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I released my Narrat Jam 2 game yesterday ✨​ I made a lazy post about it at 2am but I was sleepy and it wasn't great, so here's more info.

🍂 ​A walk through the forest 🍂​

Playable on :html5::ms_computer::ms_gamepad::ms_computer_mouse:

This is a game where you walk through a forest, looking at pictures and identifying plants.

It is not at all a game about random ramblings of my brain :ms_shush:

It's meant to be a chill reflective experience that hopefully will fill your brain with thoughts.

Game link:

Submitted for the Narrat Jam 2:

#NarratJam #Narrat #gamedev #photography #game #indie #webdev #

Screenshot of a screen from the game showing the entrance of a forest with text "I used to not like going outside" and a "Continue" button Screenshot of the game showing a choice on top of the background of a photo of the forest path.
"So, yeah, going on walks.
Do you also feel brain fog coming when you spend too long inside staring at screens?"
"1. Yes
2. Oh wait, it's not just me?
3. No
4. What the fuck are you even talking about?"

The background shows a forward and a back arrow to navigate the path, as well as a plant picture in a corner that looks clickable
Screenshot of the game showing a plant photo being examined, showing more details as well as a widget that has plant identification info (it's a red campion) Game screenshot showing a forest path at an intersection with a tree near the middle of the intersection. There are arrows to go to the left, forward and back, as well as three pictures that can be clicked on.

One is a picture of a can of Dr Pepper in the bottom left corner, another is a zoom on a part of the tree, and another one is a flower on the right side

While the #game is amazing, forcing current #gaming trends regarding visual fidelity creates such huge file sizes, which are overall bad for the #environment as it requires a lot more processing power, waste of #energy to download and install and forcing consumers to upgrade to more high-end parts.

That, but its also annoying as hell having to dedicate that much space to a single game 😅
I have a feeling its just gonna get worse over time tho...

A challenge by fellow Game Boy Tetris fans led to this #RaspberryPi Pico-based recording device.

The RP2040 microcontroller-based #Game Boy Interceptor came about when a Tetris tournament was being planned and the competitors wanted to stream their gameplay.

#ProtectYourGames by supporting game preservation, emulation is the the only practical way to make this happen.
RT @gamingatdenuvo
What dangers #game emulation brings to the gaming industry, how can you, a developer, be impacted, and how can you prevent it from negatively affecting your business? Download our free e-book 👇
#Denuvo #Irdeto #Cybersecur

New Liblast pre-release!

Lots of new exciting features and improvements, but also lots of known issues 😀

You can have some really nice fun with Bots now though!

#Liblast #Godot4 #GodotEngine #Godot #IndieGame #IndieDev #FPS #Shooter #Game #Multiplayer #SciFi #unfa

Liblast 0.1.7 pre-alpha is here!

An iterative release bringing a few fun new features and lots of small fixes all over the place.

You can now host a game in a local network, start Liblast on other machines and within a few seconds they should discover the running server and let everyone connect to it with a single click!

Also gibbing 😁

#Liblast #Godot #Godot4 #GodotEngine #Game #IndieGame #IndieDev #GameDev #FPS #Multiplayer #OpenSource #FOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware

Valve pushed out a new #SteamDeck Client Beta today! This one adds in new pinned messages, an option to ignore other user’s steam rewards, and decreasing the size of the controller supported icon for #game portraits!

Such an underrated game… And the fact that this #game is completely #OpenSource - not to mention the fact that it is made by volunteers with no official income stream (only the occasional donation) - is mind blowing. If you haven’t played 0A.D. yet, you’re missing out on something truly special. | #0AD #Linux #macOS #Windows #RTS #gaming #videogames #PCgames #PCgaming #AoE #AgeofEmpires

It's release day! 🎉
My new game Invisible Seams is now out on Itch! It's a cute fantasy story about two dressmakers taking a stand for their art. Feel free to check it out!

#art #mastoArt #game #gamedev #CreativeToots #furry #renpy #visualNovel #anthro #InvisibleSeams
The cover image for Invisible Seams, a closeup of Moth hugging Caesar. They look very at peace and affectionate. The game's logo is in the bottom left. A screenshot of Caesar talking to Moth at night.
A screenshot of Moth and Caesar working on a dress together, with great focus. A screenshot of Jasper snarkily saying "After all, that spot you're taking up right now could have been filled by a more talented tailor than yourself." to Moth.

Heard about this a while ago, and it looks like they're set to release next month:

A game where you play a cat, in a decaying cyber-city.


Game Boy Guerrillas @ Nuit Blanche 2009

The Game Boy Guerrillas (jefftheworld, Eastern Blok & deadbeatblast) rip up Nuit Blanche with some awesome chiptune music.

Thanks to everyone in Toronto who came by!
Two songs appear in this video which were created by artists who could not attend, but were graciously given to us to play:

Ultrasyd's Lost in Fractal Dimension
Beware's Mobius Strip

[JAM Compo] Yet another Chip Jam!

This song was made entirely on the spot for the "chip jam" video compilation!

If you want to join in the fun there are more details here:

Fucking weird intro.

Atari ST - Maxymiser
Game Boy - LSDJ
Satellite 430CDS - Fasttracker 2


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