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MIDI Guitar 🎸

I worked with Noe from Adafruit on this MIDI Guitar project. I wrote the code, he did the CAD and we collaborated on the concept and components.

Adafruit Learn Guide:
Adafruit's Video:
Project Progress Playlist on Diode Zone:

My wife is a teacher and wanted something spooky but not scary to wear for this upcoming Halloween so I #3dprinted her this little spider pendent. Inside I have hot glued four little Neopixels which are wired up to an @adafruit Feather RP2040 (powered by @Raspberry_Pi ) and a small Lipo battery. Wrote some #CircuitPython code to create the rainbow eye effect to keep it fun!

#3dprinting #electronics #rgb #halloween

Practising Permacomputing: Call for workshop participants

"This autumn is dedicated to Practising Permacomputing; a concept and a nascent community of practice-oriented around issues of resilience and regenerativity in computer and network technology derived, among others, from permaculture principles. As part of this community, space is offered to makers and thinkers in digital culture (and other connected areas) to put the fundamentals and applications of #permacomputing into practice through a series of workshops, a meetup, and a concluding day of public presentations with guests. Join us to explore permacomputing futures!"

#workshop #selfhosting #datacenter #recycling #electronics #plants #amsterdam

Uncertainty Principle without quantum woo-woo - as a pulse becomes shorter in time domain, its spectrum gets fuzzier in the frequency domain, and vice versa. It's impossible to perfectly localize a signal in both time and frequency domain simultaneously simply due to how Fourier transform works. #electronics

Fixing a Guitar Tuner Pedal

Also, the ale Potato is a competent little Pi 3 B+ replacement for basic use cases. #raspberrypi #arm #relay #52pi #hat #maker #electronics #lepotato #sbc

Let's Test Some PCBs

To counterbalance's Elbrus posting... This is a Loongson 1C CPU board, an early low-speed SoC meant for embedded systems (0.13 µm, 300 MHz). The CPU implements the mips32r1 instruction set and part of mips32r2. It featured a out-of-order, dual-issue pipeline, with an additional 64-bit FPU. The CPU board only has a Samsung SDRAM and Micron Flash installed, meant to plugged into a devboard that I don't have, but it would be interesting to build a custom board and see if Linux boots... #mips#electronics

This open-hardware #microchip PIC16F1459 #microcontroller development system is designed to let learners go below the level of #Arduino and #pico systems to build deeper knowledge of hardware programming and interfacing. And, with a variety of components already on board, no breadboarding is required! Check it out:

#electronics #microcontrollers #DIYelectronics #teaching #ComputerTech

FDTD really is a surprisingly simple algorithm. Its core is just 3 nested "for" loops, with two multiplications and a bunch of additions. Run it once to get the electric field from the magnetic field of the surrounding grids, and run again to do the opposite. Just this is enough to model all classical electromagnetism in the universe. #electronics

It's Time to Design Some PCBs

It’s LED pixel hearts! It’s just a standard silicone candy mold I got in the clearance aisle, filled with colored epoxy, and some LEDs stuck in it. These are designed to go on my LED Tree.

#electronics #DIY #crafting

Look at all this advanced #electronics reverse engineering. 😎

Modular Melody Maker Build Log Three: Two Channels and LEDs

Modular Melody Maker 2 in/2 out Quantizer Demo

i wanted to have a good quality demo of the 2in/2 out quantizer progress for the modular melody maker aka not recorded with my phone. both ADC inputs are receiving a random waveform, the waveform is quantized and output through the DAC.

for the patch, braids is receiving one of the 1v/oct signals and is going into a VCA with a triangle wave CV signal. the output of the VCA is going into IN on rings. rings is getting the other 1v/oct signal along with a gate trigger on strum.

Join me at 7pm GMT today as we build a Galactic Guitar Hero-like game using the
Galactic Unicorn and some #micropython

#STEM #electronics #robotics #raspberrypi #picow #guitarhero #circuitpython

🎄 Festive Soldering 🔥

Fair Fight is a voting rights organization started by Stacey Abrams. They're currently putting their efforts into the Senate runoff election in Georgia on Tuesday, January 5th 2021. Find out more at their website:

Brian Lough's Tindie Store:
TwinkleTwinkie's Tindie Store:

#soldering #pcbart #festivecircuits

Modular Melody Maker Build Log 1: Acknowledge and Accept the Spaghetti

Content warning: Electronics question – LED resistors, boosts welcome

I'm Starting a New Project

Today’s “because we can”: powering antique telegraph equipment with a desk toy stirling engine. The engine produces about 400mA at 3v, which is just barely enough to actuate the voice coils on the receiver. If you listen carefully you can actually hear the engine slowing down as the load on the generator increases!


DIY FYI: Slow Changing RGB LEDs

I've been doing some testing with some slow changing RGB LEDs for an upcoming project and thought I'd share my findings related to their behavior when powered by a 2032 coin cell battery.

DIY FYI: Making A Cassette Loop

Let's Talk About 1V/Oct

MIDI Over UART with Arduino and CircuitPython

CLUE Step Counter 🔍🚶‍♀️

I wanted to try building a DIY step counter so that I could count my steps without an app.

Learn Guide:

3D Printed Wearable Case by the Ruiz Brothers:

DIY Passive Mixer // Everything Went Wrong with this Build

Push The Button // A Project Collaboration with Sophy Wong

Link to Sophy's channel:

Texas Equal Access Fund:
The Lilith Fund:
Bans Off Our Bodies:
Frontera Fund:
West Fund:
Clinic Access Support Network:
The Bridge Collective:
The Afiya Center:

Favorite Dinosaur? // End of 2021 Q&A: A Blitz City Holiday Special

Favorite Dinosaur? // End of 2021 Q&A: A Blitz City Holiday Special

MIDI Stomp Pads // C Major Triad for Robot Xylophone

quick demo of the MIDI stomp pads project.

Learn Guide:

What is the Newt? Chatting with Darian Johnson

Preparing for Winter with Music Tech Projects

matrix dreidel soldering timelapse

i timelapsed the wiring/soldering of a project i just finished up. it's a big RGB matrix dreidel game:

A Wild Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Appears!

First chords with the robot xylophone

The first chords out of the robot xylophone. Running on an Adafruit ItsyBitsy nRF52840 with the CircuitPython BLE MIDI library. Notes played live with a MIDI keyboard going into my computer to send MIDI out via BLE. I'm on Windows and I really like using MIDIberry for this.

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