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This open-hardware #microchip PIC16F1459 #microcontroller development system is designed to let learners go below the level of #Arduino and #pico systems to build deeper knowledge of hardware programming and interfacing. And, with a variety of components already on board, no breadboarding is required! Check it out:

#electronics #microcontrollers #DIYelectronics #teaching #ComputerTech

Content warning: Electronics question – LED resistors, boosts welcome

In the #UK it's not always sunny enough for one of these to be useful, but I've hooked mine up to a #DIY #battery pack—made of #recycled #liions—and while it's basically useless on a cloudy or rainy day, it actually provides a meaningful amount of power on a sunny day.

This would never work as a commercial product because, if these components were all brand new, it wouldn't make any economic sense.

That's the beauty of #solarpunk #diyelectronics and #recycling! It brings a whole new life to these reclaimed panels and cells!

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