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Here's a similar thing made for #Minetest for the game jam. It's even more impressive given how limited the UI API is for Minetest - this is actually done using the HUD API using the player camera movement to get mouse movement

Minetest 5.8.0 is out now with improved settings, Minetest Game no longer default

#Minetest #FOSS #Linux #Gaming #OpenSource

#Minetest Game Jam is back for 2023!

From December 1st to December 21st, make a Minetest game from scratch following a theme.
3 weeks, 3 winners, $300 in prizes. What will you make?

The theme will be announced December 1st, so stay tuned

All information about the jam is at

#gamedev #opensource #gamejam

#Minetest 5.8 will have an improved settings menu

The new design should be much easier to use. Settings are organised in a more logical way, and you can see more settings without digging into a huge advanced settings tree


#Minetest no longer ships with a default game.

For a long time, Minetest shipped with a default game called "Minetest Game". This was a fairly barebones survival game and gave a bad first impression. Minetest is all about customisation, the choice of multiple games is a big part of that. Now, new users are directed to choose a game using ContentDB

We'll be making further improvements in the future to make this process easier to understand

We're now in feature freeze for #Minetest 5.8! This is a period of time before a release where we only do bug fixes


* Minetest no longer ships with a default game
* A redesigned Settings GUI
* Improved Android controls, can place nodes with single tap
* Improved antialiasing filters

Help us by trying out the release candidate:

#freegaming #opensource #freesoftware

#Roblox players, forget about Roblox. Try #Minetest with #Mesecons or create your own games/mods! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

Popular #Minecraft youtuber @ThatMumboJumbo is already on the train with this idea! :fistbump:

New blog post: Ten years of Capture the Flag

#Minetest #gamedev

New blog post: Conquer: a deep-dive into my #Minetest mod jam entry

Conquer is an RTS minigame created for the 2020 mod jam. This article will discuss some interesting challenges that it needed to solve

MineClone2 v0.83 out now, the sandbox game for Minetest inspired by Minecraft #Gaming #MineClone #Minetest #Linux

January - Last Month in #Minetest: In this update, we cover several engine improvements from the last two months, Backrooms Testโ€™s first release, and more.

the day the #Minetest engine ships with solid #SteamDeck support is going to be revolutionary.

Subtitles โ€” This #Minetest mod adds subtitles for sound effects.

Subtitles are disabled by default, and can be enabled and configured for each player.


#MinetestMods #Release

In November, there were some great submissions for the 2022 Game Jam. Core devs worked on graphics and gamepad support. In late October, #Minetest was used as an urban planning tool to engage students in their communityโ€™s planning process

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