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I just realized that not only I celebrate a whole year of Doodle O'Clock in November, but also it's been a year since I have been here on Mastodon!

Thank you so much for having me around here and being the absolute most lovely corner there is online ❤️

#Illustration #Drawing #DigitalArt #MastoArt #Mastodon #fanart

It may not look like much. But this is the first drawing I do with markers.😎

#MastoArt #drawing

I drew this wolf today mostly just to practice but I really liked how it turned out, so I mod-podged it to my bag and now I'm waiting for it to dry :3
#art #mastoart #wolf #drawing
A colored pencil drawing of a wolf's face with mostly blue-green fur and yellow eyes. It looks angry and has its mouth is open, showing the fangs.

You: You haven't spent your Sunday chasing bees round the garden with your camera then drawing on the photos have you?

Me: What?! That sounds like a foolish way to waste an afternoon!

Also me: Yes, yes I have.

#nature #photography #flowers #bees #silly #drawing

A close up photo of a bee sitting on a flower. It's actually upside down, as the bee was dangling, but turning it round made it look like the bee was chomping on the flower head and that made me chuckle. I've drawn om nom nom style teeth on the bee, and beedy eyes, while the flower has a shocked expression and hands and arms raised in alarm.

Nerds of the Victoria, BC metropolitan area: come draw with me on Saturday, June 24th! We're doing our first ever COSPLAY SKETCH DAY, a free, 3-hour draped-figure life drawing session which -- we hope -- will be attended by an imaginatively-dressed bunch of folks who aren't too shy about stepping up to the dais for a 5-minute short pose, then stepping back down to do some sketching with the group.

Costumes not required! All ages welcome! All skill levels welcome!

#drawing #yyj #art

An advertisement for COSPLAY SKETCH DAY, an upcoming free event at Edison College Canada's Illustration campus in Metchosin, BC. The illustration shows a life drawing session, but all of the attendees are wearing costumes from their favorite fandoms; the model for the session is a silhouette with the word "you" in the center.

A little pencil sketch of my two dogs Sally and Misty sleeping together on the sofa. Pencils and graphite sticks on paper.

I'll do a proper drawing of Misty soon, this was just for practice as I haven't drawn much lately.

Hope you like it!
#art #mastoart #dogs #drawing #pencil #sketch #creativetoots

A pencil sketch of Sally the Jack Russell terrier and Misty my young husky. They are sharing a large cushion and both facing the viewer. Sally is lying upright with her head on a paw, while Misty lies on her side with her legs extended.

Special Drawing Tgamm 💜👻


I'm excited, there are a few days left for season 2 😊✨

#TheGhostAndMollyMcgee #MollyMcGee #Jinx
#Tgamm #TgammS2 #myart #fanart #drawing #digitalart #Disney

I’m a person that makes art. Lately in the form of indie comics. I also make videos about music.
Current events are also of interest, but I’ll just boost that stuff rather than make original posts (mostly).
Here is a good example of one of my ongoing comic strips:

And a drawing I made of Deirdre Beaubeirdre from Everything Everywhere All At Once, that I think came out pretty good.

#drawing #comics #indiecomics #illustration
An illustration I made of Deirdre Beaubeirdre from Everything Everywhere All At Once. She has stapled a bit of paper onto her forehead and looks quite angry. It's something that happens in the movie.

I just moved over from so apologies for posting this again (I promise I'll never double post again, but I posted this right before I moved servers and now its gone).
#CuratorPrompts109 #CuratorPrompts #art #drawing #MastoArt #ink

I'm a watercolor artist but I've been exploring textured ink drawings, so I loved the challenge of this curator prompt. I tried my best to channel my inner-Edward Gorey
Black ink drawing of a long skinny room with a wall of windows on the left and back, and an upholstered bench and table on the right. Several plants in pots are scattered around the room and a fern hangs from the ceiling.

Und jetzt hat auch die schnelle Zeichnung von gestern nochmal einen Feinschliff bekommen und sieht jetzt doch um einiges besser aus ;) #oneLeahADay #drawing #mastoart
3/4 Portrait einer Person mit langen dunklen Haaren die durch ein Tuch über der Stirn zurückgehalten werden.
3/4 Portrait einer Person mit langen dunklen Haaren die durch ein Tuch über der Stirn zurückgehalten werden. Jetzt aber mit deutlich besser passendes Proportionen.

Gerade ist es ruhiger hier und ich fühle mich nicht so kreativ um jeden Tag was zu posten. Dafür arbeite ich weiter daran das mit dem Zeichnen besser zu lernen, was wirklich Spaß macht, nachdem es die letzten Monate dafür irgendwie nicht gereicht hat. #oneLeahADay #drawing #mastoart
Lineart einer Person mit langen Haaren die leicht nach unten schaut.

The every day struggle - was fun to draw ;)

CW: Eye contact with a pencil and rage 😀

#Mastoart #cartoon #drawing
(English text below) Ich versuche es mal zu beschreiben: Zu sehen ist eine monochrome, cartoonartige Bilderfolge, auf der ein Mann zu sehen ist, der von seinem Zeichenstift getriezt wird. Er versucht mit dem Stift einen Smilie zu zeichnen, dieser nimmt ihn dabei jedoch auf den Arm. In gelb unterlegten Sprechblasen ist auf Englisch zu lesen:
- Ich habe eine Frage
- Was denkst du, was du da tust?
- Du willst doch nicht etwa zeichnen?
- Soll das etwa ein Kreis werden?
- Versuch es mit dem Oberhandgriff, verdammt!!!
- Fühlt sich das nicht gleich viel besser an? (Beim letzten Satz grinst die darunter liegende Zeichnung hämisch)

 I'll try to describe it: There is a monochrome, cartoon-like sequence of images showing a man being pestered by his drawing pencil. He is trying to draw a Smilie with the pencil, but the pencil makes fun of him. In yellow speech bubbles it reads in English:
- I have a question
- What do you think you are doing?
- You don't want to draw, do you?
- Is this supposed to be a circle?
- Try the overhand grip, damn it!!!
- Doesn't that feel much better? (At the last sentence, the drawing underneath grins maliciously)

Ça y est ! Je leur ai trouvé un nom : ce sont les Eskja [ɛskiɑ:], des petits êtres discrets de la nature qui nous protègent.

Les cinq lettres de Eskja viennent des initiales de mes proches les plus chers.

#mastoArt #drawing #芹芹dessine
Une main qui tient une illustration à l'aquarelle représentant des petits fantômes sur un rocher au milieu d'une étendue d'eau entourée de feuilles de lotus. L'un des fantômes dort tandis que l'autre tient une goutte d'eau.

🌞 MOIN, Ihr Schwarzmaler *innen☀️😁
🔴 Liu erstellt meisterliche Kohlezeichnungen, die einer Fotografie sehr nahe kommen. Man kann sie auch beauftragen. ✍️
🔴 Liu creates masterful coal drawings
that are very close to a photograph.
You can also commission them. ✍️
➡️ Artist: #LiuLing aka #SixZero
Singapur 🇸🇬
☕ #streetart #mastoart #art #coal #drawing #BuonGiorno #Bonjour #GutenMorgen #GoodMorning

I started making GIFs from my art at the beginning of pandemic, and I haven't really stopped:

J'ai commencé à faire des GIFs à partir de mon art au début de la pandémie, et je n'ai jamais arrêté:

#mastoart #fediart #drawing #illustration #sketch #creativetoots #gif #caturday

I finished a new large #watercolour #drawing. It's probably the most detailed drawing I ever made.

The main figure in the drawing is based on a picture I took at the Gion Matsuri in #Kyoto some years ago. It is a dancer performing the old Japanese court dance "Ran-Ryo-O".

I used Derwent Inktense and Conté Aquaralle pencils as well as watercolour paint (various brands). The paper is Arches 56cmx76cm 300g/m2 rough watercolour paper.

#art #mastoart
A traditional Japanese dancer with a fierce-looking animal mask and very colourful clothes, predominantly orange, with wide sleeves and baggy trousers, and a long, embroidered tunic. In the background people in yukata and musicians playing flutes and percussion.

Je reprends les illustrations en rapport avec les 24 saisons du calendrier agricole chinois 😀

A l'automne dernier, j'ai commencé à observer comment je ressentais le temps, mon appréciation des bons moments, ma présence lorsque je dessine où je code. Mais aussi, l'impact des saisons sur nos corps, les plantes que je consomme, les couleurs et l'air qui change.

En ce moment, je dessine des petites planches à partir d'empreintes végétales.

#mastoArt #drawing #improvisationsVégétales #芹芹dessine
Une main tenant une carte illustrée au-dessus de plusieurs plantes. L'illustration est composée de deux empreintes de feuilles de shiso à l'encre de Chine et de petits motifs organiques vert olive à l'encre calligraphique. Elle est titrée "小暑, petite chaleur".
Une main tenant une carte illustrée au-dessus de plusieurs plantes. L'illustration est composée de deux empreintes de tomates légèrement transparentes et très floues et de petits motifs organiques à l'encre calligraphique orange. Elle est titrée "大暑, grande chaleur".

Eyes: green is a relaxing color
Brain: how about adding neon blue and yellow
Eyes: nO
Brain: yES

#mastoart #ocs #originalcharacters #art #drawing #illustration #illust #creativetoots

⭐️ This is my main crew! ⭐️

#art #drawing #mastoart #oc
A picture of several characters with the title "The Lost Crew" above them.

Their names read as: Mandy, Cassandra, Kat, Equinox, Sol, and Minerva.

Mandy, a tall brown haired girl, is gently patting the arm of Kat.

Kat, a tall man with a cat ear headband and a dumb smile plastered on his face, is making bunny ears behind Equinox's head.

Equinox, a tall pretty boy, glares at Kat with narrowed red eyes and scolds him with a pointed finger. 

He has one hand hand on his hip, and Solstice, a blonde haired girl, has looped her arm around it.

Her and Minerva, a chubby girl with two hair buns, both hold their hands up to form the loser sign, aimed in Cassandra's direction.

Cassandra, a short angry looking woman, clings to Kat's arm, and only looks at them both with quiet disdain.

A colored pencil drawing of a ladybug on a daisy that I did last month. 10"x10", mostly Prismacolor. I set myself a 2 week deadline for it and only overshot it by a day 😂

#artPosting #mastoArt #art #coloredPencil #pencilCrayon #drawing
A coloured pencil drawing of a closeup of the side of a daisy, with a ladybug crawling up a petal that's been bent downward by its weight.

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