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Just finished my laptop desktop customization. I think I'm happy by how it looks.

@PINE64 #PinebookPro

Finally took some time to bust out the @PINE64 #pinebookpro and have some fun! I'd planned on flashing #nixos onto it, but everything I'd book from the image on my NVMe, I'd go through the whole rebuild and switch but it continued failing to boot into the new build... 🤔

Next best option, fresh install an #archlinux based system with great development record for the PBP, #manjaro , and manage everything with #nix. Turns out option #2 is still pretty awesome! 😎🤘 :manjaro: :nixos: #linux

how do you like the #pinebookpro? Does Firefox play video in hardware accelerated mode?

163 ppi. A little hi-res, but not quite HIDPI territory.
My #PinebookPro is 1080p 12", I think.

I think it's got to be at least 200ppi to be considered HIDPI, but I doubt there's a hard-and-fast rule to it.

I just know that the first HIDPI Macbooks were around 288ppi

We're currently awaiting post-CNY stock shipment

Restock expected end of February

Will include: #PinePhone PinePhone keyboard, #PinebookPro , the #Pinecil, #PineTime and #PinePower Desktop and more

#PineTime, #PinePower desktop, #PinePhone keyboard case and more is in stock. PinePhones coming next week. #Pinecil V2 and #PinebookPro coming at the end of the month/ early September.

Please note, Monday (Aug. 15) is a bank holiday so shipping starts on Tuesday (Aug. 16).

The # is now in stock!
Shipping begins late July/ early August.

June Update:

PINE64 EU launches next week

# stock in July

gamelaster becomes community manager

We are building a @risc_v SBC
# modem firmware & cam improvements

# you can now hand-write in LibreOffice on Linux!

And much more:

Yup, 8bitbubsy's fantastic Protracker 2 clone works just fine on ARM.

I compiled it without any issues on my @PINE64's PineBook Pro and it runs all my mods just fine.


Welll... if you use alternate offset locations for u-boot, it should be poissible to make a single image that boots both. I did this successfully with the #pinebook and #pinebookpro!

New video out, today is gameplay of Celeste running on the Pinebook Pro via x86 emulation!:




Join Odysee and Support the Channel!:$/invite/@LinuxLounge:b

Support the Channel Through Patreon:

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#pinebookpro #linuxgaming #linux #pine64 #foss

when is hardware upgrade going to happen for #PinePhone and #PineBookPro ? They are due

August Community Update!

We're excited to announce the
#PineNote: fast refresh e-ink panel, 4GB RAM, 128GB eMMC, Rockchip RK3566- $399

- #PinePhone keyboard enters production - coming soon

- #PinebookPro new touchpad firmware

- #PineTime & #PineDio

- development updates

And _much_ more!

A much improved touchpad firmware for the #pinebookpro is now available for flashing! Presently, the process requires some degree of Linux knowledge, but even a novice should be able to follow the instructions. If you're not comfortable with executing the process, community developer dsimic is working on a use-friendly and (more) automated utility for flashing the firmware.

Follow link for instructions:

We've set up a site to inform users about current stock levels, estimated availability and to relay shipping information. Currently in testing.

Check it out:

#pinephone #pinebookpro #Quartz64 #pinetab

Waiting for a #PinePhone or #PinebookPro? Shipping of remaining devices next week.

Details in shipping thread:

This is the last week to pick up a #pinebookpro before production pauses on May 24th.

Pine Store link:

Information about production break:

May update: order #pinephone anytime this year!; #pinedio #lora from RAKwireless project launches June; #pinetime w InfiniTime 1.0 in store June; #pinephone keyboard review units ship; #Quartz64 stock in June; #pinebookpro runs @fedora 34 & production hiatus:

Again we would like to welcome @apple to the world of ARM-based laptops. You're still a few years late to the party, but you're still a VIP. And as always, better late than never. ;)

Make yourself at home, alongside the #Pinebook and #PinebookPro.

October News Update:

- New Pine Store

- #PineTab & #PinebookPro LCD shortages

- #PinePhone @ManjaroLinux CE box + image

- PinePhone Qi charging, NFC & keyboard

- #SOEdge AI module-call to action

- #PineCube IP camera now available+ more lenses coming

- #PineTime progress & more

September Blog Update Time!

- We're an Arm ecosystem partner now!
- New and improved Pine Store upcoming

- #PinebookPro production delay due to LCD shortage

- #PineTab new image releases

- #PinePhone Manjaro CE preorders start Sept. 17

- #PinePhone camera developments

- p-boot multi-image loader

Shipping of #PinePhone, #PineTab and #PinebookPro is about to start.

Shipping update thread can be found here:

Please refrain from emailing info and/or sales with shipping update requests, use the linked forum thread. Thank you!

#PinebookPro is back in stock in our store, in both ISO and ANSI variants! Estimated shipping late August.

Another #PinebookPro issue from the factory. ?‍♂️

If your newly arrived PBP will not boot, try booting from SD.

If it boots from SD, you may need to flip the "eMMC disable" switch in order for normal boot.

See our wiki for how to find and flip the switch:

Everyone receiving their #PinebookPro laptops:

It appears that the factory has left the WiFi privacy switches turned ON. (WiFi disabled) ?‍♂️

To enable WiFi you'll need to disengage the privacy switch:

Welcome to all the new (soon-to-be) #PinebookPro and #Pinephone owners! We've got a blog post for you with the basics of what you need to know, and where to find more information or help, should you need it.

Ahead of people receiving their #PinebookPro's the Wiki release page has been refreshed with most notable releases:

#PinebookPro is now shipping again, with #PinePhone UBPorts Community Edition not far behind!

More info:

It does have a floppy drive... right next to the DVD drive. 2002 was a weird point in time for tech.

But it also weighs 8.3lb (3.8kg, or 3 whole #PinebookPro), and I'm not sure you want to carry that around with you every day. ?

Here a bit of a fun comparison for all of you:

A #PinebookPro compared to a state of the art notebook from 2002.

Of course, the Pinebook Pro is so much faster too. ?

We're happy to announce that the #PinebookPro is back in stock at our webstore! This batch will come with @ManjaroARM @kde Edition preinstalled -- this brings the mainline Linux kernel to the Pinebook Pro as default. Expected delivery worldwide in May.

If the website fails to load, please don't F5 our server out of existence! Wait a bit and try again -- this is a large batch, there will be units available for quite some time

Sorry for the late notice here on the Fediverse, but our March update is out. News for the #PinePhone, #pinebookpro, and #pinetime alike.

See inside:

February Community Update: production currently at a stand-still - expect production delays; #pinebookpro NVMe new adapter + fix; growing OS choice; #PinePhone software status; phone FCC+CE certification; #PineTab delayed (again); and much more.

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