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I can't believe it's closing in on 9 years since I release my Amiga/DOS album Astrayus Prelude.

I haven't played any of this live for a while but I still think it's super fun.

It's totally free, so feel free to download and share: #Amiga #DOS #Tracker #ModuleMusic #Music

trying to make people more aware of this discovery.
People found higher quality versions of the infamous Mario Head clips from Mario Teaches Typing. They apparently are part of a Mac OS port released in 1995

As I'm using #uxn a lot recently, and I often run Windows #9x or 3.1, I've compiled uxncli and uxnasm for #DOS. I'm not going to compile uxnemu for DOS, though - instead I plan to make a Win 3.x port.
No sources attached, as no fixes to the code were needed, or they were trivial.

Before win16 port, I gotta try to optimise uxn11, though.

P.S. Hi @neauoire ~

P.P.S. pyon~

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