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#followerpower #fediverse

what do we have to do to make the #ActivityPub plugin attractive to more #WordPress users? We are currently at 4000+ active users on + the users.

friendica installation

Ver. 05 | install and/or move friendica to ubuntu 22.04 LTS VPS server

Almost everyone who says "Mastodon didn't work for me" on Bluesky seems to have posted only "me me me" stuff for months (if that) on Mastodon, followed about 10-20 people, never replied to anyone and then gave up because "nobody there, it didn't fly".

It seems there is a big misunderstanding how this free and healthy social media works. We are not here for the easy wins, likes, shares and dopamine spikes. We are here because we accept the fact we are not part of the commercial hype machine. We choose natural engagement over spoiling algorithms, we choose conversation and meaning in our social media. At least that is how I see it.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #SocialMedia

Hmmm... I love the #Fediverse but I hate #Web3. Is that a paradox?

Flipped into Following The Fediverse

Friendica mit Threadview in einem extrem langen und verzweigten Thread

Bezugnehmend auf dieses Issue habe ich mir erlaubt, den genannten Thread einmal in einem Screencast aufzunehmen, wie er mir am Smartphone dargestellt würde.

Ich bin zu verschiedenen Kommentaren anhand der Kommentar-Url gehüpft und auch über die Suche angesprungen.
Ein wenig Navigation im Thread.

Zu beachten ist auch die Lesbarkeit in hohen Threadlevels.

Friendica 2023.09-rc, Commit: c71120823

Do you need help with using Mastodon and the Fediverse? Especially if you're a beginner or unsure about techy things?

You can ask by messaging me or replying to this thread, and I'll try to help or find someone else who can help. Don't worry if a question seems silly or basic!

You can also look things up on the guide at, which has an "essentials" section at the top and a complete list of answered questions below that.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

Can't publish public when mentioning forum pages

Our CEO, @mike just launched a new podcast series titled "Dot Social" to explore the evolution of the internet and how new open standards, like #ActivityPub, can forever change the web and the world of social media.

Guests include:

More info & episode 1 at

#Fediverse #SocialMedia

English Version
**Where are the universities in the Fediverse?**

Why don't universities have their own Mastodon instances yet?

Why don't students get a Mastodon handle when they enrol?

Why don't universities host lecture videos on PeerTube in the Fediverse?

There is a lot to be said for universities getting more involved in the Fediverse.

A call that can only be supported! #boost

#fediverse #university @leonido

**Wo bleiben die Universitäten im Fediverse?**

Warum betreiben Universitäten nicht schon längst eigene Mastodon-Instanzen?

Warum bekommen Studierende nicht mit der Immatrikulation auch einen Mastodon-Handle?

Warum hosten Universitäten Vorlesungsvideos nicht über PeerTube im Fediverse?

Es gibt einiges, das für ein stärkeres Engagement von Universitäten im Fediverse spricht.

Ein Aufruf den man nur unterstützen kann! #boost
#fediverse #university @leonido

Frage | Fediverse: Von fremden Instanzen ausgebremst

Immer wenn ich eine Benachrichtung zu diesen Beitrag samt Kommentardiskussion bekomme, dauert es ewig bis ich etwas machen kann, da etwas vom Server auf geladen wird. Soll das so?

#Frage #Fediverse #Performance #Fremdserver #2023-11-12 @Friendica Support

Is anyone leading efforts on promoting fediverse to government agencies?

#fediverse #govtech #SocialMedia

For this weekend's coding project, I built a tiny single-user Bluesky→ActivityPub one-way bridge I named “Pinhole”. If there's someone on Bluesky whose posts you want in your Mastodon feed, you can download and run it yourself: :fietkau_software:

Caveats: 1. I intentionally built it anti-scalable: you can use it to follow one Bluesky account from one fedi account, and that's it. 2. You need experience with web servers.

#fediverse #ActivityPub #MastoDev #Bluesky #atproto

Screenshot of a Mastodon instance showing the content of the "" Bluesky profile as a mirror bot.

"I’ve now been using [Mastodon] for about two months and I am here to tell you that it is, in principle, what we should want the internet to be."

via @404mediaco

#fediverse #mastodon #SocialMedia


Contact Them All Via ,This Guy Has Been Create Help For Me Being Heard With MP's, Police, NHS, BT/EE, & More 😀

Donate: £50 - £100 ,& Conact All CEO's Offices/Head Offices & Senior Governmental Departments In #EU & #Uk & #Europe ,Too Join: #Mastodon With Their Own Servers/Instances, & Join The Larger #Fediverse On: #Mastodon / #MastodonSocial / #PexilFed , & #Meta #Threads & More 😀

We Are In Uk, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe Vs #BRICS R,C,I,

@Nathan Schneider I'd love to have a look at the second document, but ACM is very unfriendly towards well-secured desktop browsers. I ended up IP-blocked due to what was perceived as non-standard behaviour which probably means that I haven't just loaded the page and then the document exactly once.

That said, I guess the author of that document steps right into the same trap as everyone else who does something related to the #Fediverse without being an avid, well-informed user of many months, namely assume that the Fediverse is only #Mastodon. Granted, the document is about, quote, "Popular Mastodon Instances", but it might also mention interaction with the rest of the Fediverse and do as if this whole rest of the Fediverse is only Mastodon. This is more than just a technicality: Some aspects about Mastodon rules do not translate to all Fediverse projects, others do not translate to anything that is not Mastodon.

friendica VPS setup on ubuntu 22.04 LTS

@Friendica Support

I'm working on my first #friendica #VPS installation, here you'll find my initial post about general thoughts like what distro to use, size and costs.
I'm using the tutorial "creating a friendica server - ubuntu" by @Hank G ☑️.

As of now I'm doing well in the process and want to start this post to document differences and questions while installing the server.

This server is going to host an already existing friendica node I have to move from another hosting provider. That means that for example the DB doesn't have to be created from scratch but moved and other smaller details.

I will try to address the different steps of installation in answers to this post and appreciate help, ideas and observations.

I'm doing this from a #linux desktop environment from the console but there shouldn't be differences if you want to do this from a #windows machine.

#fediVerse #tutorial #fediHelp #activityPub

Friends of the #Fediverse — I'm looking for nominations of Makers on Mastodon! Share your best follows with me and I may be able to get them some extra visibility!

(Please reshare)

Ach Mist, das war's dann wohl mit meinen Statistiken zu #Mastodon als Trafficquelle für @heiseonline:

Hab gerade bemerkt, dass die schönen neuen Vorschaukarten den URL-Parameter abschneiden, über den wir überhaupt erfahren, dass Besuche von hier kommen. Je mehr Instanzen diese neue Vorschau nun anzeigen, desto mehr Einstiege werden darüber kommen und für uns nicht mehr erkennbar.

Weiß nicht, ob wir das überhaupt beheben können/wollen.

#Fediverse #MastodonMigration #SocialMedia #News

Screenshot eines Mastodon-Posts mit URL (inklusive URL-Parameter)
Screenshot eines Mastodon-Posts mit URL und Vorschau, deren Link den Parameter nicht enthält.

Hello #Fediverse! We're a #vegan permaculture community on 136 hectares in #Ecuador.

We bought the land 9 years ago and have since planted hundreds of fruit trees (not including hundreds of bananas, 14 varieties!). The project was established to create the first open regenerative vegan intentional community in the tropics of South America.

Our community includes several long-term members and we welcome new volunteers, renters and interested members. If anyone would like to come and experience a 100% plant-based lifestyle and help us in our goals of sustainable and regenerative planting of fruit trees, please visit our website for more information and to apply to join us

"... a significant portion of the #Fediverse, at least for now, runs on pure enthusiasm, and sometimes on donations from supporters or some occasional banners. There’s currently no sustainable commercial model here, and it seems that there is no intention to implement one yet."

Why would we? A centralised revenue model for...

"... an association of independent social networks..." basically like trying to create one for everything on the web. It's bananas.

Did you know that it is possible to play online chess with another user through the #Fediverse ?

How to:

Developer: @kosinus

Discovered that thanks to #FediForum

What is the story behind the profile picture you are currently using here on the #Fediverse today?

The other day I asked for everyone to share their story of the username(s) that they use, and you can see that thread here:

Let's hear why you've chosen the image you've chosen!

#Mastodon #ProfilePicture #ProfileImage #Photo #Profile

An image that has the word questions in the center and around it are a bunch of different color sticky-note like things with a question mark on each one.

Can y'all imagine what the #Fediverse would be like if the projects had the kind of funding to enable this scale of development?
Quote from The Pragmatic Engineer:

The peak staffing on the team was a week before launch. At this time the team consisted of:
• 3 product managers
• 3 designers
• About 60 engineers

Today's question for a resilient #Fediverse is whether various different initiatives are willing to collaborate and cross-pollinate, while keeping their independence.

There's great opportunity to increase the cohesion of the #GrassrootsFedi #ActivityPub developer community and creating strong joins:

1. @w3c #SocialCG working on #OpenStandards improvements

2. @fedidevs documenting existing fedi

3. #FEP process on @Codeberg

4. #SocialHub as forum

5. @dansup #FediDB

Good morning from Australia, #Fediverse!! Don’t forget to embrace your inner #punk! 🤘:MOULE_Happy:

The crew look so out of touch with the #fediverse and our #openweb reboot in general.

#dweb #web3

The undeclared war on #4opens is becoming "common sense" on the #fediverse with the shift to #mainstreaming this is back to the mess we were stepping away from with our #openweb reboot.

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