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A few months ago I was sick for a weekend, and I took the opportunity to see TOH.
and draw a little without pressure.

So here is a compilation thread of everything that came out.

#TOH #theowlhouse #bust #sketch #colortest #portrait #fanart #MastoArt

The owl House, Amatista y Lilith en boceto

A little pencil sketch of my two dogs Sally and Misty sleeping together on the sofa. Pencils and graphite sticks on paper.

I'll do a proper drawing of Misty soon, this was just for practice as I haven't drawn much lately.

Hope you like it!
#art #mastoart #dogs #drawing #pencil #sketch #creativetoots

A pencil sketch of Sally the Jack Russell terrier and Misty my young husky. They are sharing a large cushion and both facing the viewer. Sally is lying upright with her head on a paw, while Misty lies on her side with her legs extended.

Is my lacking wit a good excuse for not having a clever caption?

#art #MastoArt #DigitalArt #sketch
Ibis is underrated I'd stick with CSP if not for them being greedy cunts
Them: All sonic Fans are furies


J'ouvre des requêtes, à partir de 5€ :boost:
Si vous voulez que je dessine un (ou plusieurs) personnages de #OnePiece c'est par ici • :ko_fi:

Ce seront des #sketch (propres) au minimum (voir images), et si j'ai l'envie, je pourrais faire plus.

L'idée est de gagner un peu d'argent et de m'entrainer, et vous de voir des dessins de vos personnages favoris ou des scènes cool.

#QueerArtist #MastoArt #FanArt #KoFi #CommissionsOpen
Sketch de Nami et Vivi face à face en train de s'enlacer. sketch de Buggy
Sketch coloré de Bonney qui tire la langue au travers de sa main (mimique sexe oral) Sketch de Yamato

I started making GIFs from my art at the beginning of pandemic, and I haven't really stopped:

J'ai commencé à faire des GIFs à partir de mon art au début de la pandémie, et je n'ai jamais arrêté:

#mastoart #fediart #drawing #illustration #sketch #creativetoots #gif #caturday

Sketch of my boi Uriah, but older this time, not sure if this will be his final older design, not even sure if his current young design is final, but he looks cute here so mayhaps
#art #MastoArt #sketch
A dude looking down on you, the front of his curly hair has been colored turquoise, at least I think that's the color, I don't know the names of all colors

🎉 Commissions are open! 🎉

I am back from my vacation and my commissions are still open. Interested in my art but would rather have a full body drawing? Just send me a DM! 😀

#art #mastoart #commission #CommissionsOpen #CommissionsAreOpen #sketch #ink #inkdrawing #lineart #watercolor #digital #digitalart
Commissions are open! I offer bust and half-body drawings as pen sketch, ink drawing, watercolor piece or digital art. I will draw humanoids, lewd and add weapons. I won't draw mecha, furrys, gore or porn. Send me a DM if you are interested. Examples of my art. Bust watercolor pieces (33€ or 11 Ko-fi), half-body watercolor pieces (39€ or 13 Ko-fi), bust digital art (45€ or 15 Ko-fi), half-body digital art (51€ or 17 Ko-fi)
Examples of my art. Bust sketches (12€ or 4 Ko-fi), half-body sketches (18€ or 6 Ko-fi), bust ink drawings (24€ or 8 Ko-fi), half-body ink drawings (30€ or 10 Ko-fi)

Be glad I’m not showing you the ones that went horribly wrong >😁

#mastoart #art #sketch #ink

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