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Some songs just don’t sound great through mobile phone speakers.

This is one of those songs.

Only the Music (Keeps me Alive)
~ #Dgar

#DgarMusic #DgarRadio #Indie #Music #Bass #NewSong #MusiciansOfMastodon #SingerSongwriter

Friendly reminder that RFF has a video channel.

We have used this for live performance streaming, discussions, video premiere parties, the new years fedi stream parade marathon and hopefully more you'd like to bring to the community!

If you have an idea for original prgramming live or recorded we have the venue and a global crew of rather friendly listeners if we're being honest 🥰

#radioFreeFedi #video #music #events #party #owncast #hangout #community

@jefftheworld I just heard Astrayus on #RadioFreeFedi (when I should be asleep) and absolutely love it. Then read it was made on an ancient laptop running DOS! Love it even more. Thanks for contributing your #music to RFF.

I would like to find writing about new music/improvisation/experimental music that engages as deeply with its subject matter as these articles:

Where should I be looking? Who should I be reading?

#music #journalism #musodon

Any folks in #Oxford interested in electronic and/or computer music?

We're doing another event at #EOF tonight!

Please come by and/or boost! #Oxford #UK #Music

(please pardon the title of the event, we're not focusing on generative music in specific but the title of the event hasn't been updated)

Cue the hymn!



I really didn't expect 1010Music to add USB audio, but it's a very welcome addition!

It's not the world's most feature-rich implementation—just stereo in/out 44.8k/24-bit—but it's perfect for my needs and lets me get rid of one more device from my live setup.

#LiveMusic #MusicGear #Music #ElectronicMusic #MusicProducer

#Jamuary #14

Tried some ideas to use T operand less, ended up wasting a lot of space, but it was interesting.

As always, #Orca + #SunVox

#Orca #SunVox #Music #Jam

Oookay, here we go. #jamuary day 2 I guess, because I missed the 1st day.

Short one. Honestly I'm not sure I will be doing a lot of long recordings during this jam like I did back in #febrajam, its very time consuming for me, I'd better stick to working on EP's (yeah sure you I'm not lying).

Also 1st time using O operand as @neauoire suggested haha. Maybe I'll use this jam to master Orca better.

#Orca #Sunvox #Music

I've been working on features to allow artists to add their own music to this week.

As a consequence there's a load more things to listen to:

Including this wonderful exclusive from couleurves:

We now even send a confirmation email to you when you buy something 😂

#music #coop #jamcoop #BuildInPublic

There's this beautiful line in #Tomte's Die Schönheit der Chance ("the beauty of chance" — mind you, there's no German word for serendipity).

It's not the sun going down,
It's the earth turning...

Das ist nicht die Sonne, die untergeht,
Sondern die Erde, die sich dreht…

#astronomy #poetry #lyrics #music

"In a completely unrelated note, Spotify is shutting down in Uruguay after the country passed a bill that requires fair pay to artists, as reported by MixMag. The company made threats to shut down when the bill was first suggested back in July and now it has followed through. A spokesperson for Spotify actually wrote Uruguay's Minister of Education, Pablo Da Silveira, to say that the country’s bill would force it to “pay twice” the amount of royalties to artists." "

#Tech #Music #Corporations #Spotify #Capitalism

Any Oxford folks going to be going to the upcoming generative music event?

I'll be bringing a bunch of my chiptune stuff to jam out and people will be more than welcome to get hands on with my gear. #music #Oxford #synth #chiptune

Andromeda (Song)

An Interesting Artist I have just first encountered

#Music #WeyesBlood #Vocal

Synth genius Wendy Carlos studied physics & music at Brown & Columbia. She helped develop the 1st Moog synthesizer & her 1968 classical album Switched-On Bach went platinum. She brought #music & tech together & composed soundtracks for A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Tron & more.

Carlos was assigned male at birth & transitioned to female. Unfortunately, many journalists focus more on her gender than her accomplishments that changed music forever.

Wow, I found my first #Orca project from 2-3 years ago when I just learnt about it and was only trying to make #music with it (and didn't thought I'd stick to it so much). So let it be another #looptober loop.

I changed it a bit to use my current #sunvox setup though.

Fellow independent musicians: If we're ever going to break this cycle of platform dependency, betrayal, and disappointment, we'll have to build and run the replacement ourselves. #IndieMusic #DIY #music #BandCamp

I finally managed to do something for #looptober

A loop patch for #orca, I just need to start it with some amount of flying operators and it will play itself forever, unless I block the path with something

#sunvox #loop #music

Do you like listening to #music? Do you have a @Raspberry_Pi? Read, how we built our office #hifi 😀

A #RaspberryPi, a #hifiberry amp, and #AudioEngine speakers, running #volumio. But the possibilities are endless.

Today in #music we're back in the land of synthesis with the release anniversary of one electronic album to celebrate:

[22] Brothomstates' "Claro":

Happy Anniversary, Lassi!

We're live, come join us!

Nvidia GPU Encoding Test

#fosstodon #gaming #programming #music

Vibin’ to ROSE GOLD (and other Kitty Ray projects) while I keep movin’ through this #Elixir book.

#Florida #Music

I'm listening #Heilung since 2018 and it's one of the best #FolkMetal bands now. An unique sound and #music. I love it.

I can't believe it's closing in on 9 years since I release my Amiga/DOS album Astrayus Prelude.

I haven't played any of this live for a while but I still think it's super fun.

It's totally free, so feel free to download and share: #Amiga #DOS #Tracker #ModuleMusic #Music

#lo0: 'a bit too far'

Following the success of the crowdfunded 'Made into Interlisp', lo0 followed up with what has since been dubbed the 'black bit album', breaching into the cyber-post-punk territory with an unforgiving anti-Mata sentiment.

The album featured a collaboration with Sev Gi, a sentient Pentium-M machine from the band 'Your trash' that provided vocals on track 7, Ballad of Computar Fyr, a musical retelling of the popupar myth.

#unix_surrealism #music #monochrome

Emily Haines of Metric is wearing a kick-ass dress in their new #music video for "Nothing is Perfect." It is part lampshade and curtain rod, I believe. I wonder if she is paying homage to that iconic comedy sketch from The Carol Burnett Show. Or maybe the Leg Lamp in A Christmas Story. Also the song is good.

Teacher Zakariya Dauda Abdulgafar got in touch to share this incredible achievement by students in Nigeria. Using nothing but found parts and a used #RaspberryPi, the primary school team built a functioning #music player.

#art #history: kate bush (born #otd in 1958) is someone i draw once a year - & i guess i've done trading cards this time. 😀
i love kate because she:
a) clarified her statement about theresa may
b) has been vegetarian forever &, in 1980, schooled delia smith about it
c) has donated to the hunt saboteurs
d) is in a complete league of her own
#kateBush #illustration #portrait #vegetarian #music #huntsabs

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