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Welp, so. I guess I'm here now and it's #introduction / #introductions time? I'm a #science writer, #journalist, #podcast host & video maker with a special fondness for weird/gross biology. I'm also a #DnD GM and a huge nerd for #books (especially #scifi) and #comics.

This week, I wrote about a type of lemur that picks its nose with an incredibly spindly finger that's so long it can reach up through its nasal cavity and touch its pharynx.

Nice to meet you, too!

Computed X-ray tomography shows the interior of an aye-aye's skull as it picks its nose with a very long finger.

So, since has decided to change the way servers are listed on their website β€” showing preference for large servers who do not have a manual review process to join β€”>

May I ask that you Boost this post so people can find us at ? :1up: :boost_ok:

We’re an all-inclusive #gaming community and our Local feed is amazing β€” absolutely the go-to place for all things #Games. Our Mods are top tier.

#VideoGames #TTRPG #Streamer #DnD #GameDev #Twitch #LGBTQ #LGBT

Btw, I'm in a DnD show on as Uncle Hawthorne, the welcoming Druid of Spores. (And technically an unlicensed doctor)

Until our group succeeds or reach an untimely demise, we'll be Streaming on WPBL-76 Twitch, and past sessions will be archived on WBPL-76 Youtube channel.

#dnd #ttrpg

I can finally show sketches of my new D&D character, Kalixti πŸ’–
She's a sorcerer and I'm so excited to play her in this campaign!

#DnD #CharacterDesign #MastoArt #DigitalArt
Three portrait sketches of Kalixti, a pale skinned woman with freckles, reddish hair (rose gold) and dark eyes. Her fingertips look as if they are stained with black ink.

Here's Orion and Antila, a #gnome #couple , havin a gud time. Antila is #trans and they're both straight (my most hetero #dnd #characters I have lol)

#mastoart #art #queer #queerartist #dungeonsanddragons

hi, i'm murph, and this is my #MastoArt introduction! i love #dnd , #oc stuff and writing! lets see if i can manage to keep a social media account active for once dbhfhbg


have a nice day, and feel free to DM me anytime!
just a little introduction! headshot of me on the left, text on the right says "murph! 19 - he/him, trans, digital artist!"

#introductions Yo!! I'm Lissi, I'm an artist and writer currently finishing up a course in 3D VFX and revving up to write a couple books ✌️ (and taking character commissions!)

I love #HTTYD, #SpiderMan, #DungeonsAndDragons, and many other things involving superheroes and fantasy 😬 (and food. lbr.)

Catch me on:

#art #fantasy #mastoArt #marvel #DnD #smhc #smffh #fanart #original
Spider-Man holding up a scared/smiling MJ Lineup of a D&D party
Panel 1: Midtown Tech hallway; the trio walking to the left. Peter with his arm slung over Ned's shoulders, singing "Hands, touching hands, reaching out, touching you, touching me" as MJ reads in front of them. Panel 2: Ned and Peter boisterously singing, "SWEEET CAROLINE--BABABAAA!" as MJ turns around. Panel 3: MJ, deadpan: "Stop." Ned and Peter frozen in a comedic position mid-song.

Undulis, the roaming druid!

One of the dnd character illustrations I did, but this one is for my gf and I plan on making it a poster. It's probably the best thing I've ever made 😳

I rly focused on having strong shapes and contrasts, definitely gonna work on it more in the future. I'm looking for where best to learn about graphic design, I really think my art would benefit from it

#dnd #character #druid #art #characterdesign #MastoArt

Hello Mastodon.ART! ✨

I'm Webby! I draw OCs, fanart and comics, mostly related to The Legend of Zelda, DnD and fantasy worlds. βš”οΈβœ¨

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #fanart #comic #dnd #fantasy #zelda

I finished this curly beauty last night πŸ₯°
Her name is Petal, she's an Eladrin from the Feywild, and I painted her for a DtiyS challenge by artist trinalalalaart on Twitter!
Since it's Pride month, I went full rainbow on the colours. 🌈 And I had so much fun rendering all those curls (even though it hurt my wrist)!
#MastoArt #DnD #Feywild
A digital closeup portrait of a long-eared female elf with green skin and bright pink hair. Her eyes are closed and she's wearing a peaceful half-smile. There is a golden flower painted on her forehead, and her hair is dotted with small flowers in the colours of the rainbow. The bottom of the picture is framed by large colourful flowers and foliage. The portrait is painted in soft pastel tones and chalk-like textures.

Finished! I mostly drew her w/o clothes to get a feel for her build/pattern colors, but it's also handy in that if she changes clothes later, I can just draw over the base.

She is a WIZARD. The blue stripe used to be colored the same as the rest of her stripes, but once she started practicing magic, they started changing color to match her focus (she wears her arcane focus around her neck, which is a locket made from scales that her parents left her. Her name is written inside). #mastoart #dnd

Building a new dnd character for a new game :squishygecko:

Her race stats are based off of yuan-ti purebloods but I don't really like the lore/personality for this race, so we may make some changes and say she's something else. I just wanted to be a snek

She'll have clothes and stuff once I decide her pattern colors so I'm gonna draw some SCALES first

#mastoart #dnd

🎢 Leave your weapon on the table, wrapped in burlap, barely able,
Don't get angry, don't discourage, take a shot of liquid courage 🎢

🎢 Leave a light on if you're able, 'cause we both know you're unstable
Call a doctor, say a prayer, choose a god you think is there 🎢


#mastoart #dnd #yuanti #basilisk

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