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For all you devs who care about accessibility this is an episode for you. Today we have a legally blind #gamedev and #linux user on the show to talk about how he makes use of a computer and the issues he's had along the way #a11y



Valve open sourced Steam Audio including the SDK and Plugins

#Valve #Steam #GameDev

context menuuuuuss they dont work yet but they look pretty
admittedly, i could be working faster at this, but i feel like even a little bit of progress is good progress ^^#Roblox#RobloxDev#GameDev

If you're here for the nerdy hacker toys, consider donating to the Black hacker collective I founded with @rekcahdam. And be sure to follow our team accounts @dataparty + @rfparty

Donations made here go to helping us start a Black owned software company.

In return we're building open source linux mobile apps and games and need help getting off the ground so we can make more content and tools.

#gamedev #appdev #cybersecurity #opensource #linuxmobile

Experiment: single palette (4 colour) #NES art. Drew in krita, then tidied up in aseprite and NEXXT until he fit into the NES restrictions.

Every 8x8 pixel region of the display has to show one tile from the limited tilemap (top right of image), so it's important to reuse tiles where possible. It's a bit like a jigsaw puzzle where you draw the pieces yourself.. and can reuse the same piece many times #gamedev

Godot Engine gets a free Nintendo Switch port for game devs

#GodotEngine #FOSS #GameDev #Switch

Hrm. So #Godot has a MIT licensed port you can request via the Nintendo dev portal! That's rad!

Though in #GameDev licensing terms, how can they MIT license it? Wouldn't that mean anyone with access could upload it publicly? Which then violates Nintendo NDAs.

31% of devs already using AI and the PC platform looks strong from GDC Survey

#AIGen #AI #PCGaming #GameDev

GPU Reshape is a fancy new open source tool for developers

#FOSS #OpenSource #GameDev #Vulkan

My wife @sabcatsilver, a psychology student, created a card game that helps therapists (and people) talk about grief, end of life care, and perspectives on life.

I am soooooo proud of her!! Currently it鈥檚 a prototype for class, but she may publish it in the future. Thanks to folks who helped on Mastodon! We got it printed on GameCrafter

#cardgames #gamedev

Unity cutting 25% of staff (about 1,800 people) as part of restructuring

#Unity #GameDev

My bunny-catching puzzle game is finally out!!!!!!!

The Bunburrows have OPENED! 馃く
馃 Think outside the bunburrow
馃惏 Get outsmarted by bunnies
馃暢锔 Mess with layers of meta-bunplay
馃憗锔 (B)uncover hidden depths

GO! Time to catch everybunny!!!馃挏

Please (please) RT and tell everybunny about this!

Get the game here and please leave a review! 馃槶馃挏 馃悋

#gamedev #indiegames #indiedev #Puzzlegames

Godot 4.3 dev 1 brings major rendering changes - plus W4 Games on console support

#Godot #FOSS #GameDev #GameEngine

You know, I really miss Raptr: the service that allowed you to track, compare, and share game achievements and play stats cross-platform. I wish I had something like Letterboxd for games, something I could use to centrally catalog my vast cross-platform game collection, track my backlog, and organize my collection, and also use it to shit-talk achievement comparisons and completion stats with my son.

#gaming #pcgaming #steam #consolegaming #gamedev #xbox #playstation

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR3) is now open source

#AMD #FSR #OpenSource #FOSS #GameDev

W4 Games raises $15M to help push Godot Engine

#Godot #GodotEngine #GameDev

ControllerImage provides easy on-screen prompts for game developers

#GameDev #FOSS #OpenSource

I've been #gamedev something with #Godot as a hobby for a while now, but it's nice to see the progress and professionalism it's making.

禄Godot 4.2 Released 鈥 Taking The #OpenSource Game Engine Up a Notch:
Another update to @godotengine with useful changes to close-in on proprietary options like Unreal, Unity, etc.芦
鈥 from @itsfoss


Godot Engine 4.2 is out now with AMD FSR 2.2 and lots of new features

#Godot #GodotEngine #GameDev #FOSS #OpenSource

Check out this #GameDev bundle for a whole bunch of assets to use in your projects: (partner)

GameMaker now free for non-commercial use, one-time fee for indie devs

#GameDev #GameMaker

#Minetest Game Jam is back for 2023!

From December 1st to December 21st, make a Minetest game from scratch following a theme.
3 weeks, 3 winners, $300 in prizes. What will you make?

The theme will be announced December 1st, so stay tuned

All information about the jam is at

#gamedev #opensource #gamejam

Mega Crit (Slay the Spire) and Null Games now funding Godot Engine

#Godot #PCGaming #GameDev

I'm testing a Steam devcomp which has a Linux depot and a Windows depot, but weirdly, my Steam Deck would download the Windows depot by default.

I asked Steam about this, and they said that only Steam Verified games would download the Linux build by default.

Now you know 馃榾

#steam #SteamDeck #godotengine #gamedev

Unity update their terms to clarify new terms aren't forced on game devs (who don't update to newer Unity versions)

#Unity #GameDev

I've been making more use of GDQuest's emacs package this last week and... wow, #GameDev is suddenly a much more pleasant experience. Being able to use tools I'm comfortable with and just open Godot to edit levels or run the game is quite nice.

The Autumn Lisp Game Jam has begun! 40 registered participants. Happy jammin'! #lisp #gamedev #gamejam

Godot 4.2 beta 1 is out now for testing

#Godot #FOSS #GameDev

馃搱 The Steam Dev Cheat Sheet 馃弳

A dense collection of best practices, magic formulas, and Steam knowledge to help #indiedev folks like me.

馃摵 PLUS a 5:40 video! (see the 2nd post)

Save it for reference & share it with your dev friends!

Good luck with your Steam games 馃洜 #gamedev

Unity CEO John Riccitiello is leaving 'effective immediately'

#Unity #GameDev

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