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One week to go until the start of the Spring Lisp Game Jam and we just hit 90 participants! Can we get to 100???

#lisp #gamejam #gamedev

#Minetest Game Jam is back for 2023!

From December 1st to December 21st, make a Minetest game from scratch following a theme.
3 weeks, 3 winners, $300 in prizes. What will you make?

The theme will be announced December 1st, so stay tuned

All information about the jam is at

#gamedev #opensource #gamejam

The Autumn Lisp Game Jam has begun! 40 registered participants. Happy jammin'! #lisp #gamedev #gamejam

The summer #FediverseJam has ended! Thank you everyone who participated. Ill be running these semiannually and we should get more and more people each time

You can check out the entries here:

And you can post your game over on the playmygame community on if you want to get some more players

Ill be doing a stream monday at around 7pm ET playing the games that have been submitted if you want to stop by to chat with me in realtime

#gamedev #gamejam

Just created my first #PuzzleScript game, and submitted to the Summer Fediverse Jam! Much thanks to @Ategon for hosting!

Check out Flower Eater here:

#FediverseJam #GameJam

Don't forget, Kenney Jam is happening this weekend! 📣 The 7th annual event where you're challenged to create a game using only Kenney game assets.

Join here:

#gamedev #gamejam

Apparently, there's a Fediverse game jam coming up in a month!

If you ever wanted a reason to work together with some of the cool artists/composers/devs that you've met on the fediverse, this could be a good excuse!

#FediverseJam #indiedev #pixelart #gamedev #godotengine #gamejam

Dust off your game dev environment with the Linux Game Jam 2023 #Linux #GameDev #GameJam

my on-again-off-again relationship with #alakajam is currently ON. a 48 hour #gamejam with a smaller, friendly community, runs the weekend of the 25th Feb. Teams and individuals welcome, come be my friend and make do some #gamedev

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