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I think this is the sort of thing where it might be helpful to say things as loudly and clearly as possible.

So... I've written an open letter to Ecosia Search to point out how environmentally destructive "AI Chat" systems are.

If anyone else wants to co-sign it, especially if you're an academic or professional in a key related field, then I'd really appreciate that - just let me know. Boosts also appreciated.

#ClimateChange #Climate #GlobalWarming #AI #LLM #ChatGPT

Yesterday, I wrote about Perplexity AI, a tool that immediately changed the way I search for information.

I walk you through the simple reasons why (with screenshots) in my new email newsletter, AI Sidequest:

#AIsidequest #AI #chatGPT

Nonprofit Voltage Park plans to set up clusters of the Nvidia AI chips in Texas, Virginia and Washington and lease computing capacity to companies for AI projects. It tells Reuters it has bought 24,000 Nvidia H100 chips. #datacenter #ai #nvidia #cloud

Eviden (part of Atos) is hosting a lunch briefing at #SC23 on Mon Nov 13

Besides the obligatory marketing, it will also feature 👇

#JUPITER Panel Discussion: Architecting the First European #Exascale System

Register at:


😲Did you know compliments can influence large-language models?

They're even open to Argentinian Spanish & Swiss German slang.

Discover how Nextcloud AI is tackling ethical concerns differently:
#AI #EthicalAI #LanguageModels

I feel like this article is gaslighting me to lower the threshold of what I consider intelligence, so it makes #AI look better.

Pigeons problem-solve similarly to artificial intelligence, research shows


which is completely dumbfoundibg me because if anything #AI is predominantly developed, tested, trained ans run on #Linux...

And we're not talking about some #bloatware GUI App but basic #drivers.

@gpuopen , do something!

Five years ago, New York magazine reported less than 60% of web traffic was human while bots masquerade as people.

On days that the Internet seems particularly unpleasant, it’s helpful to remember that many of the individuals we encounter online aren’t real. #AI


Tomorrow is our oneAPI Commuity Led Forum - Hybrid event. There is also a symposium today and you can register for both. The 2nd event is free though and you can register through meetup:
to get the zoom link.
The 6th symposium from ACM Sacremento is here -
#oneapi #sycl #AI

Qualitative and mixed methods can provide deep insight. But their time cost is a bottleneck! Enter

Machine-assisted mixed methods
a transparent and replicable framework for analyzing qualitative text etc data at scale

I conducted 1⃣6⃣ hum&socsci casestudies to see if it works🧵👇

#AI #LLMs #mamm

Researchers at ORNL developed a new #opensource cross-platform benchmarking software package just in time for #Frontier's launch in May 2022: OpenMxP

OpenMxP is the software that implements the HPL-MxP benchmark


I think #Ai needs to be used to solve problems that are really hard.

Driving a car is pretty easy, I managed it at 17 and others younger.

Writing words, creating art is something we have all done and in the scheme of things relatively easy.

Lets do something really really hard with it.


#HeyGen - #AI Spokesperson #Video Creator

Video #Translate #BETA
Translate your videos seamlessly with one click, using a #natural #voice clone and #authentic speaking style!

What does the AI revolution mean for Open Source, Open Tech and Open Societies?

@Karlitschek will be exploring these ideas in depth at this year's @allthingsopen

#AllThingsOpen #opensource #opentech #AI

Cornelis has an ambitious roadmap for #Omnipath

With the 7th generation coming in 2028, Cornelis Networks will boost port speeds to 1.6 Tb/s and add the HyperX topology

#HPC #AI #Interconnect

Brave is testing out a new in-house AI assistant called 'Leo'. 🤖



#unix_surrealism mini #462

Wandering hackers and fools trade stories over a camplight.

#monochrome #comic #ai

Hackers and fools sit around a fireplace in th middle of nowhere, looking at th stars. 

sentient Pentium-M man tells a tale of his maker showing him the stars for the first time:

"..and my maker took me outside to see the stars. I said: 'it's beautiful, what does it mean?'
She broke into tears: 'it means you are condemned to being.'"

When an archaeology website uses #AI to “write” an article and it scrapes the Elden Ring wiki. 🤣🤣🤣
Known to Europeans as the scimitar, the sham shot is the quintessential long sword of the horsemen of Persia (Iran), Moghul India and Arabia. It scales primarily with Strength and Dexterity and is a good weapon for high dexterity characters who can excel at slashing attacks while spinning. A curved sword with a thin blade of ample length. Light of weight desire its larger size, its slicing attacks come in rapid succession. Such savers were renowned for their sharpness and lethality.
Shamshir is a Curved Sword in Elden Ring. The Shamshir scales primarily with Strength and Dexterity and is a good Weapon for high dexterity characters who can even at slashing attacks while spinning.

A cost-effective, scalable & available solution to reduce the #climate impact of flying?

Yes please.

Contrails - those thin, white lines behind airplanes - account for ~35% of aviation's #ClimateChange impact.

New research reveals how #AI & satellite imagery can help us reduce their warming effects.

People are getting paid for #publishing #AI-written #books, in an #author's name, when in fact the author did not, and knew nothing about this happening.

Then, when the author tries to do something about it to stop this obvious #abuse, they are told no.

An author explaining her understandable anguish over this issue

Blocks and Files looked at how #storage systems compare when using Nvidia’s #GPUDirect protocol, to serve data to and from Nvidia’s #GPUs

#AI #HPC #Storage

Azure Managed #Lustre: not your grandparents' parallel file system - by @glennklockwood

#HPC #AI #Storage

PCI SIG exploring #optical interconnect

"Optical connections will be an important advancement for #PCIe architecture as they will allow for higher performance, lower power consumption, extended reach and reduced latency”


Super impressive write-up of all the cool features that can be integrated with your platform. I love the ethical #ai rating system!

Back in Feb, when Grammarly said they were going to think about incorporating AI, I immediately canceled my account and uninstalled. And now they've actually done it.

I'm sharing because with everything going on, writers might not realize this is happening.

#AI #writing

Grammarly just announced that they've been using customer work to train their Al. If you still use their service, stop now if you care about your copyright. 4:55 PM - 7/28/23 from Earth

The shapes of modern IT professionals.

#cloud #hpc #ai #devops #satire

Radar chart comparing systems admins, ai/ml engineers, cloud architects and network engineers.


New blog post ✍️ by Lucy Li, Maarten Sap, Luca Soldaini, and me about large language models and how to use them with care.

We discuss:
- 10 current risks ⚠️ posed by chatbots and writing assistants to their users
- 7 questions 🤔 to ask yourself before using these tools

Our goal with this post is to increase transparency for everyday users 💻🔍

#AI #GenerativeAI #LLMs #Chatbots

Your alt text was so descriptive that I could use it as prompt for this AI drawing. #AI #StarryAI #AltText

Hello friends! Are you good at #monitoring and #observability, and *also* interested in #supercomputers, #AI, or #HPC?

My team at NVIDIA is hiring a “Senior HPC Telemetry Engineer”, which is a fancy way of saying we want someone who can help understand what our supercomputers are doing!

Happy to answer questions or chat about the team. We’re doing some pretty cool work.

Similar to my last post…

My team at NVIDIA is working on building some of the fastest #supercomputers in the world, but we always need help squeezing the best performance out of our systems.

We’re #hiring a Senior Performance Engineer to help get the best perf from our hardware, and work closely with app and framework teams to make it easier for everyone else to do it too.


Valve sent over a statement on the recent news of AI art in games on Steam seemingly being banned #Valve #Steam #AI #AIArt

Valve appear to be banning games with AI art on Steam #Valve #Steam #AI #AIArt
Steam Logo - Valve

The world's first decentralized ledger system was Indigenous: #blockchain #Indigenous #AI

AI sparks countless questions – social, ethical, economic, and even culinary!

Our proposed #AI law classifies technologies based on risk: 

⚠️ Ban on AI systems that threaten citizens, like social scoring or specific facial recognition.
⚠️ Strict regulations for high-risk AI in healthcare, education, and critical infrastructure.
⚠️ Additional transparency requirements for generative AI such as chatbots and image generators.

The proposal is in its final stage. Agreement is expected by year-end.

A chat-bot style conversation between a user (using an EU flag in its profile picture) and AI.

"User: Can you list the ingredients for a perfect pizza?

AI: Certainly! Here's a list of ingredients for a perfect pizza:

1. Pizza dough
2. Tomato sauce
3. Mozzarella cheese
4. Pineapple [Note: the text is marked in bold]
5. Olive oil and salt
6. Fresh basil (optional)

With these basic ingredients, you can create a perfect homemade pizza. Enjoy!"

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