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BT audio working and a stable wlan mac address in the latest update for #sailfishos on the @PINE64 #pinetab2

My lovely children decided to talk to the wife and get me this for XMAS! Awesome! @PINE64

Major restock❗️#PineBuds Pro #PinePhone Pro, #Pinebook Pro, #PineTime, #Pinecil V2 and most accessories now available 🥳

#PineTab2 and PinePhone BE2 available next week

Store link:

Guess if EU store adoption does not take that long i will wait.

#pinetab2 #pinetab

#PineTab2 and #PineTab-V pre-orders start Thursday, April 13th
Here's what you need to know

Post link:

The chassis of the #PineTab-V (the first @risc_v tablet) will be black to differentiate it from from the #Arm-based #PineTab2 available in silver-gray.
Hope you like it 😀

RAM $89.99
- #PineTab-V(ery good!) & #PineTab2 pre-orders April 11th -- starting at $159
-PineTab2 ships with @danctnix Arch #Linux
-#PineNote development & amazing progress
And much more!

Blog post link:

Will there be a stylus pen you can use on the #PineTab2 ?

sweet price for the #PineTab2 ... count me in to get one!

I think I saw somewhere that an m2 ssd is/was possible as a user modification? Can this be documented somewhere? Was it tested (how fast is it)?

February Update:
Q&A March 17 20:00 CET
#PineTab2 two SKUs starting at $159 + software status
#Pinecil V2 BT application
#Star64 coming in March
#PinePhone (Pro) incredible developments +modem work
#Ox64 #Linux & Quartz64/SOQuartz status
And much more!

Post link:

The #fosdem2023 @fosdem #PineTab2 demo is nearly complete. Now with 5GHz WiFi (BES2600) working on mainline #Linux 😀

You'll find us in building AW:

#PineTab2 software progress 😀

Come check it out at our @fosdem stall 4 & 5 February!

Pictures via developer Dieselnutjob (

#PineTab2 running mainline #Linux kernel video out to an external monitor 😀

Learn more about the PineTab2:

Not sure if I missed it, but are there plans to add stylus support to the #PineTab2 (active pen witg pressure sensitivity)?

December Update:
-#PineTab2 announcement- 4GB RAM /64GB & 8GB RAM/128GB flash versions
-#PinePhone (Pro) great software progress and @kalilinux
-A look back at 2022 and sneak peek at 2023- @risc_v plans
-We’ll be at @fosdem- come see us
And much more!

Blog post link:

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