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My #Taskmaster polymer painting is finally all done! (I was gonna give Greg a pair of glasses but they didn't really help in terms of likeness) 馃枻 鉂わ笍

Hashtags: #PolymerClay #Art #MastoArt #PopCulture #Painting

My clay painting of Greg Davies and Alex Horne as the Taskmaster and his assistant in a gold shabby frame
The same piece from a slight side angle to show the sculptural elements

#swordtember 01 - Fae

Je sais pas si je vais aller au bout, c'est un thread sans engagement, j'ai d'autres trucs 脿 faire et y'a inktober au bout donc chaque post peut 锚tre le dernier

(C'est des petits dessins, en 7x12 cm (un format de cartes de tarot))
(Disponibles, disons 16鈧, fdp compris? (France m茅tropolitaine, je connais pas les autres fdp)

#art #mastoart #swordtember2023

Dessin au crayon d'une 茅p茅e en forme d'aile de libellule

ca fait longtemps que j'ai rien post茅 parce que j'avais des trucs plus urgents 脿 faire et que je reprends 脿 peine le dessin alors prends ceci

(cw nudity)

#art #mastoart

meuf apoil devant une truc rond plein de stries spiralesques

鈥淒escribe what you can bring to this company.鈥

#Art by Will McPhail

鈥淒escribe what you can bring to this company.鈥 Comic by Will McPhail

Woman of color sits in front of a long panel of white men who all look the same.

I adore this comic by @elisegravel.

鈥淪o, yeah, YOU can be a scientist, too!鈥 #science #art #education

Seven panel comic 鈥淪cientists Are People Too鈥 by Elise Gravel.

Panels 1-6 describe that there are many kinds of scientists and they ask questions , make mistakes, need help, do ordinary things & weren鈥檛 always the best students.

Panel 7 explains all scientists are curious & like to learn about the world around them. 鈥淪o, yeah, YOU can be a scientist, too!鈥

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#art #pico8

Explore ~14 billion years of time in this fascinating graphical summary of events from the Big Bang to the present day by talented artist Pablo Carlos Budassi.

Beginning at center of the spiral, every billion years is represented by a 90-degree stretch, with the exception of the last 500 million years represented as the last 90-degree stretch for greater detail. #art #science

A graphical summary of notable events from the Big Bang to the present day.

A spiral starting from the center to the outer end. Notable events are annotated. Every billion years (Ga) is represented by a 90-degree stretch of the spiral. The last 500 million years are represented in a 90-degree stretch for more detail on our recent history. Some of the events depicted are the emergence of cosmic structures (stars, galaxies, planets, clusters, and other structures), the emergence of the solar system, the Earth and the Moon, important geological events (gases in the atmosphere, great orogenies, glacial periods, etc.), emergence and evolution of living beings (first microbes, plants, animals, fungi), the evolution of hominid species and important events in human evolution.

I deleted all of my art on twitter today, so now is an especially good time to start a trickle of old art from other platforms. Let's start with this old Artsnacks challenge...

#art #TraditionalArt #illustration

Traditional illustration of a woman with long blue hair, lifting her chin and looking to her right, surrounded by tropical plants and flowers.

Charming street #art by David Zinn
Street art by David Zinn

The first in our series of social events for the project 'waking the land' saw artist Cr贸na Gallagher bring the spirit of a hare from Benbo Mountain into our space. The event led to a community gathering and a collective wake for the critter.

#art #event

Two male-presenting humans look at a painting of a hare on a wall People work on a collaborative painting in the background, while the foreground shows ferns, branches and pastels on a paper sheet across a table
A close-up of some pastel and paint marks, obscured by a fern leaf in the foreground A large crowd attend a social event, sharing space and making art collectively. In the background an open door leads out onto a street.

About 10 million years ago, Platybelodon, this delightfully ridiculous ancestor of the elephant, roamed Africa, Asia, Europe & North America. #Art by Tomasz Jedrzejowski #science
Platybelodon. Artist: Tomasz Jedrzejowski

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