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I can't believe it's closing in on 9 years since I release my Amiga/DOS album Astrayus Prelude.

I haven't played any of this live for a while but I still think it's super fun.

It's totally free, so feel free to download and share: #Amiga #DOS #Tracker #ModuleMusic #Music

This is easily the most insanely unique (if slightly slow as a result) visual concept for displaying “drawers” I think I’ve ever seen.

Interlocking Drawer icons illustrated to resemble a very fancy menu UI. 🤯

Even the disk icon is amazing.


#amiga #Commodore #retrocomputing #vintagecomputing #workbench #UI

4mat is a legend in the world of #Amiga #chiptune modules, so who better to give a history of the genre?

This is an older video so many of you #Commodore, #chipmusic, and #tracker nerds may have seen it already, but it's definitely a great watch for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of chip module music!

My #micromusic gigging #Amiga. It has both a USB floppy drive emulator and a small built-in display, making it an absolute pleasure to bring out to live shows to play my #ProTracker2 #music!
Photograph of an Amiga computer with a small display attached to it and a USB floppy drive emulator.

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