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I am looking to commission a t-shirt design in the style of the School House Rock logo.

DM me for details or if you know an artist who would be a good fit then share this with them and they can DM me if interested.

#art #commission #logo #design #TShirt

Hello! Please boost, if you can. I am looking for someone who can create a flyer in PageMaker 4.

Context: I'm writing a novel about AIDS activists in the early 90s. The main character is a computer science major who has been tasked with creating a flyer for an upcoming protest. I plan on including images of the artwork in the novel so if it is ever publish, you will be give full credit. #vintageapple #design

EDIT: I've added a picture of the hand drawn flyer.

First there is the Jishin Itsumo kit. It includes a book note which illustrates the testimony of 167 survivors of Great Hanshin earthquake in Kobe in 1995. What a work !
The kit includes also two leaflets, one explaining how to set up an emergency contact and one explaining what you need to prepare at home.
The last item is a handkerchief with multipurpose ideas printed on it : it can be a mask, a bandage, a flag, etc. Bought it for 12 euros in mint condition.

#design #books #japan #pictogram

⬆ let's continue this exploration thread above.

My Jishin Itsumo project collection is growing !

地震 (jishin = earthquake) いつも (itsumo = always) is a project made by the wonderful Japanese illustrator Yorifuji Bunpei 寄藤文平.
The main goal is risk prevention and help people getting ready for earthquake disaster.

If you like it, there are PDF available on the official website !

#design #books #japan #pictogram

⬇ let's dig into it !

Second book is the Jishin Itsumo Manual.
It explains everything you need to know to be prepared for an earthquake : how and why it happens in Japan, what you need to prepare at home, what furniture you need to fix on the wall, how and what you can cook, how you can poop and clean you up without functional sewers, etc. It's really well made and you can find it around 4 euros on second hand marketplaces.

#design #books #japan #pictogram

秘密基地の作り方 is a wonderful book analyzing how to make a secret base. A deep dive into children cabins, shacks, huts, tree houses... what make a good secret base ?
Written in 2012 by Takahiro Ogata 尾方孝弘 and illustrated by Noritake, the book gives you all the keys to chose wisely what is your secret base.
Each type of secret base has a radar diagram to choose from those criteria : 面白さ (fun), 耐久性 (durability), 秘密度(secrecy), 危険度(degree of risk),難易度(difficulty level).

#design #books #japan

I was looking for this artbook for a long time. Published in 2020, this 400 pages book contains all the works of the Japanese illustrator Noritake. Ads, posters, publication, magazine covers... his minimalistic style is everywhere and I love it. It also contains an interview at the end of the book. Got this version at 10 euros, great quality overall.

#japan #books #design #illustration

Some Typographics ti: have a double cardboard page inside with stunning visuals and removable postcards. Those magazines cost 350円 in 1982,
(around 3 euros in 2023 inflation rate included)

#design #japan #symbol #logodesign #typography

As I said earlier, each issue of Typographics ti: covers a different topic. 1982-10 issue is dedicated to toilet door signs.

#design #japan #symbol #logodesign #typography

Typographics ti: gave the opportunity for designers to submit and showcase their work in a section of the magazine "new face". You had to fill and send back the coupon with your printed work by postal service.

#design #japan #symbol #logodesign #typography

My favorite is Typographics ti: magazine from March 1983.
I was curious about the content as the cover depicts the Japanese map symbol Hot Springs ♨ U+2668
What's inside ?
A report of Hermann Zapf's visit in Japan ! The famous typographer behind Optima, Palatino or Zapf Dingbats has a discussion with Japanese typographer Kuwayama Yasaburo 桑山弥三郎. but it is not just a written interview, it's shaped like a MANGA !!! this is so funny and so creative.

#design #japan #symbol #typography #unicode

Let's ding into it ! This Typographics ti: magazine is from November 1982.

This issue is a calendar. Each month is designed by an artist. The print quality is incredible.

Cover is designed by Toshihiko Kitagawa 北澤敏彦. First month is designed by Mitsuo Katsui 勝井三雄

#books #design #japan #symbol #typography #logodesign

Typographics ti: is the quarterly magazine of the Japan Typography Association. First published in 1980, the publication is still going on today.
Found a set of 10 magazines for 40 euros. I was curious but didn't find any PDF or sample online, so I've decided to give it a try. The content is really different from one another but what a discovery ! If I find a scanner solution, I will try to make them available for everybody.

#books #design #japan #symbol #typography #logodesign

(The world of words seen with your eyes) is more a method for creating pictograms than an encyclopedia. Printed in 1983, the cover is a little bit old but the book inside is in a really good condition. 10 euros. The editor is the Japanese Standards Association. I wanted it because it was co-authored by Yukio Ota 太田幸夫.

#books #design #japan #symbol #pictogram

もじ鉄 (Iron Characters) is written by a real 鉄オタ(an Iron Ota', a railway otaku) Yuki Ishikawa 石川祐基.
This book is a beautiful encyclopedia of railway station signs around Japan. What font is used, where can you find it, history behind some... A great work of documenting wayfinding signage design.
Found this copy in mint condition for 5 euros.

#design #books #japan #typography

What's inside 記号の事典 ?
290 pages of symbol systems and how to represent things. High quality colored print, with international standards but also Japanese symbolics like kimono belts, buddhas design, kamons, kabuki masks...

#books #design #japan #symbol #pictogram

記号の事典 ( symbols encyclopedia) from 1985. One of the most expensive book, found it on yahoo auction for around 15 euros. The cardboard cover is a little bit damaged around the corner but the book inside is in MINT condition, it still smells fresh from the press. We have almost the same age and I'm not as fresh as this book. I will take care of it Japan, I promise.

#books #design #japan #symbol #pictogram

Yen is low, my appetite is high, and company like #Buyee are awesome. You can order from Japanese second hands websites, shops and auction website, they put everything in a box and send it to you. Each item doesn't cost much, in between 1 and 10 euros.

#nosponsorship #design #books

The other book written by Yuki Ishikawa 石川祐基 is もじもじもじ鉄 (Wriggling Iron Characters, it's a pun between mojimoji もじもじ and moji もじ I don't know how to translate it correctly...).

In this one, the author interviews Japanese wayfinding signage designers.
Men AND women talks about their work, typographic choices with examples. An important documentary project which gives access to unaccessible design processes. Like もじ鉄, you can easily find a second hand copy.

#design #books #japan #typography

🇺🇸 Providence, Rhode Island!

Check out Raspberry #Pi5 at Fabrication Fest, which offers a day of exploration, creativity, and curiosity focused on #design, #science, and #technology.

It's an outdoor event at 195 District Park and there'll be hands-on activities for all ages, crafts vendors, as well as local design-focused companies and schools exhibiting.

It's all happening Saturday 4th November.

For some light summer reading:,_Wiki2print,_Wiki-to-pdf,_and_so_on...

"Wiki-to-print, Wiki2print, Wiki-to-pdf, and so on..." is an exchange between members of #varia and Hackers & Designers about their publishing workflows along the trails of using #MediaWiki as a way to collectively make paged media (in other words, PDFs). @simoon and i have been working with these wiki publishing configurations to make a book, newspaper and currently a next edition of the #APRJA journal.

And this is a PDF version (as part of H&D Bulletin #1):

The conversation will be continued in Part 2 after the summer. 😀

#webtoprint #floss #design

@penpot is a crucial component of Nextcloud's Design System, providing a comprehensive design toolkit, complete with templates and more.

This not only enhances our collaboration but also keeps our contributors inspired and engaged! 🎨🛠️

Discover how it all comes together in this enlightening conversation with Nimisha:

#Nextcloud #NextcloudHub #Collaboration #Design

I chatted with @BrodieOnLinux on Tech Over Tea!

• My #Linux origin story
• Hubris of new designers (me!)
• Cloud gaming
• #Stadia
• #PlayStationPortal
• #EndlessOS is the secret cabal
• Importance of meeting people behind projects
• #GNOME Design
• Origins of elementary OS & Pop!_OS
• Spicy takes

…and a whole lot more! It was a blast, and I’m sure there’ll be shorter clips in the coming days if the two-hour runtime is daunting. 😅

#OpenSource #design #podcast

Born in 1838, Margaret Knight invented a machine that could efficiently build paper bags with a design that made packing easier.

And right on cue - for those who follow #HistoryRemix - a man tried to steal credit.

Charles Annan glimpsed her prototype & filed a patent. Thankfully, many people had seen Knight's invention + she had the blueprints.

Knight took Annan to court & won! She received her patent in 1871 & went on to receive dozens more. #history #design

625 — img_2978.jpg

✷ #color #photo #design #inspiration #forma

"when will the save icon stop being a floppy disk?!"

Probably whenever cartoon bombs stop looking like these grenades from 1688

#design #UX

The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, #Iran is known as the #Pink #Mosque

It gets its name from rose-colored tiles covering mosque exterior & pink hue sunlight creates on interior when it shines through stained glass windows

Built in late 19th century during Qajar dynasty, the mosque is not just a place of worship, but a work of #art showing #beauty & #creativity of Islamic #architecture & #design.

#Islam #SilentSunday #history @histodons #culture #histodons #muslim #CreativeToots

The only two design choices available aren’t “funnel everyone to” or “present a list of thousands of servers.” The default button could automatically round-robin a large list of servers that are known to be run by good actors. This is a solved problem. The solution is not being used, in this case, because, clearly, does want to grow.

#design #decentralisation #mastodon #fediverse #falseDichotomy

Now this awfully ugly #darkmode hype even reached #spacesuit #design - Scientifically total nonsense, but hey it looks sooo cool!
Or is this design just for the „dark side of the moon?“🤣 👩‍🚀 🙄 🌚 #Nasa

[Call for applications] Deadline non-EU coming up: March 7 🔥💻


Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB)

Calling all professionals questioning contradictory LaserDiscs, stenographers parodying binary image boards, nations performing omni-DIY architectures, pirates listening to distributed cybernetics, viruses seeing centralised libraries

Applications deadlines:

March 7, 2023 (non-EU)
May 10, 2023 (EU)

#art #design #publishing #coding #computers #freesoftware #floss #master #education #rotterdam

How do you know you have failed utterly as at #design and need to reconsider your choices?

XPUB (the Experimental Publishing Master in Rotterdam) organizes two open days in February: one online and one in person!

Join us on Monday 6th of February, 2023 for the online open day 🖥️ : we will host two online sessions at 10:00 (UTC+1) and 17:00 (UTC+1). Register by writing to

And/or join us on Saturday 11th of February, 2023 at the XPUB studio 🍵 : we will be around from 10:00 to 15:00. You can find us on the 4th floor in the WdKA/PZI building at Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam.

#publishing #design #art #computers #research #education #rotterdam #floss #freesoftware #publicdomain


Library staff & patrons were sad when APH discontinued the Peg Slate, a beloved Braille learning tool that we use for word-building & games.
But thanks to Noam and friends at Makers Making Change NYC, we have a fresh take on the classic idea — Braille cells that are poppable, swappable, rackable & so colorful! You can download and print your own right here:
Start your Braille adventure with us here:
#tactile #design #a11y

In case you're not aware, the Affinity suite of applications (Photo, Designer, Publisher) are now at version 2.0 and they're having a 40% launch discount.

These are solid apps, for Windows and Mac and are very reasonably priced, with NO SUBSCRIPTION unlike another popular suite of apps in this space.

#photography #design #software

Another T-Shirt illustration from some time ago. Always been a huge fan of anatomy, so drawing a massive and muscular troll was a blast. Inked using a Raphael #2 Brush dripping with Black Magic Ink on Strathmore. Old school!

Typically, with masculine lines, you go for a more chiseled angle to the linework (maybe a crow quill), but I wanted a more supple approach for this image.

#mastoart #art #design #illustration #TrollsRPeopleToo #nowImDigital

Hi everyone! I'm Adlan & I'm a UI Technical Designer at a AAA studio by day & a solo gamedev/artist by night!

Looking forward to meet new people & make more meaningful connections here. I hope this platform works better for artists & gamedevs compared to that bird platform 😆

Here's a showcase of my previous & current games! (These are all GIFs in case they don't autoplay here 😅)

#introduction #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #ui #design #art #artist #mastoart

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