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Items tagged with: unix_surrealism

return to tradition: #fossangel in #uxn's #oekaki

'run whatever you want, what do I care...'

Despite its lackluster expression, intuitively you feel the angel has a preference, but you don't know what it is.

You're not sure who's side the monochrome divinity is on, but you hope it is the one you're on.

#unix_surrealism #monochrome #fediart #mastoart

Foss-Angel in uxn's oekaki smoking a cigarette. It's in your circuits. And it's not particularly happy about it. But what  can it do?

shorty's #oekaki guide:

Pick up a pencil. Lick the graphite. Install BSD. Compile uxn. Compile oekaki. Surrender your hand to the machine.

#uxn #unix_surrealism almost #monochrome

welcome to my tutorial.

Step one:

Lick the graphite.

daemon guides a skinny finger towards a half-finished face with a serial port in its forehead. A pyramidhead with a girl hiding behind it looks towards the sky. The artist on the right struggles to take hold of the fountain pen.

#technomage in 'The search for the FISH'

The girl journeys through the world to find the mythical FISH in order to become its student.


#unix_surrealism #openbsd #freebsd #linux #fediart #mastoart #comic

The girl hangs around wandering fools, seemingly clueless on where to go next, when she is approached by an ominous robed being.

Being: "Hey, kid, heard you were looking for the FISH."

#unix_surrealism mini #462

Wandering hackers and fools trade stories over a camplight.

#monochrome #comic #ai

Hackers and fools sit around a fireplace in th middle of nowhere, looking at th stars. 

sentient Pentium-M man tells a tale of his maker showing him the stars for the first time:

"..and my maker took me outside to see the stars. I said: 'it's beautiful, what does it mean?'
She broke into tears: 'it means you are condemned to being.'"

#lo0: 'a bit too far'

Following the success of the crowdfunded 'Made into Interlisp', lo0 followed up with what has since been dubbed the 'black bit album', breaching into the cyber-post-punk territory with an unforgiving anti-Mata sentiment.

The album featured a collaboration with Sev Gi, a sentient Pentium-M machine from the band 'Your trash' that provided vocals on track 7, Ballad of Computar Fyr, a musical retelling of the popupar myth.

#unix_surrealism #music #monochrome

album cover for lo0's bit too far

the cover features the face of the female singer engulfed in black

Having been released from the guardianship of the #technomage, the #Fosschild (all grown up now) crosses the liquid desert of Analog Nowhere and reaches the Merveilles Town.

Now this is a spin-off!

#unix_surrealism #openblade

Under starlight, Fosschild, carrying a laptop in their hand and a torso of the Pentium M-man on their back, reach the shores of a new land.

Techno-Mage's signature shoes hang from the child's backpack and there is OpenBlade attached to their belt.

A penguin in goggles stands next to the child.

All three are illuminated by the green light of the Merveilles Town, coming from off screen.

Hi. I am a surrealist.

Surrealism in the machine age is the process of creating hardware, software and art without the constraints of corporate guidelines and the appeal to the popular. It is the act of becoming an extension to the universal will to create indiscriminately. The output mirrors the state of the world and often allows one to construct ideas they wouldn't allow themselves to do otherwise.

Make the machine your companion, not a tool to be replaced.

#introduction #unix_surrealism

Techno-Mage encounters a machine spirit in physical form. An artist faces deconstruction of themself.
A lady in a bag and a cactus sitting on a box have a cigarette break in the middle of Analog Nowhere. Two travelers encounter a flying fairy with horns.

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