in whatever flavor you want.

August Community Update!

We're excited to announce the
#PineNote: fast refresh e-ink panel, 4GB RAM, 128GB eMMC, Rockchip RK3566- $399

- #PinePhone keyboard enters production - coming soon

- #PinebookPro new touchpad firmware

- #PineTime & #PineDio

- development updates

And _much_ more!

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