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I've been #gamedev something with #Godot as a hobby for a while now, but it's nice to see the progress and professionalism it's making.

»Godot 4.2 Released – Taking The #OpenSource Game Engine Up a Notch:
Another update to @godotengine with useful changes to close-in on proprietary options like Unreal, Unity, etc.«
– from @itsfoss


Godot 4.2 release is here with various improvements!


PeerTube V6 is a big upgrade with many new features!



Fractal 5 is a loaded release with some new features!

#opensource #privacy

PipeWire 1.0 is out now for modern Audio and Video on Linux

#FOSS #Linux #OpenSource

Would be great to interview Simon McVittie! He does lots of stuff with Flatpak, xdg-portals, steam and others, and he is also a Debian Developer

#Linux #OpenSource #FOSS #Nvidia

Today we have @karolherbst on the show, this was recorded a few weeks back before the release of NVK 1.0 but we do still touch on the project as well as Nouveau, Rusticl and a bunch of other cool projects. #Linux #OpenSource #FOSS #Nvidia

Video Release:

Audio Release:

Just FYI, as announced earlier this week, we've stopped using X/Twitter (both our OBF account and BOSC) - Mastodon users can follow us here or @BOSC for our annual #Bioinformatics #OpenSource conference specifically.

Get ready for a modern Linux terminal that will surprise you!

#linux #opensource

Up your privacy game by opting for one of these open-source password managers!

#opensource #passwords

LibreOffice on Linux? Been there, done that.

Try one of its alternatives instead:

#opensource #linux

Master this remarkable note-taking app by following our handy guide! 📝


#opensource #tips

Blender 4.0 release is 🔥


#Minetest Game Jam is back for 2023!

From December 1st to December 21st, make a Minetest game from scratch following a theme.
3 weeks, 3 winners, $300 in prizes. What will you make?

The theme will be announced December 1st, so stay tuned

All information about the jam is at

#gamedev #opensource #gamejam

OBS Studio 30.0 drops Ubuntu 20.04 support. Learn more about this release here:

#linux #opensource

KeeperFX open-source remake and expansion of Dungeon Keeper 1.0 out now

#DungeonKeeper #OpenSource #FOSS

Wine 8.20 brings DirectMusic improvements and preparations for Wine 9.0

#Wine #Linux #OpenSource

GNOME gets €1M funding from the Sovereign Tech Fund

#GNOME #FOSS #OpenSource

GNOME foot logo

Recently, some vital info was disclosed about elementary OS 8!

#linux #opensource

Happy birthday to our beloved browser, Firefox!! 😁 🎉

Do you love Firefox? Comment below 🐧


#Minetest 5.8 will have an improved settings menu

The new design should be much easier to use. Settings are organised in a more logical way, and you can see more settings without digging into a huge advanced settings tree


Minetest's new settings interface. There are two halves. On the left, there's a vertical list of setting pages, grouped into sections. On the right, the current setting page with text boxes and check boxes.

We're now in feature freeze for #Minetest 5.8! This is a period of time before a release where we only do bug fixes


* Minetest no longer ships with a default game
* A redesigned Settings GUI
* Improved Android controls, can place nodes with single tap
* Improved antialiasing filters

Help us by trying out the release candidate:

#freegaming #opensource #freesoftware

KDE Plasma 6 gets a first Alpha release

#KDE #Linux #OpenSource

The KDE Plasma 6 Desktop Cube Effect, credit: Nate Graham

Learn your way around the version control system of LibreOffice. 👇


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