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Suggestions for resources to find free/libre #games for #linux ?

Usually I just rely on the package manager to check out/try out games, but one of the main things it lacks is screenshots.

Here are a few websites I found as resources:

It would also be nice if there was a reliable place where libre games have "ratings" so I can decide wether a game is even worth downloading.

Want a dose of nostalgia?

Dive into these ASCII games for Linux:

#linux #games

So, since has decided to change the way servers are listed on their website β€” showing preference for large servers who do not have a manual review process to join β€”>

May I ask that you Boost this post so people can find us at ? :1up: :boost_ok:

We’re an all-inclusive #gaming community and our Local feed is amazing β€” absolutely the go-to place for all things #Games. Our Mods are top tier.

#VideoGames #TTRPG #Streamer #DnD #GameDev #Twitch #LGBTQ #LGBT

Jun 28
GAYmer Night
Wed 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Eugene, Oregon Events

All ages until 9PM

Board games and Video games

I've been using #CrossOver for #Mac years. It basically killed native #macOS #games market when it became good enough.

trying to make people more aware of this discovery.
People found higher quality versions of the infamous Mario Head clips from Mario Teaches Typing. They apparently are part of a Mac OS port released in 1995

finally fixed the last issue i had with source engine on my PC, which means, 100% of my PC upgrade is now complete, as this was the last concern i had to address with everything PC-related. it only took since mid-December.
very pleased I finally can just enjoy the computer.

holy shit wow i can move physics objects around in portal 2 without them being a stuttery mess now:

*i still need to buy an actually decent screen recorder for Windows

#pc #computer #games #gaming

CSGO/technical help request:
csgo is the only game i'm having performance issues with, now, but, i'm stuck on something

sooo.. fixing csgo because it is the literal only game i thought to test that had issues (this is a very good sign that only 1 of all of them had concerns), i fixed my loss and choke by setting my rates correctly for the download speed of my internet connection, they basically already were, just a bit lower, so now i've allowed slightly more but not too much, and now it's perfect

the actual issue is var (the one on the left, next to the fps) spiking upwards, and not being immensely consistent sometimes, so, i need to figure out what that one is, and then figure out how to keep it low, stable, and not spiking.

then i'll stop having random stuttering/hitching microfreezes while playing csgo
do you have any ideas?
sometimes it goes up to like 10ms, and that causes a lag spike

#games #gaming #csgo

I've massively improved my Sniper with some new cosmetics, this is how I'll remain from now on
#tf2 #games #gaming

ever been sat in front of a bonfire, and a heater set to 40 degrees C, whilst in your clothes, and inside of a bed, and still only been at 5 degrees C temperature?


#rimworld #help #games #gaming

πŸ‘‹ Hi everyone! It's #WishlistWednesday time πŸ€ͺ

Reply to this toot to share your awesome #indiegames πŸ•Ή

πŸ”„ Boost
πŸ’œ Like
βœ…οΈ Add games to your wishlist!

Have a great day and week all! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

#indiedev #gamedev #indiegame #wednesdayvibes #wednesdayfun #gaming #gamers #games #itchio #steam #gamedevelopment

164 pages of retro #gaming projects for Β£10? Don't mind if I do...

Shop now:

Learn how to build a portable #games machine, assemble a full-sized #arcade cabinet, and emulate classic #computers and consoles.
Front cover of Retro Gaming book. Mostly deep blue colour with large white diagonal writing. A retro game scene is the main image with a hooded faceless character reaching for a glowing feather while being chased by an angry skeleton. They look like they're climbing a castle wall. There is also an ominous looking red bat in the mix.

Here is the list of instances that are about the same hobby​​​​​​​​​

Please reply with others you know of, and boost for visibility.
Thank you all in advance.

#ttrpg #Boardgames #Games #Wargames #Tabletop

game industry needs to bring back official transparent consoles and peripherals.

#retrogaming #games
Transparent Game Boy Pocket with Dr. Mario Translucent original Xbox with a green transparent controller
Transparent orange Nintendo 64 with a orange controller as well Transparent GameCube controller

Would you do me a favour and like+favourite my Steam guide? Its aim is to help those who struggle to get a consistently decent FPS in GTA V have a better experience due to increased framerate stability.
Hopefully it helps you, too, if you need it!
#steam #games #gaming

recommended reading & food for thought:
β€œI tried to find a way to preserve code for 69 years (this is not a joke)”
it starts with this seemingly simple premise (let’s make a digital time capsule! yay!) but quickly falls down a confusing hole of data decay, the sad impermanent nature of digital work, and how preservation of digital art seems impossible currently.
#digitalArt #preservation #games

Linode has shut down the primary server of, one of the biggest platforms for small and indie game hosting, and as of yestereve, its founder Leaf was still waiting on a response from Linode:

I just checked and my page is still up ( β€” publicly very little is visible today but I have a *lot* of private and hidden projects archived there I would be very sad to lose) but if you use to host anything and your page/account are still connected, might be worth taking some extra backups today.

#ItchIo #Games #GameDevelopment #IndieGames #Indie #AltGames

A list of 277 Wordle-like games:


As someone who games for entertainment, I found the obvious bias in this research survey to be a bit galling, but feel free to respond and show that games are no different from a lot of forms of entertainment.

# # # #

List of #FOSS #Games, Game #Engines and #SDKs on #GitHub


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