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Look at this ancient video of me performing outside old city hall in Toronto! 2010 was almost a decade and a half ago! #ElectronicMusic #LiveMusic #Chiptune #ChipMusic #Toronto #Canada

Press Start - Episode 1

In the first Episode of Press Start, Josh talks about the legacy of Hiroshi Yamauchi before visiting Gar at A & C Games to talk about the history and inspiration of one of Toronto's most popular gaming hubs.

Visit us at

Music by
- Press Start 2 Play:
- Daniel Moore:
- jefftheworld:

so far this is my favourite city park memorial plaque


For the impatient, the #Toronto total eclipse happens between 15:15 and 15:25 EDT on April 8th, 2024

jefftheworld live @ TIFF Bell Lightbox Theater

In case you missed me a couple years ago! I finally got the footage from this event. I'm clearly not exceptionally animated in this video but I was exhausted because I was doing two shows in separate parts of the city and I'd been running back and forth between the two all night long. Worthwhile in the end, but oh-so-tiring.


Space Bjørn - jefftheworld live @ Format.DF (Mexico City)

The very first live performance of my new single Space Bjørn, live in Mexico City at the fantastic Format.DF chiptune festival!

Almost all my music is free right over here:

Special thanks to Ernesto Malaca & Joystick MS for these amazing video clips!

Game Boy Guerrillas @ Nuit Blanche 2009

The Game Boy Guerrillas (jefftheworld, Eastern Blok & deadbeatblast) rip up Nuit Blanche with some awesome chiptune music.

Thanks to everyone in Toronto who came by!
Two songs appear in this video which were created by artists who could not attend, but were graciously given to us to play:

Ultrasyd's Lost in Fractal Dimension
Beware's Mobius Strip

"The Toronto Circus Riot of 1855 — the day the clowns picked the wrong Toronto brothel"

from 2012, but the great thing about history is that it never gets old

#toronto #history #clowns 🐘

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