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These are my personal climate related action areas:
* Avoiding meat and beef.
* Riding bike rather than using a car.
(If car is needed, using car sharing.)
* Avoiding flights. Instead, taking train when going on vacation.
* Lowered room temperature in our home for reduced gas consumption.

More to come.


What do you think is the most meaningful action that you take - as an individual - for the environment / #climate / future? 🌍

The end of the great northern forests? The tiny tree-killing beetle wreaking havoc on our ancient giants

“This is a global phenomenon but it is also a complicated story,” says Prof Diana Six, a forest entomologist at the University of Montana.

#forests #climate #BarkBeetle

You know what? In the capitalist bizarro-world, it's a crime to protest *against* ecocide and homicide committed by Big Oil.

#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #JustStopOil

There are massive differences in the GHG emissions of different foods & "local" isn't always best for the environment.

This chart continues to be a great reference I return to in my work. Source: #science #climate #food

Weekend #Plankton #Factoid 🦐🦠
In marine systems where high nutrients lead to #hypoxia (low oxygen), it is commonly thought animals must avoid these zones - wrongly. Many types of #zooplankton seek refuge from predation in low oxygen layers in lakes and oceans. This is quite relevant to the #carbon pump off Peru because mesopelagic zooplankton, including Euphausiid #krill can graze on algae sinking in these zones, and produce rapidly sinking fecal pellets. #Climate

#News: Up to half of the Amazon rainforest could hit a tipping point by 2050 as a result of water stress #deforestation #goldmining and #climate disruption, a study has shown. #Boycott4wildlife

I’d say that’s a good thing or at least unproblematic. We are a good few people who adhere to eating #vegan for #climate #biodiversity or whatever other reason than just animal rights Sharing experiences about enjoyable food and eating more great food make more people enjoy themselves in being vegan. It’s a sign that vegan food is doing great…

"The Coalition will strip funding from the Environmental Defenders Office if it wins the next federal election, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has promised."
#EDO #Biodiversity #climate #law #destruction #conservation #ExtinctionCrisis

Old forests critically important for slowing climate change, merit immediate protection from logging #environment #forest #deforestation #climate #ClimateChange

New study: For the past 20 years, the global cost of extreme weather events has been $143 billion/year.

#Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

A great and positive #indigenous solution. The Cameroonian Village Harvests Water from the Sky: The project is to preserve the Pygmy civilization. A traditional society of hunter-gathers is being hemmed in on all sides by exclusionary conservation projects and private land with ever-expanding #palmoil and #rubber #deforestation #indigenousrights #landrights #climate solutions

Why #AI is a disaster for the #climate - "Amid all the hysteria about ChatGPT and co, one thing is being missed: how energy-intensive the technology is" - yes, this is the real threat to humanity, not AI taking over...

Oblivia Coalmine thanks everyone for their support of the #FossilFuel industry via their #PensionFunds

#Climate #ClimateChange #Coal #Oil #Gas #Pensions

I know a lot of ppl at #COP28. But the thing is, the majority of them aren’t scientists or legislators. They’re also not working on #ClimateChange issues personally.

I can’t help but wonder if the UN #climate summits have become more of an annual festival than a productive dialogue.

According to The Washington Post, there are a record 84,000 attendees in Dubai this year due to “a large influx of business executives & lobbyists.”

1/ #Billionaire #Ecoterrorism
Kill off, sicken, or weaken, your own citizens & neighbors so long as you can make billions?
The ruling families say, "Fuck, yes!"
Toxic gas putting millions at risk in #MiddleEast
[& in the US, but shhh.🤫 ]
""Very disturbing. Big oil companies (#BP, #Shell, et. al) & states in the Middle East are violating the human rights of millions of people by failing to tackle air pollution from fossil fuels.

"Despite the massive human suffering, Big Oil & #petrostates carry on with business as usual with total impunity & zero accountability."
#climate #pollution #AirPollution #health

deeply depressed. just read that the amazon rainforest, home to thousands of bird species (including at least 1/3 of all living parrot species) has crossed a #climate & #deforestation #TippingPoint & will quickly devolve into savannah. all this destruction for a cheap fcuking HAMBURGER

At the #NextcloudConference @katrin keynoted: we need to fix the carbon footprint of the internet.

The Green Web Foundation is working towards a fossil-free internet by 2030.

#Climate #GreenInternet #OpenData

Gorgeous ecological comic-based journalism from Aotearoa: a clear-eyed telling of how monoculture forestry destabilizes lands and rivers even before major climate-driven events come raging through.

#ecology #climate #forest #restoration #aotearoa

Happening NOW: Hundreds & hundreds of people have entirely shut down the Federal Reserve of New York City.

The Fed needs to force Wall Street to stop funding climate chaos!

#Biden #Climate #fossilfuels

All use of carbon fuels is deadly waste. A filtghy history ending waste.

24 Billion trees. Twenty Four Billion Trees. With a "B"

Greenland will NO LONGER allow any search, drilling exploration for oil. Ever. Done.

India interrupted their new Five Year Plan to DROP ALL NEW COAL Spending, already budgeted.

The money will be spent on renewables.

Build ALL the new energy needed to END ALL CARBON FUELS FOREVER.

UN-used UN-needed UNderground.

Carbon fuels are death.


in 2013, coal generated 175 times as much electricity as #solar power in the US. Within a decade, in 2022, coal was generating less than 5 times as much electricity (incl. estimated rooftop solar).

So far this year, coal has generated slightly more than twice as much electricity as all solar.

Coal is dying here but needs to die even faster.
#energy #climate #climateChange #ClimateCrisis

I wish I didn't have to tell you about this again, but I do. It's not being reported much in the news — and you know why?

Because it's not 'new' (the origin of the word 'news'), it's old. This has been going on for months now, and corporate news outlets are simply tired of reporting it. But it is still happening.

Canada's boreal forests are burning up.

At least 1100 fires are active, more than 700 out of control. Over 13 million hectares have been burned so far, with no end in sight. It's an unprecedented climate and environmental disaster.

#Canada #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency


A cost-effective, scalable & available solution to reduce the #climate impact of flying?

Yes please.

Contrails - those thin, white lines behind airplanes - account for ~35% of aviation's #ClimateChange impact.

New research reveals how #AI & satellite imagery can help us reduce their warming effects.

It’s worth noting that by Fall of 2012, the majority of both Republican & Democrat voters acknowledged #ClimateChange is occurring. But not the majority of all politicians.

Back then, I ran large public opinion surveys out of UT Austin & it was the first time citizens from both parties agreed. (Here’s a 2015 SciAm piece w totals

We can’t said what changed attitudes, but a drought had impacted U.S. crops that summer & the pope was also discussing #climate. /2

NYT’s opinion writer Paul Krugman is declaring #climate is now a culture war issue 🤔

I worked in the U.S. Senate ~20 years ago. Covered climate as a journalist. Cofounded an NGO focused on science policy issues during elections. Am finishing a dissertation on how Congress has made decisions about #science policy for the last 1/2 century - with climate as a central theme.

This isn’t new. #ClimateChange has *always* been a culture war issue.

The extreme heat has devastated corals. As a former marine scientist, this is a truly heartbreaking read:

“The coral didn’t even have a chance to bleach, it just died. It just felt like, ‘Oh my God, we’re in the apocalypse.’ What’s happening?”

“Demand #climate action right now. Not in a year, not tomorrow, right now. Actually yesterday.”

Climate change threatens 771 endangered plant and lichen species #climate #ClimateChange #endangered #species #plants #lichen

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