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#Introduction Heya, I am a disabled #eurodance, #UKhardcore & #electronic #powermetal #music producer who recently switched instances. #intro #intros #presentation

I'm a user and big fan of #MTVMusicGenerator A.K.A #Music2000 for the original #Playstation

All my music links and releases info is available at my website at including some TIDAL, Youtube Music and Deezer playlists.

#introduction Bonjour, je suis un producteur de musique avec handicap qui produit du #UKhardcore & #powermetal #electronique et j'ai récemment changé d'instance. #intro #intros #presentation

Je suis un grand fan de #MTVMusicGenerator (connu sous le nom de #Music2000 en Europe) sur la première #Playstation.

Tous mes liens musicaux sont disponible sur mon site web à l'addresse et il y a même des listes de lectures sur TIDAL, Youtube Music et Deezer.

Hello fellow travelers! 👋🏼 I’m Jenny, an artist working with sound, music, video and photography ~ often with others. I’m based in Oslo, where I curate the concert series @feks, work with Jenny Hval and many others. I’m currently migrating to Mastodon & Pixelfed & Cara (+-?), trying out a new way to connect and share ❣️ let me know what you’re up to 🌱

My music is here:
A website in need of updates:
A cat and me:

Hello Mastodon! We're the West Papua Women's Office. The Office is coordinated by Drs Jacob Rumbiak, Foreign Minister of the West Papua ULMWP Government.

We campaign for West Papua's freedom, provide a space for West Papuans to organise, run Open Days and other events to raise awareness, and support the West Papuan community.

Support us through our new online store:

#freewestpapua #westpapua #socialjustice #pasifika #melanesia #newguinea #introduction #introductions

hi I’m Ginny! #introduction

I spent my first decades as a generic white boy in tech, then a year ago I signed up for my first mastodon account and discovered I am a girl!

I post about tech, trans life, post selfies, and openly talk about mental illness and pain (cw'ed)

I’m a single parent w/ a 9 yo daughter, working as a software engineer in Seattle. I also write fiction (ya and speculative) and am generally very dorky.

btw you can be a girl if you want to be, inquire within!

#trans #tech

Updated #introduction (2024):

I make interactive art installations about how technologies affect humans and nonhumans in rural places.

I work with others, learning different ways to understand the world. Most recently I have collaborated with birds, ants, farmers, artists, lichen and engineers.

I try to make my work accessible and with low environmental impact. Please tell me if you notice that I have failed and I will try to improve.

My body is in Ireland.

I keep meaning, but repeatedly forget, to do an #introduction post.

My name's Bernard. I live in #Dublin #Ireland with my wife and 2 kids. I'm originally from #donegal and spent a few years in #cavan in my teens.

I work in #SRE

I started in 2019 and had a couple of instances before that. I also run a #funkwhale instance at

Beyond tech, I love music. Mostly #punk with some #folk (I played guitar for #belfast band Runnin' Riot for a bit) #mastodaoine

Welp, so. I guess I'm here now and it's #introduction / #introductions time? I'm a #science writer, #journalist, #podcast host & video maker with a special fondness for weird/gross biology. I'm also a #DnD GM and a huge nerd for #books (especially #scifi) and #comics.

This week, I wrote about a type of lemur that picks its nose with an incredibly spindly finger that's so long it can reach up through its nasal cavity and touch its pharynx.

Nice to meet you, too!

I thought I’d kick my feed off with an #introduction 😊

Hi! I’m Isabel, a next-gen #scicommer, #cyberneticist and #podcaster based at the #AustralianNationalUniversity ☀️

My research interests include #science in #popculture (particularly #solarpunk), the #cultural meanings of science, and the relationships between people, the natural #environment, and #technology 👩‍🔬🤖

I also co-host #Sci_Burst, a science in pop culture podcast, which you can learn more about here:

Hey Mastodon! 👋 Here is our #introduction post: We are the Data Visualization Lab at Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University. You can find more about our work here:

We'd love to be connected to more folks and labs in the realms of #DataVisualization #HCI #xAI #AR #VR #VisualAnalytics #PhD #Research

Our lab has been applying visualization to domain areas like #accessibility #UAVs #Genetics #Privacy #Pedagogy #Networks #GraphTheory

Say hi!

Hello #ScienceMastodon Twitter refugees

#introduction I am a 🇫🇷 molecular & structural biologist working at the CNRS. I study the molecular mechanisms that control human gene expression focusing on #transcription factors & the Pol II machinery

Expect to see here a lot of info on #generegulation, #enhancers, #histone modifications & structural insights into the eukaryotic Transcription Initiation machinery. #CryoEM
I will also highlight #womeninscience to give them the visibility they deserve

I never really did an #introduction, just jumped in and never went back to Xitter.
A bit of an explanation now - I've transplanted to #Kobe #Japan from #Pittsburgh for my #ProfLife 4 month Fall sabbatical - with my family!
We #Homeschool our kids, so this worked out well (next yr Kid1 will head to college - last opportunity for this sort of adventure, so I snatched it). Wish me luck!
Thanks all who follow or just come across & boost - you mastofriends have all been gracious and kind! 🙏🏽

Hello Merveilles #introduction
My name is Lea, I am an artist living semi off-grid in the canadian forest, dreaming of a life of less work and less money, more art and more community.
I draw illustrations and comics with ink and watercolours :flan_le_french:

I've been on the fedi for a while on dot art and i'm curious to discover and share more concept art and worldbuilding thoughts on this side account on merveilles, thank you for welcoming me here 😀

Moved from, then to, and now on! So #introduction is in order, again.

I’m a cis Asian gay guy in SoCal US. Geeky with tech and nerdy with games.

Push over dad of two dogs and a cat. Been together with my husband for over 20 years.

Love interacting with folks here. Sometimes selfies for validation. Sometimes a little bit spicier for followers only.

Not my best pic here but decided to start low on the expectations 😂

#gay #Asian #gaysian #gaymer

#introduction post:

I was trained as a systems biologist, running an empirical research group working on the evolution of gene regulatory networks in Barcelona up until 2015.

I then turned to more philosophical questions, especially the role of organismic agency in evolution, and its relation to "artificial intelligence," which should instead be called "algorithmic mimicry."

Today, I'm trying to build a new metamodern science for the coming post-abundance age.

New instance, new #introduction:

Hi! I’m Bren, and I’m a composer, orchestrator, teacher, and writer. I mainly write in a post-Romantic orchestral soundtrack style. I’ve written and orchestrated music for videogames, and I’m currently writing an album I intend as accompaniment for your fantasy TTRPG.

There’s a showreel of recent and forthcoming orchestral work below. Let me know if you give it a listen.

Finally I activated my Mastodon profile! I work in the Open Science team of Ghent University, Belgium where I focus on general Open Science themes, Open Access and copyright. I'm also the chair of @OpenAIRE ( and of SA&S ( #introduction

I'm now on Mastodon so time for an #Introduction post. Hi! I'm an archaeologist and I research our relationship with animals through time. I examine animal remains 🦴, do biochemical analyses 🔬, and study iconography 🎨 I work(ed) on 🐄🐖🐪🦌🦦 and plan to study many more!
#archaeology #animals #scicomm

Let me have a correct #introduction .
Hi! I’m Djigr, evolutionary #biologist, #paleontologist , #artist and published #paleoartist ! I work on various subjects such as #temnospondyls (#crocofrogs from the past) and 3D molecular structure prediction by AI.
I do #scicom and #sciart on feathered #dinosaurs and #evolution, am known for my fake TV journal #CROW+ that teaches about #crow biology!
I’m a co-founder of Chicken Wings Dinosaurs, which produces cute and cool paleoart :sparkles_fiery:

Hi again #Mastodon!
I joined the fediverse when a lot of my community had not migrated from the bird site, so could only partially reconstruct it here using automated tools. If I followed you there and don’t here, say hi and let’s reconnect!

For those who don’t know me, I am a #virologist by training with almost 20 years of experience as a #science #editor, a passion for #microbiology and all science really, #OpenScience #openaccess & people

Have a lovely day everyone

#introduction #fediverse

Lecturers Without Borders (LeWIBo) is a small NGO that aims to bring scientists to schools by organising outreach lectures during scientists' trips (and sometimes also online!)
We are a network of over 400 scientists from 54 countries, our work is voluntary and the lectures are free of charge for the schools.
Learn more at

New job, new #introduction post!

I work at Heriot-Watt's #Orkney campus in the far north of #Scotland. Programme lead for MSc in #Renewable and Sustainable #Energy Transition. Research at the intersection of #renewable #energy & physical #oceanography. Member of

Not my first career.

I care about the #reproducibility of computational science. I'm a fellow of the Software Sustainability Inst ( and instructor for Software Carpentry (

Hey, I'm Kae (they/them)!

I'm a solo dev that works in Gamemaker, Aseprite and FLStudio. Working away at Project Harvest, a murder mystery adventure game. I love horror, monsters and dark tunes~ 🎵

#Introduction #Gamedev #Indiedev #PixelArt #GameMaker

Hello! I'm an artist from Estonia. I love nature, animals. I aim for realism. I hope to share my artwork here. Hope you'll enjoy!


#Introduction 1 / 2
Fresh migration to ecoevo! My name is Juan and I am a #PhD student at the NIB (#Slovenia). I’m a #biologist and #musician. My field is #Biotremology, or the study of communication in animals by substrate-borne vibrations. In my case, I study hay-meadow habitats and their #vibroscape. I use laser vibrometers to record it.

Here is our paper on vibroscapes:

Hear some cool insect vibrations!

Here to #learn and share 😁

Moving over to since most of the people I interact with are here 👋🏽

I’m into gaming, DIY, gay camping, biking, cooking, and online. Here’s some photos! #introduction

Dedicated to everyone weaning off algorithm-bloated unsocial media. Inspired by something @robparsons said!

#music #depechemode #today #introduction

Hoping to see some new #science folks exploring Mastodon so figured it’s time for another #introduction - I’m Mya, a professor at the University of South Florida College of Marine Science. Our lab studies #microbes (bacteria, viruses, protists) in the oceans and other environments and also works on #fish egg identification. I also post about my cute dog and cat a lot! #USFCMS #ocean #marine #oceanography #microbiology #virology #research #seagrass #urchin #academia

Officially erased my bird site presence this morning and with it my associated contacts. I haven't seen a wide-scale migration yet of the #weather / #wxtwitter community, which accounted for half of my Twitter contacts.

As a sort of final #introduction post and calling card for the weather community, one of my primary uses of Twitter was to share my #WeatherPhotography and #storm reports. I'll probably continue to share weather and #climate content here! CW's as needed. Some of my faves below.

Hello everyone!
I’m an associate prof at Virginia Tech studying viral diversity. Lately my group has been focusing on giant viruses, but we are also interested in other protist viruses, and the role of viral endogenization in host genome evolution.
#GiantViruses #ViralDiversity #TreeOfLife #Protists #Microbiology #Bioinformatics #Evolution #Virology #Genomics
Recently we have been examining the strange and complex genes encoded in giant virus genomes!

My first post on Mastodon after a whole lot of lurking and boosting, so I'm treating this as a mini #introduction for myself

I'm an #immunology PhD candidate at #ColumbiaUniversity medical center, and we just published a study of #TissueSpecifity of human #Tcell identity and clonal expansion in barrier sites, using #CyTOF, #scRNAseq, and #TCR #sequencing!

Hi. I am a surrealist.

Surrealism in the machine age is the process of creating hardware, software and art without the constraints of corporate guidelines and the appeal to the popular. It is the act of becoming an extension to the universal will to create indiscriminately. The output mirrors the state of the world and often allows one to construct ideas they wouldn't allow themselves to do otherwise.

Make the machine your companion, not a tool to be replaced.

#introduction #unix_surrealism

New to Mastodon. Thought id give an #introduction!

My name is Dillon. I am a biologist and Science communicator mainly active on the instagram. If im not hyperfixating on my R code, I am creating online courses and educational material, being opinionated about conservation, or out looking for frogs!

Anyone mind giving me a primer for how Mastodon works? Im still very new to it all

Picture is of my favorite salamander! (Bolitoglossa mexicana)

👋 Hi! This is the Mastodon account for CloudLab. #introduction

CloudLab is flexible, scientific infrastructure for research on the future of cloud computing. Researchers use CloudLab to build their own clouds, experimenting with new architectures that will form the basis for the next generation of computing platforms.

Learn more, sign up:

Hi there. A wee #introduction

^ are an #artist collective with a shared art space in Manorhamilton, Ireland. We are a group of humans, nonhuman organisms and a 3-storey building, all working together on artistic research on the blurred topics of #art, landscape and technology.

^ experiment with shared leadership structures and artistic research practices. We are learning from one another, from you all, and from people, places and things we may never meet or identify.

I also take the point that, by definition, it will be hard for new people to know about a relevant hashtag to use. Many new people will still use (#)introduction. I plan to monitor that tag and keep offering help.

But I think that if we can get dozens or hundreds of us behind the idea of a particular hashtag to help new ueser that it will percolate through the social media grapevine.

How did people get the idea of making an (#)introduction post in the first place after all.

You asked for it, now its here:
:mtg: :mtg:

:fediverse: The #Fediverse instance for everything #MagicTheGathering!

:tap: Sign up for an alt account and start posting about the greatest game ever.

:wotc: This server is not affiliated with Wizzards of the Coast or the Magic the Gathering brand.

#mtg #magic #instance #introduction #introductions

Hallo Fediverse! 👋

#Wikipedia :wikipedia: ist eine vielsprachige, freie Online-Enzyklopädie, die von einer Gemeinschaft aus Freiwilligen, bekannt als Wikipedianer, in offener Zusammenarbeit mittels eines Wiki-basierten Bearbeitungssystems namens Mediawiki geschrieben und gepflegt wird.

Denk dran: alle können mitarbeiten, einschließlich dir! Wir zeigen dir, wie; außerdem teilen wir coole Fakten und Hintergrunddetails!

#Introduction #NeuHier #OpenKnowledge #wiki

Hello everyone, here is my #introduction 😀

I am most of all a musician. I’ve been playing live and composing under the name “gwEm” for 20+ years.

Mostly I make #chiptune and I am deeply passionate about it. I do this outside and inside the #demoscene.

I also do old skool rave, electro, drum’n’bass, metal and punk.

Platforms of choice are in first place the Atari ST, and in second place the Commodore Amiga.

Hello Fediverse!

Wikipedia :wikipedia: is a multilingual free online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteers, known as Wikipedians, through open collaboration and using a wiki-based editing system called MediaWiki -- at least that's what our Wikipedia article says (

#Introduction #FreeCulture #FreeContent #OpenKnowledge #wiki #CreativeCommons

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