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#Silentsunday auf Zeche Zollverein in Essen. Und ja, der Himmel hat WIRKLICH so ausgesehen. Ich kann das bestätigen, war ja schliesslich dabei😊🤳
#Silentsunday at The Mine, Zollverein in Essen. And yes, the sky REALLY looked like this. I can confirm that, I was there after all😊🤳
Die Aufnahme im Hochformat zeigt - aus niedriger Aufnahmeperspektive aufgenommen - das Hauptportal mit der Einfahrt zur Zeche Zollverein. Der Blick schweift bei einem grandiosen Sonnenuntergang über den gepflasterten Zufahrtsbereich durch das Haupttor mit den verglasten und erleuchteten Pförtnerlogen rechts und links und trifft im Hintergrund auf das markante Hauptgebäude der Schachtanlage mit seinem Förderturm. Die im Halbdunkel aufgenommene Szene wird überstrahlt durch einen Sonnenuntergang, welcher die Schlierenwolken am Horizont in pastellfarbene Orange-, Rot- und Blautöne färbt.

The portrait format photo - taken from a low angle - shows the main portal with the entrance to the Zollverein colliery. The view sweeps across the cobbled access area through the main gate with the glazed and illuminated gatehouses on the right and left in a magnificent sunset and meets the striking main building of the mine with its winding tower in the background. The scene, shot in semi-darkness, is outshone by a sunset that colours the streaky clouds on the horizon in pastel shades of orange, red and blue.

#Photography #35mmFilm

I've still got an old 35mm Nikon FTN sitting around in a box somewhere.

Back in the day, I developed/printed B&W film on my own but where do you get b&w or color film developed and printed these days?

Haven't seen a place to get film developed/printed in years.

Last light.
Actually, I’m not quite sure how this light happened. The glowing parts of the houses are facing north. I’m guessing there was a cloud break behind me, while the sun was actually setting to the right (west).

🎨 There’s more beautiful light at #BreitensteinArt

#photography #sunset #sky #clouds #Fotografie #Wolken #Sonnenuntergang #Pfalz

Photograph of houses in a village, against a heavily cloudy, darkening sky, blue with the last light of evening. Peaks of three of the houses are tinged with a pink glow from the setting sun.

Loch Shiel at Glenfinnan in the Western Scottish Highlands and another example of being in the right place at the right time to catch a burst of autumnal sunshine, highlighting the colours of the season. Sometimes, luck is on your side!

#Scotland #highlands #autumn #landscape #photography

A tree-covered promontory on Loch Shiel at Glenfinnan in the Scottish Western Highlands. The colours of the autumnal season being highlighted by a burst of sunshine.

Portrait of Woman with Cat

Model: Collibrina (and Jackson as the cat)

From a great session this spring. There's a little Vermeer inspiration in this.

#Photography #ModelPhotography #Collibrina #LawrencesView #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday

Photography of a woman seated on a settee, wearing a somewhat revealing lace gown, robe, and a pearl necklace.  She is accompanied by a black, brown, and white tabby cat, also seated on the settee.  Both are engaging the camera.  A small table with a lace fan and vase of flowers are in the foreground.  The scene is lit by a soft light from camera left.

Park Junction, Philadelphia, PA, 2010.

The southern end of the former Reading Railroad.

All the pixels at


A concrete railroad milepost, marked "0 Q A",  with some graffiti, at left, with a gently curved single track going off to the distance at center.

Flash is a male Kestrel, utterly gorgeous, I photographed him at a rescue centre a few years ago, being so close to him was such a privilege, he of course was totally non plussed lol #Kestrel #Raptor #BirdOfPrey #RescueBird #RescueCentre #Birds #BirdsOfMastodon #Photography #PortraitPhotography #AltText
A young male kestrel sits side on facing to the right his grey topped head bowed down, his large dark yellow ringed eye looking below him, the feathers on his chest a pale brown with dark brown flecks, his chestnut coloured winged folded. He sits in front of a mottled turquoise background the light coming from the right throwing his back into shadow.

Some images I came away with from a Photowalk I attended on Saturday arround Marylebone Mews and later on Covent Garden. #Kentmere400 EI320 / Perceptol 1:1 23 mins / Fujica GL690 100mm lens
#BelieveInFilm #Photography
Black and white film image of Manchester Mews in London. Cobbled yard with brick buildings and a white ambulatory outer wall of a nearby Cathedral. Black and white film image taken at night of the rear of St Paul's Church in Covent Garden. There is a queue of people that appear blurred due to the long exposure time while they moved slowly along.
Black and white film image of Beaumont Mews, cobbled Road and lined with brick buildings. Black and white film image looking up at part of a tree in St Paul's Church Yard in Covent Garden. The leaves and trunks are eerily illuminated by bright string lamps in the gardens.

Edinburgh (overlooking the Water of Leith) in autumn. Picture taken with an oldish phone from the top deck of the bus, sorry for the quality. I thought it looked like a painting.
#scotland #landscape #photography #Edinburgh
Picturesque part of Edinburgh during autumn. Colorful old houses and buildings are stacked around a river bordered by trees and a curved road. The low autumn light and tree colors make the scene atmospheric.

Snow covered Langdales from Blea Tarn

I took this on Thursday, the snow cover took me by surprise. A heavy shower had just moved across the Langdale fells and then the sun came out - it took me a moment to realise that the reason the mountains were so bright was because of the snow.

#silentsunday #photography #landscapePhotography

In the foreground there is a calm lakeland tarn (small lake) with autumnal trees to the right. In the background of the picture snow covered mountains can be seen lit up under a patch of blue sky whilst the rest of the sky is cloudy.

Very much on the fence about this one composition wise.

If I try to make the skylight straight it makes the rest of the frame wonky and vice versa. Probably has to do with where I was standing and some slight wide angle distortion.

A version of this photo with no people looks better but I was closer and slightly more to the right but I do like the two men walking down the stairs

📷 : Fuji TX-1
Film: CineStill 400D

#filmphotography #analogphotography #photography #beleiveinfilm #panorama

A panoramic photo of steps down to a train platform with an escalator on the left and two men walking down the stairs on the right. The lights have halation around them and the photo has a warm tone

Horses in the late afternoon sun.

Took these earlier today, very close to home. I spotted these two horses amongst the trees just as the sun was gettng low in the sky.

#photography #horse #ThickTrunkTuesday

Two horses graze amoungst the trees. The autumn leaves are lit up by the setting sun.
Two horses graze amoungst the trees. The autumn leaves are lit up by the setting sun.

Beautiful bird. The ones by you are a different color, ours here in central Florida are gray. Here is a gray adult and tan baby going through my yard back in April 2018. I am fortunate to have them as regular visitors most all year.
#nature #photography #birds
A gray sandhill crane and its small tan and white baby taking a walk in a yard.

For a closer look at these incredible #birds, I took this photo of a Sandhill Crane in 2019. /2
#nature #photography
A Sandhill Crane in Michigan, 2019. Credit: Sheril Kirshenbaum

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