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Rust Basics Series #2 was recently released.

Check it out!


Unlock the power of variables in Bash with Series #2 of our Bash Basics series.


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Service Unavailable
unable to create directory /var/www/html/view/smarty3/compiled/90/4f/52

Exception thrown in /var/www/html/src/Core/Renderer.php:90
Stack trace:
#0 /var/www/html/view/theme/frio/config.php(199): Friendica\Core\Renderer::replaceMacros()
#1 /var/www/html/view/theme/frio/config.php(141): frio_form()
#2 /var/www/html/src/Module/Admin/Themes/Embed.php(89): theme_admin()
#3 /var/www/html/src/BaseModule.php(244): Friendica\Module\Admin\Themes\Embed->content()
#4 /var/www/html/src/App.php(703): Friendica\BaseModule->run()
#5 /var/www/html/index.php(52): Friendica\App->runFrontend()
#6 {main}

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Who's rocking the charts on Amazon? This girl!

My editor emailed last night to tell me THE GRAMMAR DAILY is both #1 and #2 in the Amazon Hot New Releases section for Grammar Reference because they separate the print book from the ebook.

Because the book contains 13 word-search puzzles, I favor the print version, but the ebook is great too if you don't actually want to do the puzzles and just want the tips.

Thanks for all the support! I hope you love the book. ๐Ÿ˜€

#1 #2

So how do we blast off?

1) we need more!

Make TV with us, send us your videos, if you've sent me stuff in the past and it didn't make it on the channel, it's probably because I forgot about it. Resubmit, submit new things. I prefer cc-by or cc-by-sa stuff, but we'll take any license including all rights reserved.

We're looking for content for our live stream and things to add to VOD. Let us know if you're interested in one, the other, or both!

I can only pay a small fee for videos right now, because we're basically only breaking even on the network, but that changes with #2.


The two Design Squiggle shirts are #2 & #3 on the Cotton Bureau sales charts today. Get yours here:
#2 #3

Learned a LOT about snails today.

Fact #1: snails can't absorb color pigments. If they eat colored paper their feces would also be similarly colored.

Fact #2: some snails have something called a 'love dart', a thing they store in their bodies (in what is referred to as their 'dart sac') that prior to mating they try and shoot into other snails. The other snail doesn't have a thing to receive this dart(it's analogous to being shot by an arrow), nor is it an organ for sperm transfer. Nuts.

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Join us for Series #2 of our Bash Basics article series.


Risk #1: LLMs can produce factually incorrect text.

Risk #2: LLMs can produce untrustworthy explanations.

Risk #3: LLMs can persuade and influence, and they can provide unhealthy advice.

Risk #4: LLMs can simulate feelings, personality, and relationships.

Risk #5: LLMs can change their outputs dramatically based on tiny changes in a conversation.

Risk #6: LLMs store your conversations and can use them as training data.

Risk #7: LLMs cannot attribute sources for the text they produce.

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@Hypolite Petovan
Ok fixed that

Executable: /home/anubis2814/mywebsite/bin/console.php
Arguments: array (
0 => 'autoinstall',
Options: array (
'v' => 1,
Command: autoinstall
Initializing setup...

Checking environment...
NOTICE: Not checking .htaccess/URL-Rewrite during CLI installation.

[Error] --------
GNU Multiple Precision PHP module: Error: GNU Multiple Precision PHP module required but not installed.

#0 /home/anubis2814/mywebsite/vendor/asika/simple-console/src/Console.php(108): Friendica\Console\AutomaticInstallation->doExecute()
#1 /home/anubis2814/mywebsite/src/Core/Console.php(163): Asika\SimpleConsole\Console->execute()
#2 /home/anubis2814/mywebsite/vendor/asika/simple-console/src/Console.php(108): Friendica\Core\Console->doExecute()
#3 /home/anubis2814/mywebsite/bin/console.php(41): Asika\SimpleConsole\Console->execute()
#4 {main}
Is this error an issue?

Before this came out, people who'd read the book were talking about how weird this would be as a movie. Now that it's out, the tone seems to be, this is weird as a movie.

Let's see for myself, #2, or #1045, 2022's "White Noise."
#2 #1045

What I'm listening to today: "New Jazz Underground Live! #2", New Jazz Underground

These are some dudes who crowdfund recording their jazz band performances and posting them on YouTube and they just happen to be super good. I found them through a track they called "Sad Boy Anthem" but they've got a bunch of these full-length 50-minute-ish "Live!" performances up and that's the real gold. I listened to a few of their livestream sets and this one was my favorite.

Nobody asked, but my number one waifu is Neptune, from Hyperdimension Neptunia. She is literally 400% my obsession. All my friends IRL know how much I love her. Now you folk too. I have posters of her in my room, I even have a Nepnep-themed mug I drink from. Any woman in my life will be #2 to her. That is all.

That and more was in my recent News Flip #2 video:

#2, #652, we Cage ever onwards, it's 2009's "Knowing."

But do I Know what this is about? I've Know idea.
#2 #652

@Friendica Support I want to delete a post which was accidentially saved to a folder. How to do it? Only thing I see is a pop-up saying that I will be deleting the post, but no button or anything else to be clicked. See screenshots: #1 Firefox on Android, #2 Firefox on Windows.


@Fabio -- kudos!

Thanks to you, I learned today how to:

1. From my cron table retrieve the username: friendica

2. From /var/www/friendica find out out ownership and mode: friendica:www-data 0750

3. In /var/www/friendica create log/friendica.log

4. Apply details from #2 to the directory I created for media files

And now the storage switch went without any glitches.

root@tepewu:/home/yunohost.multimedia/petroskowo# ls
0c  2a  37  41  4d  61  71  8c  bf  d5  f6
0e  2e  3a  42  57  62  73  93  c8  e3  ff
29  33  3e  4b  60  6d  79  94  c9  e9  index.html

Thank you for your support.
#2 @Fabio

Can't add contacts after upgrade top 2022.10

!Friendica Support


My system runs on an Raspberry Pi3, Debian 11

Since the upgrade to Friendica 2022.10 adding new contacts in mastodon shows me an error-code.

Exception thrown in /var/www/html/src/ModuleContact/Profile.php:141
Stack trace:
#0 /var/www/html/src/BaseModule.php(244): Friendica\Module\Contact\Profile->con>
#1 /var/www/html/src/App.php(719): Friendica\BaseModule->run()
#2 /var/www/html/index.php(44): Friendica\App->runFrontend()
#3 {main}

I have Friendica debug logs for times around the contact-attempt, but there isn't even shown the contacts-profile-url (but those of many others, i'm not in contact with).

Afterwards, the contact is added as RSS.


Adding a new membership ends up with error messages on screen

Network type can't be detected, contact can't be added.
Profile-url doesn't give proper information, no compatible protocolls for communication oder feeds can be found.

Error messages on screen: Network type can't be detected, contact can't be added. Profile-url doesn't give proper information, no compatible protocolls for communication oder feeds can be found.

Here i also can't find anything related in the logs.

Does anyone has similar issues?

Another T-Shirt illustration from some time ago. Always been a huge fan of anatomy, so drawing a massive and muscular troll was a blast. Inked using a Raphael #2 Brush dripping with Black Magic Ink on Strathmore. Old school!

Typically, with masculine lines, you go for a more chiseled angle to the linework (maybe a crow quill), but I wanted a more supple approach for this image.

#mastoart #art #design #illustration #TrollsRPeopleToo #nowImDigital

Heh, amazing how that can happen with such an org. Happy they're down, of course. Unfortunately rather than head toward #2 we know they'll be working to get the ads, data collection, user manipulation and misinformation spreading rolling again as fast as possible.

lol... What an incredibly short-sighted statement.

Here's step #1 - power off Facebook.

Step #2 - Get on with life in a happier and healthier fashion.
#1 #2

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