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Taken this day, 2016, historic Greyfriars Kirk at night

No problem with the resident ghosts - they only go after tourists!

#Edinburgh #Edimbourg #EdinburghByNight #NightPhotography #photography #architecture #photographie #GreyfriarsKirk #Ecosse #Scotland

Looking across to Lothian Road from outside the Usher Hall after dark

#Edinburgh #Edimbourg #photography #photographie #NightPhotography #EdinburghByNight #LothianRoad #UrbanNight #Ecosse #Scotland #BlackAndWhitePhotography

Apr 21
Snakes, Bats, and Glowing Things: Field Genomics in the Amazon Jungle
Fri 7:00 PM - Sat 1:00 AM
Biotech Without Borders

How do scientists do disease surveillance and study biodiversity through the lens of genomics? Citizen scientist Blacki Migliozzi joined a group of jungle field researchers to find out.

Through anecdotes and stunning photography he will walk us through what it's like to work with big cats, primates, birds, bats, frogs, snakes and many other kinds of organisms. He'll also provide first-hand observations of the habitat loss endangering these ecosystems as well as the dangers scientists put themselves in when doing this important work.

We're located in Suite 319, you may have to call/text the lab phone (7086371289) to enter.

Biotech Without Borders is a member-led, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, community biolab founded in 2017 to serve the New York City community. See our website for more details!

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