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[Now Released] Here have a little preview of The Sun Gem

an upcoming choose your own adventure game I'm working on for the #Commodore64 as part of a game jam

Some things I learned when making this:

  1. It's better to make smaller games, as my last game was a more complex one that I couldn't finish
  2. Developing for a retro computer is easier when you don't use a game engine (luckily I don't really like working with game engines anyways)

Edit: I released the game! Check it out here!

#GameDev #RetroGames #Commodore

Commodore 64 emulator running The Sun Gem:

"NARRATOR: Welcome to The Sun Gem."

This is easily the most insanely unique (if slightly slow as a result) visual concept for displaying “drawers” I think I’ve ever seen.

Interlocking Drawer icons illustrated to resemble a very fancy menu UI. 🤯

Even the disk icon is amazing.


#amiga #Commodore #retrocomputing #vintagecomputing #workbench #UI

I suspect not many people use a Commodore keyboard to make Famicom music…

#commodore #mk10 #famicom #nes #chipmusic #chiptune #musicproducion
Photograph of a Commodore MK-10 keyboard connected to a variety pack of equipment including an M8, RK-006, Bluebonnet, and a Famicom.

The Commodore MK-10 works perfectly!

I'm powering it via USB as I don't trust the 90s-era wall-wart that it came with.

#commodore #music #piano #midi
An M8 sitting on top of a Commodore MK-10 keyboard, a purple cable goes from the keyboard to the M8 MIDI in port. A key on the keyboard is being pressed and the M8 mixer shows that audio is being played.
An M8 sitting on top of a Commodore MK-10. A purple cable goes from the keyboard to the M8 MIDI in port. A USB power adapter is seen plugged into the keyboard.

Something fun just came in the mail. Just in time for the weekend!

#commodore #music #piano #midi
A Commodore MK-10 MIDI keyboard.

It's no secret that #RaspberryPi was inspired by the home computers of the #1980s.

We teamed up with author Tim Danton to tell the story of 19 of those computers, which inspired a generation.

'The Computers That Made Britain' deep dives into everything from the Dragon 32 and ZX81, to the Amstrad CPC 464 and #Commodore Amiga.

Grab a copy for £12:

4mat is a legend in the world of #Amiga #chiptune modules, so who better to give a history of the genre?

This is an older video so many of you #Commodore, #chipmusic, and #tracker nerds may have seen it already, but it's definitely a great watch for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of chip module music!

So I didn't buy the last #commodore #MaxMachine...because I bought the one before.🥳
It arrived yesterday and look at its beauty. I mean LOOK AT IT.😍
It was sold as non-working but I have high hopes since it needs a cartridge to boot up.
If this one is working, then I'll probably sell or trade my other one which has a slightly less nice box.
#retrogaming #retrocomputing #C64 #Max04

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