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Here's a curious fellow poking its head in and posing for a Kodak moment. Taken in August 2021 at Fort Edmonton Park.

πŸ“· Canon AE-1
🎞️ Kodak Tri-X 400 B&W

#35mm #Photography #BlackAndWhitePhotography #FilmPhotography #Kodak #Horses #Horse #Stable #BelieveInFilm #AnalogPhotography #Edmonton #Alberta #Canada

This is a photograph of a horse poking its head into its stable, facing the camera. Its ears are perked. Other than the bright light from the stable's window (with some out of focus trees in the background), the wooded stable is shrouded in shadow.

"Since the NHL decided to disallow Pride symbols of any kind… the organization that makes Pride hockey tape… has been inundated with calls from people who want their rainbow tape.

And that includes 'a number of NHL players,' says Pride Tape’s co-founder, Dr. Kristopher Wells." #Hockey #NHL #Canada #LGBTQ

If you live in present-day 🌏 Australia, New Zealand, 🌎 the North or South Americas, this is a good resource for finding out whose land you occupy.

#LandBack #LandAcknowledgement #TurtleIsland #USA #Canada #Mexico #Australia #NewZealand #Aotearoa #SouthAmerica #CentralAmerica

I wish I didn't have to tell you about this again, but I do. It's not being reported much in the news β€” and you know why?

Because it's not 'new' (the origin of the word 'news'), it's old. This has been going on for months now, and corporate news outlets are simply tired of reporting it. But it is still happening.

Canada's boreal forests are burning up.

At least 1100 fires are active, more than 700 out of control. Over 13 million hectares have been burned so far, with no end in sight. It's an unprecedented climate and environmental disaster.

#Canada #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency


Map of Canada showing locations of fires.

#Smoke Sends US #Northeast #SolarPower Plunging by 50% as #Wildfires Rage in #Canada
"A shroud of smoke has sent solar power generation in parts of the eastern US plummeting by more than 50% as wildfires rage in Canada," reports Bloomberg

I must admit I was surprised by the colour of #Canada

There are #RaspberryPi community events coming up in the #UK, #Canada, #Australia and the #US.

Don’t have one near you? Start your own and let us know about it!

Click the link to find out about those that already exist and to tell us about your own:


Hackberry Men's Shed doors are open to #RaspberryPi fans THIS SATURDAY (Feb 25th).

Come along from 10.00am – 4.00pm EST to enjoy trains, planes, and LED displays.

Venue: Carleton Place Arena Boardroom, 75 Neelin St, Carleton Place, ON, #Canada

It's good to be back to civilization.

This recent trip to Canada was particularly bad, so I'm particularly glad to be back in Amsterdam.

#Amsterdam #urbanplanning #trains #bicycleparking #bicycleinfrastructure #Canada #Ontario
Nederlandse Spoorwegen VIRM train waiting to depart in Amsterdam Road raised above the bicycle path and sidewalk allowing people on foot or on bike easy access to Amsterdam Zuid Station. New glass towers of Zuidas visible in the background.
Strawinskylaan underground bicycle parking garage at Amsterdam Zuid, showing hundreds of parked bicycles and a carry-on suitcase in the basket of the bike in the foreground

Content warning: zoom event on China and Canada: Nov 16, 8-9pm ET

Street Politics 101

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