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Beef, soy and palm oil products linked to deforestation still imported into UK #AnimalRights #AnimalAgriculture #meat #beef #soy #PalmOil #environment #deforestation #UnitedKingdom #UK

And let's not forget that most of the soy is fed to animals to make meat and milk..


Contact Them All Via ,This Guy Has Been Create Help For Me Being Heard With MP's, Police, NHS, BT/EE, & More 😀

Donate: £50 - £100 ,& Conact All CEO's Offices/Head Offices & Senior Governmental Departments In #EU & #Uk & #Europe ,Too Join: #Mastodon With Their Own Servers/Instances, & Join The Larger #Fediverse On: #Mastodon / #MastodonSocial / #PexilFed , & #Meta #Threads & More 😀

We Are In Uk, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe Vs #BRICS R,C,I,

Another of my shots from earlier in the week at Cullever Steps on Dartmoor . #photography #travel #nature #uk #fotografie
A photo of a blackish looking stream bisecting bracken and grass covered banks , flowing over lichen covered rocks . Hills in the distance and a milky sky

Twas a week ago exactly that we discovered our instance will be shut down due to a lack of funds. The activism instance has been operating for years and helping activists.

Please help your fellow activists if you can, especially, if you live in the #UK or Europe and can donate more anonymously.

Ten dollars of $250 raised so far.


#UK @Admin

After the #SovietUnion was formally dissolved, #US & #UK oligarchs demanded what was called #ShockTherapy, an immediate move from socialist-communist economics to capitalism, which resulted in a massive transfer of wealth to Russian & foreign oligarchs.

But the #Neocons in the #USA & #UK had by that time already bought off Yeltsin, who had his own grudge against the #USSR because of his family's fortunes suffering under #Stalin. Yeltsin was bent on undermining Gorbachev at every turn.

Apparently, the #DailyMail has just launched "Woke Watch", where red faced pillocks send in angry e-mails, complaining about transgender asylum seekers giving their house prices pronoun cancer, or something.

Anyway, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should one e-mail to #Troll, #Shitpost or just plain take the piss. No, that would be WRONG. Oh, for shame!

#News #UK #Media

A screen capture from the Guano Site, care of Daily Mail hack, Connor Stringer. (Nominative determinism at its finest.)

Anyway, it starts off with a siren emoji, and then the following:

"We're on the hunt for shocking examples of wokeism as part of The Mail's new 'Woke Watch'.

"Has your school gone pronouns mad?

"Worried you've lost your freedom of speech at your university?

"Get in touch at

"@mailplus @DailyMailUK"

There then follows an enormous red image, with the Daily Mail gothic logo in white text on the top, centred, followed by a larger "WOKE WATCH" written in a bold, italicised serif font beneath. This is also centred. There is a thin white line under the Daily Mail logo, by way of a border. The corners of the image are rounded.

,Amazing 😀

An Costs For Deliveries Into: #Uk ?. !. 🤔

Do You Have Uk Selling Suppliers Yet ?. !. 🤔


Woke up super early and hopped on a train from London to Kent, thought I should try Gravesend market for about 200 of my handmade jewellery. It's very empty and I'm yet to make enough to cover the cost of travel here.. anyone in Kent? Anyone who knows anyone in Kent? Come say hi ❤️
My Etsy shop:

#UK #Kent #England #london #unitedkingdom #saturday #caturday #jewellery

#handmade #art #artist #artists

Photo of my market stall full of handmade jewellery Side angle of my market stall
Selfie on the train, green top

In an eerily similar #SwampSunday #News story, a girl was rescued from a "pond and swamp area" in #FernhillHeath, near #Worcester, in the #UK.

📷 When I stayed in a cottage on the grounds of Blickling estate. Birthplace of Anne Boleyn #BlickingHall #Countryside #Uk #AnneBoleyn #photos '#outside #Jacobean
Graveyard next to Blickling Hall. Portrait painting an dold gramophone.
Blickling Hall with grounds and gardens. Cottage with garden and gate.

"The UK’s membership of a Pacific trade agreement will result in more deforestation overseas, endanger animal welfare and “make a mockery” of the government’s environmental commitments, campaigners have said."

#UK #UnitedKingdom #Deforestation #Animals #Environment

There are #RaspberryPi community events coming up in the #UK, #Canada, #Australia and the #US.

Don’t have one near you? Start your own and let us know about it!

Click the link to find out about those that already exist and to tell us about your own:

Content warning: murder, transphobia, ukpol

I've just discovered that there's a petition on the #UK government petitions website to remove #LGBT content from the curriculum, effectively resurrecting the horrendous Section 28 from the 1980s.

There is also a counter-petition. As of this morning, the remove petition has over 178,000 signatures, the counter-petition has just over 2,500 signatures.

Please sign the counter-petition.

#LGBTQ #TransRights #Trans
A screenshot from the UK government petitions website. It shows a petition to remove LGBT content from the curriculum has over 178,000 signatures and a petition to keep the content has just over 2,500 signatures.

please ask those of your followers in the UK to look up and take part in the #CPRE star count to assess our skies: #DarkSky #stars #StarCount #UK

#UK folks, there's a petition to keep protection of transgender people in the equality act by not amending it.

It's pretty scary being #trans in this country at the moment, and we could use your help to protect our rights. #Queer folks and #lgbtq friends and allies, please support.

Feel free to share broadly/openly with others. Steal, boost, repost your own. Let's get 100k signatures, please.

I got up early enough for a 3.5mi walk around the north side of #Cambridge #UK before work. It's cold and crisp out there, but it's nice to see mostly clear skies!
A view of the River Cam with a dirt path on the left, with rowers on the river, and boats along the left side. On the far side of the river is a bunch of bare trees and sunrise in a partially cloudy sky. A view of the surface of a bridge which splits into two paths, on the left for bicycles and on the right for pedestrians. In the background is a row of buildings and a smokestack.
A view of a path, trees, and a field.

In the #UK it's not always sunny enough for one of these to be useful, but I've hooked mine up to a #DIY #battery pack—made of #recycled #liions—and while it's basically useless on a cloudy or rainy day, it actually provides a meaningful amount of power on a sunny day.

This would never work as a commercial product because, if these components were all brand new, it wouldn't make any economic sense.

That's the beauty of #solarpunk #diyelectronics and #recycling! It brings a whole new life to these reclaimed panels and cells!
Shoulder bag with a solar panel cover most of the outside surface. A small LCD multimeter is visible connected to it.
An obviously DIY 3S3P li-ion battery with a BMS held to it by elastic bands.

What a thoroughly delightful rabbit hole!

TIL that the BBC and Acorn, back in the day, created "The Domesday Project" a multimedia commemoration of the publication of the original "Domesday Book".

A bunch of folks are working to preserve it and bring it forward to modern hardware on the Internet Archive:

Yet another great group of folks fighting to preserve digital culture. LOVE THIS! 😀

#retro #uk #acorn #Laserdisc

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