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Welp, so. I guess I'm here now and it's #introduction / #introductions time? I'm a #science writer, #journalist, #podcast host & video maker with a special fondness for weird/gross biology. I'm also a #DnD GM and a huge nerd for #books (especially #scifi) and #comics.

This week, I wrote about a type of lemur that picks its nose with an incredibly spindly finger that's so long it can reach up through its nasal cavity and touch its pharynx.

Nice to meet you, too!

Computed X-ray tomography shows the interior of an aye-aye's skull as it picks its nose with a very long finger.

Add fangs and make a bad pun. Now you have a whole new costume. #comics #mastoween
A three by three grid of small frames shows a series of vampire-based pun costumes. From top left to bottom right: the basic vampire, the vampirate, a person with fangs wearing a beret and smoking named Vam-Pierre, a vampire holding a lighter: Vam-pyromaniac, a vampire piñata (vam-piñata) with a blindfolded kid whacking at it with a stick, a vam-pilgrim wearing the ridiculous pilgrim hat, Mr. Vam-Peanut (an anthropomorphic peanut with top hat, monocle, and cane, plus of course the vampire fangs), Vam-Pac Man, and a Vam-pineapple.

Some older Inktober best-of. It was the first year I completed the challenge and I still really like the little guys 😀
#MastoArt #inktober #cartoons #comics #demons
Picture of a little demon Picture of a little demon
Picture of a little demon Picture of a little demon

Ben Sargent's latest Loon Star State cartoon, from the July/August 2023 issue of Texas Observer magazine:

#TexasNeedsAnObserver! Become a member and get our magazine, six times per year:

#politics #news #USpol #Texas #GregAbbott #HB2127 #democracy #journalism #comics

An older man in a Texas flag cap is reading a newspaper, confronted by a dictatorial looking person labeled “Legislature.“
Man: Wait, you're gutting local control ...
Lege: You can't be trusted with local government ...
Man: And public education?
Lege: Or public education ...
Man: Yeah welll ... You just wait 'til th'next election—
Lege: ... And certainly not elections.

Utown is out in stores! This book means everything to me and I'm so, so happy it got an English release. There's something really empowering about tackling the US market with a creator-owned, indie comic like this one ❤

#utown #comics

Photo of a book

We made these by special request some time ago but Disability Pride month seemed like the perfect time to share them. We say it a lot but it's worth repeating, anyone can do science⁠

#Disability #DisabilityPride #DisabilityPrideMonth
#cartoon #cartoons #comic #comics #instacomic #instacartoon
#academia #science #research
4 blue disability badges for scientists with cartoon figures

Utown is the story of a notorious stoner so each year I do a little something for 4/20. Yes, I'm an adult 😛
#utown #illustration #comics
Illustration of two people in a sofa.

Couldn't have said it better myself. (And I'm literally writing a dissertation related to motivated reasoning & cognitive bias).

How I miss Calvin and Hobbes. #art #comics
Hobbes: Denial springs eternal.
Calvin: It's not denial. I'm just very selective about the reality I accept.

The last panel in a Calvin and Hobbes comic by Bill Watterson. September 28, 1992

I’m a person that makes art. Lately in the form of indie comics. I also make videos about music.
Current events are also of interest, but I’ll just boost that stuff rather than make original posts (mostly).
Here is a good example of one of my ongoing comic strips:

And a drawing I made of Deirdre Beaubeirdre from Everything Everywhere All At Once, that I think came out pretty good.

#drawing #comics #indiecomics #illustration
An illustration I made of Deirdre Beaubeirdre from Everything Everywhere All At Once. She has stapled a bit of paper onto her forehead and looks quite angry. It's something that happens in the movie.

Getting my priorities straight #mastoart #comics #goth
Panel 1: looking at phone, "What is wrong with me"
Panel 2: I should be scheduling more therapy, joining the gym or picking a new hobby. 
Panel 3: instead, I've entered my slut era, but like, unironically.
Me still on the phone, buying a bunch of gothy fetish wear and platform boots : This is just what you do when you move to Berlin!

Filtered word: nsfw


Afronomenon is currently made up of 3 Artists, 2 outta the 3 writers, 2 outta the 3 animators. All on to work on our first project - Judegement Day by Jonathan Martin

#artist #MastoArt #independent #BlackCreator #studio #comics #animation #music #writing

Biomecha is a long journey... but issue 9 is out now! Shipping out today to my Patrons!

Link to the individual chapter for sale here:

Online comic here:

Patreon here:

Link to Masto image here;

#mastoart #selfpublishing #ukcomics #biomecha #biomechacomic #pinkapplejam #comic #comics

I've started a Patreon, which will have comic previews and behind-the-scenes stuff. Please check it out!

#mastoart #creativetoots #comics

It's here: My new portfolio website! Check out my YA/MG graphic novel pitches, one-shot comics, tips, illustrations, free coloring pages, and more.

Content updates every two weeks. I can't wait!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #art #comics #makingcomics
Digital artwork of H. pointing a tablet stylus at something. Behind them is Northwest Coast wilderness: Trees and Mt. Rainier. Flowers from New Mexico surround H. in the foreground.

In case you want some of my comics for FREE :squee:

You can read my ongoing fantasy webcomic #Skal here:

And you can get free tasters of my erotic-comics #Jenitales here:
and on the top of my work page here:

[#Mastoart #Comics #Traditionalart]

I forget if I ever posted this here, but I comic'd special session my GM ran for the holidays about a sled-like Von Neumann probe brainwashing the children of Rumreign. Just posted it on my site here:

It starts a little medias res, but I'm hoping it still makes sense. Let me know! There's some context on the site as well as a link to a transcription.

I'll be uploading the next pages over the next couple days.

#mastoart #comics #creativetoots #scifi
A 9 panel comic. Check out link for a transcription

It really bums me out that setting up your own webcomics site is so difficult nowadays, and you don't need a lot! I'm started a project to help make it easier by using a static site generator.

It's a very, VERY early version, but if you're interested, it's called "Sunday Papers" and the starter code is here:

Please feel free to use/boost/ask questions!

#webcomic #webcomics #mastoart #comics #illustration #art

#Reintroduction post, let's go!

🌳 I'm Sarah, I live on the edge of Epping Forest in London, UK with my partner & our cat Ditto.

📖 I'm interested in #writing & have had a few #scifi #fantasy & #horror short stories published recently.

📚 I love #comics (mostly #DC & indie) & occasionally do some colouring.

🎨 I like #painting #abstract #art & love seeing all your #mastoart!

🖖 I'm also interested in & sometimes toot / boost about #history #space #moss #trees #cptsd #trauma & #StarTrek
A painting with dark green tendrils on a pink and orange striped background

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