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A year and a half on #Mastodon & I still really like this algorithm-free experience in the #fediverse.

Thanks @Gargron.

Great to meet @Gargron, @andypiper and many other #Fediverse and #Mastodon enthusiasts in SF.

Thanks to @mike and @Flipboard for holding the social event!

"In 2024, for the first time, it finally feels like we have a critical mass of people and platforms who are interested in rewilding the internet to bring back what we lost, and create something new. ... There's a palpable feeling that this just might be the year of the open web."

is this feeling... hope?

#ActivityPub #Ghost #fediverse #OpenWeb

I hesitate to share this for fear of generating a mini #ddos on their site, but i had no idea the #fediverse generated so much traffic due to its inherent nature. Sounds like issue is on the roadmap to getting fixed, but good that folks are sounding off about it.

(sorry for the ddos hug @itsfoss 😀 )

Wow! Never thought about it. Yes, this totally makes sense.
Another temporary solution (instead of blocking Mastodon user-agent) could be blocking all media sent to that agent, to decrease traffic.
I hope there will be a fix sooner than later, this is a really bad side effect of #Mastodon. BTW what about other #fediverse back-ends, same issue?

Oh, the Founder of Mastodon takes the final and last Step to get more Profit out of it by babbling about something with creating a Non-Profit organization in the US because of their Taxes...🙄

Just my humble opinion on the matter at hand. 😉

#Mastodon #Fediverse #US #Taxes #Money #Profit #NonProfit
@Gargron @roblen

I don’t know exactly what they are or what they will be on activity pub but I just jolted my email to keep in touch.
I’m looking for a long form blog type that is connected to the #fediverse
Let’s see what happens…

Post from @rabble on why he's chosen to use #Nostr and not #ActivityPub and the #Fediverse. He makes some compelling points. Personally I am not too worried about the server admin parts of his argument (I have enough control, even if I don't control the server), but I agree that this isn't ideal:

"You can’t use a single fediverse identity with your profile and followers in Peertube, Mobilizon, WriteFreely, and Pixelfed. You need a totally separate account in each one."

What does it mean to federate your Flipboard profile? In the simplest terms, it means that whatever you curate (aka share) on Flipboard will be "syndicated" out to the fediverse with no extra effort. @miaq tests it out and breaks it down.

#Federation #Fediverse #FediCurious #Curation #Flipboard #Mastodon #SpreadMastodon #Creators

Oooh, is this new? (Rhetorical question - even if it is not new, it seems new to me!)
I really like how mastodon (in the version currently running on explains how blocks work!

P.S. Obviously not blocking this particular account, used it as an example 😅

#mastodon #fediverse

Fediverse | Probleme bei der Federation

Es gibt im Fediverse einige Newsbots deren 'Anrisse' bei mir scheinbar ohne Link zum Orginalbeitrag sind. Nehmen wir zum Beispiel diesen Beitrag. Bei mir (Friendica) sieht er so aus:

Sprich es gibt nur einen kurzen Textanriss und ansonsten gar nichts. Gehe ich dann auf den Orginalbeitrag (ebenfalls Friendica), so sieht es so aus:

Nun stellt sich die Frage wo unterwegs das Bild als auch der Link auf der Strecke geblieben sind. Liegt es daran das ich die Vorschau für Links deaktiviert habe? Wenn ja, dann müsste ja doch trotzdem irgendwo der entsprechende Link im Beitrag sein, oder sehe ich das falsch?

Achso, der Vollständigkeit halber findet man hier auch noch die verlinkte Seite bei DW.

#Frage #Fediverse #Friendica #News #LInks #Sascha #2024-03-24 @Friendica Support

Activitypub or Atproto ... one item that both Mastodon have in common with Bluesky is amount of "spam" links and accounts boosting those "spammy" accounts

Several "award winning art / photo" profiles I saw had 5 or more links including their pinned post

Win goes to Bluesky since they seem to have better control of that ... for now

#photography #mastodon
#pixelfed #misskey #lemmy #opensource #foss #bluesky #atproto #fediverse #activitypub

An important distinction is slowly being uncovered about the definition of the term "fediverse." Who is it that gets to decide what this place is? How are we being represented? These are not easy questions to answer and if we don't do a better job describing ourselves, then the job will get done for us by people who don't understand the underlying values we hold. #fediverse #meta #threads

We started this account less than 6 months ago. It's going pretty well – thanks to you: 4.2k followers, lots of interactions, questions, and comments. 🎉

A couple of weeks ago, the European Broadcasting Union (#EBU) asked us to write a guest article about our experience with #Mastodon / the #Fediverse, explain the basics, and point out the advantages. <img class=" title=":mastodon:"/>

Challenge accepted. 👍

So here's the finished post by @lxplm, hot off the #blog press. ⌨️


Latest #FOSSAcademic post: Researching the fediverse from the perspective of individual or instances. In which I draw on an article Christina Dunbar-Hester to talk about researchers' perspectives on the #fediverse, including my own.


[replies to this post will appear as comments on my blog, unless set to followers-only or more private. CWs will work]

We need ActivityPub platforms that go beyond core social media concepts. @bonfire is exploring modular extensions and access control as building blocks for creative ideas.

Here's my guide to the install process on my little homelab system.

#Fediverse #Bonfire #HomeLab #ActivityPub

For our second spotlight we are shining a light on @gamingonlinux who keeps us informed with #Linux #News and #Gaming.

Liam, we can’t imagine the #Fediverse without you. You add so much to the community and you never let the trolls take you down! We also love that your website adheres to the #FediPUG code of conduct.

Thank you for all your hard work! We hope to be reading your articles for many years to come!

#Videogames #Games #PC #SteamDeck #FOSS #OpenSource #Meme #Memes #funny #quote

@wahlhesse Oftmals sind es nicht mal echte Hausmeister, sondern einfach nur Evangelisten, die durch das #Fediverse pilgern und jeden anpflaumen, der sich erfrecht hat, seine selbstbestimmten Regeln zu missachten.
Etwas vom Dümmsten, was ich schon gelesen habe: Leider kann ich deinen Post nicht weiter teilen, da kein Alt-Text enthalten ist. Als ob ich an einer Weiterverbreitung interessiert wäre. Tsss. 🙄
@Sascha 😎 🏴

Mastodon Has A Serious SPAM Problem

"Over the past week or so there has been a serious spam problem hitting mastodon and rest of the fediverse especially misskey over on the japanese side of things and the story behind it is absolutely wild."

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Lemmy #spam #skid #scriptKiddies #DoS #security #openSocialNetworking #misskey #BrodieRobertson #YouTube

PS: if you like Brodie's content, he can also be found on Mastodon: @BrodieOnLinux

Thinking about multi-server aggregations and recommendation systems on decentralized online social networks like the #Fediverse.

Here we see an exploit: someone has created hundreds of fake accounts on different servers to spam the same tag.


#FediBlock and for bridging fediverse folks to Bluesky against their will (and in likely contravention of GDPR in the EU) with typical Silicon Valley techbro sense of entitlement:

“[O]pt in results in far fewer users, and users are critical for a bridge to be useful.”¹

Relevant GitHub issue:


HT @homegrown

#bridgy #snarfed #fediverse #mastodon #bluesky #bridging #optOut #optIn #consent #gdpr #eu #SiliconValley #techbros

You cannot apprehend the sheer power of Streetpass without using it.

Just install it, makes its button visible in your browser main bar and continue your online life as usual.

After a few days, you will realize how many individuals you have crossed paths with, how the words you were reading came from real people. The #fediverse is already everywhere !

Of course, it works best when reading blogs and independent websites. But that’s our shared goal, isn’t it? by @tvler

@ntnsndr is coming to #FediForum and wants to talk about:

community governance, conflict resolution, policy and legal, financing

He has a new book out, too: "Governable Spaces: Democratic Design for Online Life". Sounds directly applicable to the #fediverse.

Discuss this and many other subjects with Nathan and other smart people? Join us March 19 and 20, 2024, online. Registration and more info:

Today at #Fosdem2024 I had the opportunity to get my #Mastodon official mug <img class=" title=":mastodon:"/> and the honor to shake hands with @Gargron. :blobaww:

In my fanboy moment I shared with him my deep gratitude for saving my digital life from the evil corps that were dominating the public discourse until the rise of the #fediverse. :fediverse:

Thanks Eugen for paving the way to the freedom we enjoy in our communities! :mastodance: :mastolove:

Thrilled to be immersed in the #fosdem community annual event in Brussels. So much to learn and envision about the changing nature of work from leaders of the #fediverse such as @Gargron the CEO of Mastodon! Thanks to @haubles for making the connection.

Image upload works! And those photos percolate through the #fediverse!

I still need to add proper alt text (just a static description for now).

And the UI is 💩

But I'm pretty pleased with how far I've got in a few hours of hacking away.

It is *totally* possible to build a location-based service on top of #OSM and #ActivityPub!

🆕 blog! “Rebuilding FourSquare for ActivityPub using OpenStreetMap”

I used to like the original FourSquare. The "mayor" stuff was a bit silly, and my friends never left that many reviews, but I loved being able to signal to my friends "I am at this cool museum" or "We're at this pub if you want to meet" or "Spendi…

👀 Read more:

#ActivityPub #fediverse #FOURSQUARE #geolocation #OpenStreetMap

A list of issues I have with Friendica, specifically as a replacement for other Fediverse software

Frage | Friendica: Fehlende Bezüge

Ich hatte eben unten stehenden Austausch und frage mich da natürlich ob mir irgendwelche Informationen fehlen bzw. ob es bei Mastodon Bezüge gibt die ich so nicht sehe.

Wäre schon interessant zu erfahren ob man da mit Mastdon mehr sieht.

Tags: #Frage #Friendica #Mastodon #Bezüge #Fediverse #Sascha #2024-01-12 !Friendica Support

Under-the-radar late night launch: RSS Parrot is live! It talks like Mastodon, but it doesn't walk like Mastodon. BUT! It will relay any RSS feed straight into your timeline.

Turn Mastodon into your very own feed reader. Follow anything that has an RSS feed and get a toot about new posts.

How? Mention @birb with the address you want to follow.

More details at Boost for visibility 😀

#RSS #Atom #FeedReader #Fediverse

Limited communication with *THAT* server

Thanks for this. So important to have this #fedipact talked about with a sane POV.

@ #fediverse check this out.

I honestly think we should take advantage of the exposure we'll receive from Threads and make more accessible instances that advertise themselves to more mainstream users.

Just outright blocking Meta or only hoping they "play nice" with us is probably going to end badly. Instead, we should be trying to expand our own foothold.

#Meta #Threads #Fediverse #Mastodon

Merry Christmas! 🎄

You can now explore popular #fediverse accounts on FediDB ⬇️

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