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NEVER INTERRUPT A PROGRAMMER. I repeat "don't f*****g distract a programmer". It is one of most brutally annoying thing to a programmer.

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@Devon & Cornwall GNU / Linux user group and @South Devon Tech Jam may like this too, good stuff and very true.

NEVER INTERRUPT A PROGRAMMER. I repeat "don't f*****g distract a programmer". It is one of most brutally annoying thing to a programmer.

#Programming #Coding #Programmer

Looking at #code I've written in the past is like facing off with my past self who wrote it, where I go "Who are you??" and she's like, "I'm you, but stronger." #coding

This is your periodic reminder that all the stuff you know and take for granted, is new and amazing to someone.

This toot inspired by #parenting and #coding both.

I've been getting in the habit of reading other's people code more often in conjunction to reading the docs. There's a lot of assumed knowledge that's trapped in there - don't be afraid.

If you are, @ me and I'll check it out with you!

#coding #programming

fuck I'm still up.

I've been diving into this stuff for #rust - I missed working with abstractions like the ones Rust provided. Like the way I have this going, I should be able to add plugins for new kinds of sign-in flows for social networks very easily


Author of *Cracking the coding interview* does company training on effective #programming interviewing, says “Don’t ask questions from *Cracking the #coding #interview*.” 🙃

Hey y'all - def boost this for my #webdev / #dev / #coding peeps: is an EXCELLENT site a friend showed me with straightforward practices on designing software for people + humans.

File under more stupid questions I'm pretty happy to have: anyone running or have experience with #Lubuntu? Seems a good option to turn an older HP Stream into a #coding/#dev machine. It's up and running, but I'm stymied by getting #wifi working. Next goal will be making sure all my #code frameworks are #FOSS (doing so intentionally is new to me). Appreciate any input!

I don't use git
I don't understand static and dynamically typed language
I don't understand polymorphism
I don't understand REST
I don't understand how functional programming differs from whatever else
I don't understand abstract coding frameworks and frames of mind
I don't understand library management

I have been coding useful things for myself for 15 years and I have little to no idea how any of the preceding work. Programming as a community has gotten more and more abstract, leaving me behind. When discussing problems I wish to solve with coding at other coders, I usually get back some answer that makes zero sense and is abstract or predicated on knowledge they learned foundationally, when all I learned was to start writing code and making results happen.

At this point, I would just learn all the things but I'm off-put by the general manosphere vibe and jargon saturation. It doesn't feel like a space I'm wanted in because my intelligence and usefulness is called into question regarding these things. It's not a welcoming way to be—assuming everyone had your journey.

#coding #programming