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PSA: #YouTube has begun blocking import on many hosts, including the one we use at TILvids. This means that auto-sync for channels will no longer work, which puts incredible pressure/effort on creators like @thelinuxEXP trying to make content available in multiple locations. Because of this, expect there to be some disruptions in content availability.

This is why it's so important to support non #Google software and services, because they are swiftly becoming a bad actor in the world of #tech

"Ethics" is not the only problem with generative A.I. -- *epistemology* is broken too.

My latest for Public Books: in the face of #google telling us to eat rocks, we bought an encyclopedia.

Companion blog post here:

#AI #ethics #EthicsInAI #knowledgeinfrastructures #libraries

Hi friends and followers, the terrific @jhpot wrote a piece for @lifehacker sharing my tips for getting off #google

Please check it out and share with your friends, family, and colleagues on and off the #fedi !

No better time to be supportive to the users of unfortunate #Chromium browsers by directing to something not as contrived. For example, instead of drowning #ManifestV3 altogether we could look at the implementations like Firefox that retain compatibility with #ManifestV2 and don't ruin the effective use of ad blocking features. Way to keep extension development modern, all the while disregarding #Google's terrible mistake.

Content warning: YouTube Advert-free Servers (Invidious filter)

When will Nextcloud's release announcements #RegainControl of where their videos are hosted?

So far you've chosen to keep them silo'd off on a #proprietary, #centralized, non #privacy friendly #surveillance platform, ie #Google's #YouTube.

Is this what #Nextcloud / #NextcloudHub stands for?

So far, the repeated silence on this subject has spoken louder than any release announcement.

All fine, but a link to #google? #youtube IS Google is data sucker.

@jakob 🇦🇹 ✅

Eben. Chrom(ium) ist die Pest in Sachen #Datenschutz. Voll die Datenschleuder - wie alles von #Google 🤦


The latest update for @privacybadger stops more Google link mangling.
#privacy #extension #google

A new low, even for #Google. Giving Google permission to share information about you with third-party websites is being falsely advertised as an "ad privacy feature". This is privacy washing at its most extreme. But it gets even worse.

There is a dark pattern on the second screenshot. It isn't just informing you about the fake privacy features. Clicking on "Got it" actually turns on these features that allow Google to use your recent browsing history for ads on third-party websites:

I would think that Google Workspace Services probably work better on Google Chrome than on Firefox.

#google #chrome #firefox

#Google is trying again to convince you, YES YOU, to contribute for free to Google Maps.
Please don't.
It is 100% #proprietary, Google has full control over the data you added and people can only access Google Maps over proprietary channels where Google dictates the rules. This gives them too much power.

Contribute to #OpenStreetMap instead, it's a project by the community, for the community.

#OSM #GoogleMaps #PSA #scam #capitalism #OpenData

PSA: Google has now begun to roll-out the Ad Topics "feature" onto Android itself. It's not just in Chrome you have to disable the settings. Please #Boost to spread awareness.

If you didn't get the pop-up screen on your Android device (it'll look like the first two screenshots), to opt-out of these settings:

  1. Go to your device Settings
  2. Press on "Google"
  3. Press on "Ads"
    • While you're here, press on the "Delete Advertising ID" button and delete it

  4. Press on "Ad Privacy"
  5. Review: "Ad Topics", "App-suggested ads", and "App Measurement". Make sure they are all labelled as "OFF". (This page will look like the third screenshot.)

If you don't see "Ad Privacy" in Step 4 then it means that it hasn't been rolled out to you yet. You might need to wait and check back in a couple of days to see if/when it has been implemented to disable these settings.

EDIT: There's another setting to review. In step 2, scroll to "Personalize using shared data". Turn everything off.

#Android #Google #Privacy #AdTopics

So Nextcloud believes:
"#Privacy is a fundamental human right" Only posts videos to #Google's #YouTube.

"building #decentralized alternatives" Only posts videos to a centralized platform.

"We believe in open source" only post Videos to a proprietary platform.

"We value sustainability". Only posts videos to the platform using the most energy.

"users time is important", Only posts to a platform with forced ads.

"fostering diversity/community." Avoids community video networks eg #Peertube.


Read why "Web Environment Integrity" is terrible, and why we must vocally oppose it now. Google's latest maneuver, if we don't act to stop it, threatens our freedom to explore the Internet with browsers of our choice: #EndDRM #Enshittification #Google #WebStandards

Yes, you can ditch #GoogleMaps now..

#OrganicMaps is here. Use it while offline and feel good about a #privacy-respecting app that doesn't suck you dry of your personal information. Based on #OpenStreetMap this app is gonna blow #Google #Maps out of the water (hopefully ;)

Why Google things for yourself when you can build a pair of googly eyes to #Google things for you?

That’s what YouTuber @kevsmac did, and he even added a speaker so the eyes can tell you what they’re looking at.


Las empresas fiscales han estado compartiendo información confidencial de millones de contribuyentes con #Meta y #Google, a través de píxeles de seguimiento que se utilizan con fines publicitarios.

El Congreso de EE UU presentó la investigación 👇

If WEIis implemented It will probably split internet in two. One AOL like network dominated by megacorp from hardware to software and one free based on open stack. The later will be probably more expensive to access ( less hardware available, and more difficult to access for non tech people)

Very sad and frustrating situation
#wei #google

#Mozilla has published its position on the "Web Environment Integrity API" proposal put forward by the #Google #Chrome team.

First paragraph: "Mozilla opposes this proposal because it contradicts our principles and vision for the Web."

#Tecnoafecciones En cada lugar donde se establece un proyecto extractivo, los procesos de resistencia se levantan con fuerza.

‼️En 2019, vecinos y vecinas se organizaron para luchar contra la construcción de un centro de datos de #Google en Cerrillos, Santiago de Chile.

Esta lucha implicó desafiar el apoyo que las autoridades locales y nacionales brindaron a la transnacional tecnológica


On Monday morning we (Mozilla) detected a very large crash spike affecting #Firefox users on Linux, specifically on an older version of a Debian-based distribution.

It turned out to be an interesting bug involving the #Linux kernel and #Google JavaScript code so let me tell you about it.

A thread 🧵 1/6

Sure, but face it: the scientific literature is not featured by the news media, and not often presented in forms that are likely to gain public appreciation.

Proposing: 1) Do what the devious disinformation specialists do: focus on youtube content - with plain language.

2) Regulate #Google to have it label youtube bullshit that is bullshit as bullshit -- or to put nicely: There is no credible evidence to make the claims within this video.

YouTube legal team contacted Invidious developers:
#linux #update #foss #youtube #google #invidious #dev #legal #threat

@ntnsndr @efoundation /e/ foundation prioritizes ease of use over #FreeSoftware, they are more about being #Google-free. If you want human-reviewed Free Software, then stick with as your only app source. The official #FDroid client provides free software, as easy as possible.

⚠️ Una nube se hace con agua: Los impactos ambientales de la tecnología

👉El sistema de enfriamiento del data center que #Google prevé instalar en #Uruguay demandará hasta 7.600 metros cúbicos de agua potable por día, un volumen que equivale al consumo diario de 55 mil personas.


So Google is now preventing people from removing location data from photos taken with Pixel phones.

Remember when Google's corporate motto was "don't be evil?"

Obviously, accurate location data on photos is more useful to a data mining operation like Google.

From Google: "Important: You can only update or remove estimated locations. If the location of a photo or video was automatically added by your camera, you can't edit or remove the location."

It's enshitification in action.


#technology #tech @technology #business #enshitification #Android #Google @pluralistic #infosec

Luego de casi dos décadas parece que el reinado absoluto de #Google podría estar llegando a su fin por una cuestión generacional 🤳

Hay estudios que indican que la llamada generación Z recurre más a #TikTok e #Instagram


here's how my #chromebook's doing, by the way
rocking a few #crostini apps (so, Debian software), and some Chromebook optimized apps from the Play Store, also.

You have nothing to hide until the government suddenly declares your behaviour illegal. #abortion #usa #meta #facebook #google #e2ee #encryption


@andrewstroehlein : #Arabia sponsoring the Women’s World Cup is like a butcher sponsoring Veganism Awareness Week.

@dbattistella : Yes, and like Big Oil leading the #COP28 Conference

@aral : Or like #Google sponsoring privacy conferences.

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