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I released my Narrat Jam 2 game yesterday ✨​ I made a lazy post about it at 2am but I was sleepy and it wasn't great, so here's more info.

🍂 ​A walk through the forest 🍂​

Playable on :html5::ms_computer::ms_gamepad::ms_computer_mouse:

This is a game where you walk through a forest, looking at pictures and identifying plants.

It is not at all a game about random ramblings of my brain :ms_shush:

It's meant to be a chill reflective experience that hopefully will fill your brain with thoughts.

Game link:

Submitted for the Narrat Jam 2:

#NarratJam #Narrat #gamedev #photography #game #indie #webdev #

Linode has shut down the primary server of, one of the biggest platforms for small and indie game hosting, and as of yestereve, its founder Leaf was still waiting on a response from Linode:

I just checked and my page is still up ( — publicly very little is visible today but I have a *lot* of private and hidden projects archived there I would be very sad to lose) but if you use to host anything and your page/account are still connected, might be worth taking some extra backups today.

#ItchIo #Games #GameDevelopment #IndieGames #Indie #AltGames

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