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Whatever you do, do not use Soapbox for your #fediverse needs.

The creator and maintainer, Alex Gleason, of Soapbox (or Rebased as it was called) is anti-trans and was previously the head of engineering of the Trump-related social network (Truth Social).

He also worked on Poast, which was a social network for neo-nazis and a direct successor to Kiwi Farms.

Steer clear of it.

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Note to whoever boosted this Christofascist's introduction where he said he was banned for his opinion without saying what his opinion was:

You MUST ask what the bannable opinion was!!!

Anyway heads up to other mods: I bet Mastodon.Online will ban him soon, so keep an eye out.

#FediBlock #Christofascism #Homophobia #Transphobia #BlockList

Expert Man Official says to me: "I am a Christian and I am against any trans/LGBT+ people.
It is against the Bible (The Epistle to Romans, chapter 1, verses 21-32 proves that!) so I shared my opinion and got banned. :-(
Looking still, for a Mastodon instance, that would allow me as a, well, Christian, to share my opinions free
Still, haven't found. :-(
P.S. A user/youtuber known as VKC (Veronica Explains) has introduced as transphobic, they had reported my account for "harassment" because I told my opinion about them.

Gender-affirming care—for ADULTS—is now predictably under attack in #Texas. This is part of a Republican plan of genocide underway against #trans people. We need cis allies to be loud and angry on our behalf. Pay attention, this doesn't end here or with us: via @texastribune

#LGBTQIA+ #transgender #transphobia #HumanRights #Healthcare #news #Politics #TXlege #USpol #gender

”Employees are expected to comply with this dress code in a manner consistent with their biological #gender.”—#Texas Department of #Agriculture memorandum

Ag Dept employees received an unwelcome surprise in a new dress code issued last week that seems aimed at oppressing #transgender and #nonbinary workers, reports Digital Editor Kit @oconnell based on a document leaked to us:

#transphobia #LGBTQIA+ #news #politics #USpol #trans #HumanRights #GregAbbott #Republicans
Screenshot of “Texas Department of Agriculture Dress Code and Grooming Policy,” with Commissioner Sid Miller’s name and seal at the top. In the opening section labelled objective: “All employee’s appearance should reflect the culture, dignity and professionalism of the Texas Department of Agriculture. All employees, regardless of assignment, are expected to present themselves in a professional manner that cultivates a favorable impression from coworkers, other government officials, agency customers and the general public. Employees are expected to comply with this dress code in a manner consistent with their biological gender. [The previous sentence has been highlighted in yellow.] Basic elements for appropriate attire across the board consist of clothing that is in neat and clean condition.” The rest of the screen shot explains that this dress code applies to everyone at TDA, that supervisors should exercise discretion and make sure everyone looks professional. People sent home to change won’t be compensated, and in general, business attire is expected.

Content warning: Rant about bigotry in "cool" FOSS projects

Content warning: murder, transphobia, ukpol

In case you missed it, JK Rowling started a cis only sexual abuse shelter and one of its board members is prison governor Rhona Hotchkiss, whose prison was condemned by inspectors for the frequent abuse of women prisoners by her staff.

#JKRowling #transphobia #prison #abuse

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