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Today we talk to Vixea, a developer on various pieces of open source VR tooling like Monado and ALVR to discuss the state they're currently in #Linux #VR #Podcast

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Today we have a app developer and general fan of the GTK toolkit on the show to chat about the value of libadwaita and some of the choices that come out of the connection with #GNOME #Linux #Podcast

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Today we have @ReneRebe on the podcast to talk about a project he has been working on for a very very long time but hardly anyone even knows it exists, T2 SDE, one of the few remaining standalone distros #Linux #Podcast



I connected with James & Anjali tonight at an #0xFW3 crypto event in #RiNo ... looking forward to listening to this #podcast!!

Ayer estrenamos #Podcast!

Las tecnologías que soñamos son feministas


¡Las infraestructuras que soñamos son feministas!

¡ESTRENO! Hoy día de las #NiñasEnLasTIC ponemos al aire el podcast #TejiendoSignificadosComunes realizado por @sursiendo @numun @whoseknowledge @APC
Escucha cada semana un nuevo episodio

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Convite. Postales sonoras para el autocuidado digital de guardias indígenas, cimarronas y campesinas

es un proyecto de sensibilización sobre autocuidados y cuidados colectivos

The Podcast Index has an ActivityPub implementation, and now I can follow some of my more irreverent non-techie podcasts directly on the fediverse. So cool! Hopefully they'll add a Follow button soon...but in the meantime:

1) Find your podcast on the site
2) Grab the numeric value at the end of the url
3) Search for the podcast with this name `{numericValue}`

#ActivityPub #podcast

@TechOverTeaShow @BrodieOnLinux

Thanks a lot for having me in your podcast! It was a blast 😀

#techovertea #podcast #linux #distrobox #containers

When announced their shitty pricing changes over the last couple of years, I paid up for a couple of years to stay at the reasonably-priced 6k minutes/month with Dropbox imports. That time has come to an end today. I don't use any of their meeting-related features, don't care about summaries or "insights". I just want to transcribe long podcasts and videos. Now, even their basic paid plan wouldn't handle anything longer than 90 min, which most of my files are. #podcast #accessibility

Couldn't find it under that name... apparently the feed title is "The Business of Open Source"


Welp, so. I guess I'm here now and it's #introduction / #introductions time? I'm a #science writer, #journalist, #podcast host & video maker with a special fondness for weird/gross biology. I'm also a #DnD GM and a huge nerd for #books (especially #scifi) and #comics.

This week, I wrote about a type of lemur that picks its nose with an incredibly spindly finger that's so long it can reach up through its nasal cavity and touch its pharynx.

Nice to meet you, too!

Halloween approaches and the veil grows thin. When the night descends upon the city, wailing sirens and flashes of light splinter the darkness to rescue those in need.

But they can’t save everyone. And tonight, they’re not travelling alone.

Tanglewood Hill Studio presents the newest transmission from AM 800 - WRTH.

Join me on October 24 as we respond Code 3.

#podcast #paranormal

In this week's episode of the #SudoShow, I discuss Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (#VDI) present and future with my co-hosts, especially in the context of the #wayland future. We break it down and shine a light on where things are and where they're going!

Check out the episode and subscribe to the show's YouTube channel or in your podcast app of choice! It's a great #podcast on the #business of #OpenSource!

The "Lost Women of Science" podcast just did a 2 part episode about her, part of their "Lost Women of the Manhattan Project" series.

(transcripts available)

Part 1:

Part 2:

#Science #History #Women #Podcast #ManhattanProject

My new #podcast Before the Future Came isn't going to be about #StarTrek until the SAG-AFTRA strike ends, so we've pivoted to non-ST utopian #scifi, starting with Nnedi Okorafor's novella Binti:

Binti is an amazing work. 🤩 We had a lot of fun digging into the themes (violence & empathy, magic in scifi, and ostracization) and geeking about genre-specific stuff we loved. 🐙

(The ep transcript is running a bit behind, but should be up within the next couple of days!)

I chatted with @BrodieOnLinux on Tech Over Tea!

• My #Linux origin story
• Hubris of new designers (me!)
• Cloud gaming
• #Stadia
• #PlayStationPortal
• #EndlessOS is the secret cabal
• Importance of meeting people behind projects
• #GNOME Design
• Origins of elementary OS & Pop!_OS
• Spicy takes

…and a whole lot more! It was a blast, and I’m sure there’ll be shorter clips in the coming days if the two-hour runtime is daunting. 😅

#OpenSource #design #podcast

PodcastData counts 4,205,339 #podcasts.😲 That's why I don't feel bad about pausing my #podcast without notice.
The cancer of my dog Bilbo has left me completely out of the lurch in my creative work. There's plenty of competition for you to listen to.

The good news: I'm now restored enough to work on a new episode for the end of the month. Stay tuned to #NatureMatchCuts, will you? ▶️ #ReconnectingWithNature #kinship #nature #ecology #moreThanHuman #SciComm #NatureWriting

So with #StarTrek being a struck work that shouldn't be promoted during the SAG-AFTRA strike (, my new #podcast Before the Future Came is taking a bit of a swerve in its premiere:

I'm excited to read Binti and geek about it with my cohosts! We'll keep the original premiere episode in our pocket until the strike ends (hopefully with their demands being met! ✊🏾).

#177 Linux Is Sometimes A Nightmare |
#Podcast #YouTube

Audio version here:

The trailer for my new #StarTrek #podcast is out! 💃🏾

It's called Before the Future Came, and we're examining the ideologies of Star Trek through its eps/films/etc. We're interested in how it portrays (and fails to) its postcapitalist utopian ideals. Us hosts are all socialists, abolitionists, and queer, so discussion should be meaty.

It's not a chronological podcast, and we summarize each work at the top so you don't have to watch alongside. All eps will be transcribed.

En el Archivo de indexamos trabajos de Cultura Libre que corresponden a las siguientes licencias: AntiCapitalista, Apache, CC0, CCBY, CCBYSA, MPL, MIT, Hipocrática, GPL y AGPL.

Mientras que describimos estas licencias en nuestro sitio, hemos puesto esas descripciones también en formato auditivo en nuestro podcast, "Los Buenos Comunes". Los 3 episodios más recientes (episodios 3, 4 y 5) describen las licencias, y por qué las incluímos en nuestro archivo.

Pueden leer esas descripciones en, y pueden también escuchar nuestro podcast en, o suscribirse en su plataforma de podcasts favorita.

"Los Buenos Comunes" de está bajo una licencia Creative Commons Atribución 4.0

Pueden encontrar también nuestro Archivo de Cultura Libre en

#buenoscomunes #podcast #español #culturalibre #licencias

#172 Linux Is Over 1 Billion Seconds Old | Solo #Podcast #YouTube

#171 Gnome Board President & EndlessOS CEO | Robert McQueen #Linux #Podcast

Episode 3 of the Science in Parallel #podcast is live! 🎙️ Hear from Tammy Ma, a plasma physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, about computing's role in December's fusion ignition milestone and #HPC's role in fusion energy research.

My new #podcast episode is out: When #Gardeners Run Wild! SEVEN hours of work only in the studio. Many more for researching and scripting. #Podcasting is HARD work.

I have to hurry for an appointment, and hopefully get to a supermarket this evening: the fridge is almost empty. Sleep!!! (Tomorrow I submit the time markers.)

You can listen to #NatureMatchCuts for free but also support my work/my fridge.😋 Find every info, platform and support button on #gardening #farming

This show has been blessed with some WONDERFUL guests over the years. Here's a complete list:

But who do you want to hear from next? (If they're on the #Fediverse, tag them for me).

#Podcast #Linux #OpenSource

Remember that guy that hacked a John Deere tractor to play Doom, this is the guy, check out the audio release here:
RT @TechOverTeaShow
#166 The Mad Dog Who Hacked John Deere | @sickcodes #YouTube #Podcast

I really enjoyed hearing Liam from @gamingonlinux on the latest Linux Downtime #podcast.

As always, great insights on the state of gaming & #SteamDeck from someone who's been covering it for 14 years.

I'd love to hear someone devote an entire podcast episode to one of his concerns: Does #Valve have TOO much of a stake in Linux gaming? What happens if they stop investing effort into it?

Give it a listen:

RT @TechOverTeaShow
Everything In Linux Is Bloat #Linux #Podcast

RT @TechOverTeaShow
Calamares Is A Great Installer... But #Linux #Podcast

RT @TechOverTeaShow
#163 Gentoo Linux Should Be On Every Computer | Immoloism #Linux #Podcast

Absolute pleasure to finally have @vaxryy on the show, today we get a lot into Hyprland and if you use or are considering it I highly recommend this episode. Also here's the audio release:
RT @TechOverTeaShow
#161 Lead Developer Of Hyprland | Vaxry #Linux #Podcast

RT @TechOverTeaShow
So Many Games Have Been Lost To Time #Gaming #Podcast

RT @TechOverTeaShow
Even Meta Bails On NFTs #Podcast

RT @TechOverTeaShow
#160 GPT 4 Is Here To Steal Your Memes | Solo #Podcast #AI

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