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New gigging Game Boy!

Having a Game Boy chassis made entirely of aluminum is probably overkill, but I need my gigging gear to be as robust as possible.

#Chiptune #ChipMusic #GameBoy #Synths

An M8 Tracker sitting next to a black anodized aluminum Game Boy with aluminum buttons. A black anodized aluminum Game Boy with aluminum buttons. A pair of RCA jacks are installed in the top of the Game Boy and it has an IPS display.
A Game Boy cartridge PCB sitting inside an aluminum Game Boy cartridge shell. The front half of the shell has been removed to show the interior.

Any Oxford folks going to be going to the upcoming generative music event?

I'll be bringing a bunch of my chiptune stuff to jam out and people will be more than welcome to get hands on with my gear. #music #Oxford #synth #chiptune

Catch me Thursday playin at Chipwrecked, Bornholm, Denmark!

And an almost immeasurable number of other amazing acts

#chipmusic #chiptune #chipbass

Hello everyone, here is my #introduction 😀

I am most of all a musician. I’ve been playing live and composing under the name “gwEm” for 20+ years.

Mostly I make #chiptune and I am deeply passionate about it. I do this outside and inside the #demoscene.

I also do old skool rave, electro, drum’n’bass, metal and punk.

Platforms of choice are in first place the Atari ST, and in second place the Commodore Amiga.

Selfie of me brandishing a Club Mate

An awesome new record just arrived in the mail!

Bitshifter's fantastic Information Chase!

It's been ages since I've seen him in person—it may have been at a show we played together in Kitchener of all places—but this album brings back all the great memories of the early NA chiptune scene!

#chiptune #chipmusic #vinyl
Photograph of the latest vinyl release of Information Chase.

I suspect not many people use a Commodore keyboard to make Famicom music…

#commodore #mk10 #famicom #nes #chipmusic #chiptune #musicproducion
Photograph of a Commodore MK-10 keyboard connected to a variety pack of equipment including an M8, RK-006, Bluebonnet, and a Famicom.

Anyone looking for some awesome new #AtariST #chipmusic?

I love hearing new #chiptune #music, so maybe we can turn this into a thread? Share any chiptune- or #micromusic-related stuff that you recommend!

4mat is a legend in the world of #Amiga #chiptune modules, so who better to give a history of the genre?

This is an older video so many of you #Commodore, #chipmusic, and #tracker nerds may have seen it already, but it's definitely a great watch for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of chip module music!

Okay, cabling aside, I think my portable #Nintendo gigging setup is pretty much good to go now!

I'd love to hear from other #chiptune, #chipmusic, and #micromusic folks about what their portable setups are like.

In fact, I'd love to hear from people outside the scene as in sure there are lots of #musicproducion, #synth, and #livemusic nerds doing interesting portable and #DAWless setups.
Two pedalboard boxes filled with audio equipment. In one box is a MPK Mini, a Game Boy, Arduinoboy, and an 8x8 MIDI processor. In the other box is a Famicom AV with small display and a MIDINES cartridge, a DIY 5x5 stereo audio isolator, a 1010Music Bluebox mixer, and a Dirtywave M8.

Had a broken #Spectrum #Microdrive, but I was able to repurpose it for my #chipmusic setup!

Anyone using a lot of USB-powered #audio equipment knows how annoying ground loops can be. With this I've got 5x stereo isolators in a relatively small box.

#chiptune #music #musicproducion #synth

I did it. I made music on a TI-83 graphing calculator. This is insane. Massive shout-out to @jefftheworld for letting me know this exists. Man was this a pain to get up and running. I still run into a problem where it only plays the first note and then nothing else. I find if I leave row play mode off it doesn't do that but I'm stumped as to what it could be causing it. The only thing that solves it is reinstalling. Yikes! Well, it works. For now. Gotta get the emulator up and running so I have a more reliable platform to work with the tracker. Then I can port the ROM over to the calculator.

By popular demand, pcm2pwm v0.8 is now available as compiled binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows.

#chiptune #1bit #latchaudio #pcm2pwm
pcm2pwm running on Linux, macOS and Windows.

I know it's still waiting for me in storage, but I miss this NES.

#nes #nintendo #chiptune
NES painted with brightly coloured monsters. Art by Al Runt.

The future of Game Boy chip music is pretty neat.

I hate using disposable batteries, and these are so convenient!

#chiptune #chipmusic #gameboy #batteries #rechargeable
Four AA batteries with USB-C charging ports on them in a little plastic case. Game Boy with battery cover removed to reveal four AA batteries with USB-C charging ports on them.
Four AA batteries with USB-C charging ports on them plugged into a laptop via a four-way splitter cable.

Here's my (relatively) portable #famicom (#nes) #chiptune setup.

I can power it with a portable USB battery and it packs away easily into a small bag. Great way to get my #2A03, #MIDINES fix on the go!

For other #chipmusic folks, what's your favourite (relatively) portable setup?

For other #micromusic or #electronicmusic people, what about you all?
Famicom AV with a MIDINES cartridge. An M8 is connected to a pair of audio outputs on the Famicom and is also plugged into the MIDINES MIDI connector.


Yeah, it's super cool!

A lot more powerful than you might think, especially given it doesn't actually have a sound chip. 😛


It might be a small thing, but I'm very glad I did this little mod on my #MIDINES, because it makes this way easier to pack up and easier to use with my TRSMIDI gear.

#chiptune #chipmusic #midi #NES #famicom
A MIDINES cartridge with the long, hardwired DINMIDI cable removed and a TRSMIDI jack added to the top left corner instead. A short TRSMIDI-toDINMIDI adaptor is plugged into the cartridge.

Just a reminder that all my music is free to download at , so please check it out if you're into #chiptune, #chipmusic, and other #micromusic.


jefftheworld live @ TIFF Bell Lightbox Theater

In case you missed me a couple years ago! I finally got the footage from this event. I'm clearly not exceptionally animated in this video but I was exhausted because I was doing two shows in separate parts of the city and I'd been running back and forth between the two all night long. Worthwhile in the end, but oh-so-tiring.


Indonesian, chiptune boomer shooter?

Yes please!

#chiptune #boomershooter

Game Boy Guerrillas @ Nuit Blanche 2009

The Game Boy Guerrillas (jefftheworld, Eastern Blok & deadbeatblast) rip up Nuit Blanche with some awesome chiptune music.

Thanks to everyone in Toronto who came by!
Two songs appear in this video which were created by artists who could not attend, but were graciously given to us to play:

Ultrasyd's Lost in Fractal Dimension
Beware's Mobius Strip

Very excited to use this at my next live show!

# #
Famicom AV console.

Really missing my Commodore 64s. They're in storage back in Canada, but I did bring this Kerberos cartridge with me so that I can jump right in if I find a fair price on a C64 here.

#commodore64 #chiptune #chiptune
Frank Buss Kerberos cartridge.

The @dirtywavemusic #m8tracker and these @retrokitsdev RK-TRS-Xs are basically best friends.

#chiptune #chipmusic #midi #musicproducion
Two MIDI TRS-to-DIN adapters sitting on a M8 bag.

Putting together a bit of a portable live setup.

Get ready, Europe!

#m8tracker #gameboy #chiptune #chipmusic #livemusic
Gear box packed with a small keyboard, 8x8 MIDI device, Dirtywave M8, and Game Boy (connected via an arduinoboy).

I absolutely _love_ seeing a device like this utilizing easily replaceable switches.

#chiptune #chipmusic #m8 #synth #synthesizer #music #musicproducion
M8 synth with two keycaps removed and one keyswitch removed. A keycap puller sits atop the synth.

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