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Looping with the Sub PO-14

starting to experiment with the pocket operators. this was a quick little jam with the sub po-14, which is one of the bass ones. quality is a little meh because it was just recorded with my phone.

french toasted marshmallow // jar of synth jam

i made french toast this morning and my friend's cat marshmallow is featured as the rotating feline.

quick little jam with the keystep. used plaits as a high hat which was nice. bass voice is castor and pollux

how cold though? // jar of synth jam

continuing to get familiar with the keystep. simple jam switching between sequences.

modules used are winterbloom's castor and pollux and two big honking buttons with drum samples loaded.

Any Oxford folks going to be going to the upcoming generative music event?

I'll be bringing a bunch of my chiptune stuff to jam out and people will be more than welcome to get hands on with my gear. #music #Oxford #synth #chiptune

in the river // jar of synth jam

leaning into meditative and slow jams recently. shot some quick footage of a stream during a walk and did some weird yet basic speed/perspective/noise things with it.

Good morning fediverse 🌞

Here's a #analogue and #wavetable synth improvisation that won't make it onto my next EP, but that I like a lot anyway.

Recorded on the island of Föhr during a night time gale. Enjoy.

#music #outtake #impro
#synth #analog #wavetable

Also in 2015, aka my year of #Forth, I started writing a modular #synth (first graph-based, then stack-based), including another Forth-like VM with a bunch of audio & music-theory related syntax additions, all with the aim of creating a livecoding env for #STM32. The VM is written in C11 and (should be) platform independent. It automatically does word inlining, peephole optimizations, supports floating point ops, disassembly etc.

The attached image shows some Forth source code defining an 2-oscillator DSP stack for a bass synth (with FX) and a semi-randomized sequencer...

Project repo:

6mins live performance (using a polyphonic graph based version of the synth running on an STM32F746 board, with the Korg Nanocontrol used as sequencer and for param/effect control):


This is so, so cool! A whole bunch of #DIY #Modular #Synth modules!

Looks like most of them also offer #schematics if you don't even want to order the #PCBs and panels.

Modular Melody Maker Build Log 1: Acknowledge and Accept the Spaghetti

Okay, cabling aside, I think my portable #Nintendo gigging setup is pretty much good to go now!

I'd love to hear from other #chiptune, #chipmusic, and #micromusic folks about what their portable setups are like.

In fact, I'd love to hear from people outside the scene as in sure there are lots of #musicproducion, #synth, and #livemusic nerds doing interesting portable and #DAWless setups.

Had a broken #Spectrum #Microdrive, but I was able to repurpose it for my #chipmusic setup!

Anyone using a lot of USB-powered #audio equipment knows how annoying ground loops can be. With this I've got 5x stereo isolators in a relatively small box.

#chiptune #music #musicproducion #synth

HEY! What is this thing? Did I make SYNTH STUFF? Find out today on Dubious Goals Committee, anonradio's flagship show! Starts at 19:30 UTC or 3:30 Eastern time, 2:30 Central, and 12:30 Pacific in North America.
Dubious Goals Committee WELCOMES all NEW Mastodon users to the SDF Community and invites YOU to the party on anonradio! LISTEN at

#anonradio #synth #modular #analog #dubious

november tick bite // synth jam

this patch began with the intro portion that was patched up specifically for background music in a recent video. in that video i took some footage out on a nature walk. i've been going on nature walks since august and never had a tick bite until that walk, ironically in november and the coldest morning that i'd been out so far.

Preparing for Winter with Music Tech Projects

Really cool that there are _two_ awesome tracker-based synth/sequencer/samplers available!

This fantastic video gives a pretty fair comparison of the two from someone who owns both.

#m8tracker #polyend #synth #sequencer #sampler #tracker

My hope is that this weekend I can actually bang out a few demos with the M8 and maybe make 2021 (or 2022) the comeback year.

#dirtywave #m8 #m8synth #synth #synthesizer #music #musicproducion #korg #monologue #chipmusic #chipmusic #micromusic

I absolutely _love_ seeing a device like this utilizing easily replaceable switches.

#chiptune #chipmusic #m8 #synth #synthesizer #music #musicproducion
M8 synth with two keycaps removed and one keyswitch removed. A keycap puller sits atop the synth.

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