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french toasted marshmallow // jar of synth jam

i made french toast this morning and my friend's cat marshmallow is featured as the rotating feline.

quick little jam with the keystep. used plaits as a high hat which was nice. bass voice is castor and pollux

how cold though? // jar of synth jam

continuing to get familiar with the keystep. simple jam switching between sequences.

modules used are winterbloom's castor and pollux and two big honking buttons with drum samples loaded.

in the river // jar of synth jam

leaning into meditative and slow jams recently. shot some quick footage of a stream during a walk and did some weird yet basic speed/perspective/noise things with it.

Let's Test Some PCBs

It's Time to Design Some PCBs

Modular Melody Maker Build Log Three: Two Channels and LEDs

Modular Melody Maker 2 in/2 out Quantizer Demo

i wanted to have a good quality demo of the 2in/2 out quantizer progress for the modular melody maker aka not recorded with my phone. both ADC inputs are receiving a random waveform, the waveform is quantized and output through the DAC.

for the patch, braids is receiving one of the 1v/oct signals and is going into a VCA with a triangle wave CV signal. the output of the VCA is going into IN on rings. rings is getting the other 1v/oct signal along with a gate trigger on strum.

Modular Melody Maker Build Log 1: Acknowledge and Accept the Spaghetti

Patch from Scratch // Packie Store Tootsie Roll

a patch from scratch. some narration at the beginning. full patch can begin to be heard around 8 minutes.

the title comes from driving by an old packie store [liquor store] that i was brought to regularly as a child and seeing it was now permanently closed. one of the clerks that worked there when i was growing up used to give me a tootsie roll when she'd see me. please don't bring a child with you when you're making a packie run.

I'm Starting a New Project

Let's Talk About 1V/Oct

november tick bite // synth jam

this patch began with the intro portion that was patched up specifically for background music in a recent video. in that video i took some footage out on a nature walk. i've been going on nature walks since august and never had a tick bite until that walk, ironically in november and the coldest morning that i'd been out so far.

Preparing for Winter with Music Tech Projects

Eurorack is expensive and the format is really not for everyone.

I've always been interested, but never felt like there was a way to experiment with the format.

Until now.

#eurorack #music #musicproduction

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