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Which server should an new #Fediverse user choose?

Eugen, the creator of Mastodon and admin of the biggest Mastodon server,, talks about the challenges new users might face when they want to register a Mastodon account. In fact these problems aren't limited to Mastodon.

Every user planning to create an account somewhere in the #Fediverse has to make several decisions first:

1. Which platform?

Do I want to settle on #Mastodon, #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla, #Pleroma, #Socialhome or one of the more specialised choices? Given that most of these platforms differ in features, chances are high that I can make a choice based on technical facts. Maybe I already know some accounts I want to follow, which might narrow down the list of choices since not all networks are connected (most notably Mastodon and Diaspory can't see each other, so I can either use the one I need or one of the multi-protocol platforms). Even if I can't decide yet, I'll just register one account for every platform.

2. Which server?

Now this might be the harder question. Let's assume I picked a platform and now want to register my account. Which server should I chose and why? For some platforms there are servers that are specialised on single topics, so if, for example, I am an English speaking Open Source evangelist and want to use Mastodon, there is a server that is just right for me.

But what If I have several main interests? There is no special community for people who like knitting and fishing. Or, more likely, what if I can't even decide on my interests right now? See, I'm interested in many things, nothing special though, just want to talk about things. Where should I register?

Of course there are many servers in every network that aren't limited to any set of topics. So I'll just choose the one that most other people already chose, right?

Well, nearly. And that's exactly Eugen's problem here. As a user, you want to use a server that

- is well maintained and is here to stay.
- has some more users so its public timeline isn't empty.

But from a technical view it would be great if users would spread equally over all servers. So I'll just choose the one that has the least users, right?

Well, nearly. Maybe a compromise is the way to go. It could look like this:

- Look for a server with more than one user.
- See if it exists for more than, say, three months.
- Look up the admins, see what they post, ask yourself if you like them.
- Have a look at the server's public timeline.

These tools might help answering a newcomer's questions:


But the main question stays: how do you explain this to a passer-by who just wants to quickly create a Fediverse account? Could a landing page featuring a "I'm feeling lucky" button that will automatically pick a random server help?

#decentralised #decentralized #distributed #federation #pod #node #server

see the 2-3 length discussions I've had here over the year about chat apps. TL;DR Wire is #copyleft #FreeCode on both client and server side, and has plans to support #federation between Wire servers. #Electron is a downside, but they are ok with community-created clients without Electron to connect to their server (unlike #Signal, don't know about #Telegram)

Btw, Pythonistas. I'm in testing phase of delivery and receive for my #federation library for #ActivityPub support. After that it's mostly implementing objects and such.

Q: are there any well working JSON-LD libraries or shall I just go the way I initially was going to, ie "it's all JSON"? 😀

#python #json #jsonld

!Friendica Admins

I created the bot that allows to suggest instances. You can test it by mentioning it at @fedvice

- You need to add a URL to the instance and keywords.

- It replies with the same privacy of your original message.

- You can remove your data simply by mentioning it with the word "delete" or "remove".

- It will guess the social network behind the host name.

- The next step will be to suggest instances thanks to keywords when it will have more data.

Source code:

#fediverse #federation #friendica

#introduction Hello! I am a #sysadmin for #linux systems and interested in #privacy #federation and #horizontalism (in an organizational/political sense). With a sprinkle of #psychology and #philosophy thrown in.

I am an #OSR gamer and run one #OSRIC based game in meatspace and one #1e #PbP.

My actual system is base OSRIC with some "secret sauce" OSR bits thrown in. Rounding out with a sprinkle of #Dragonsfoot Footprints articles and my own houserules wiki.

This is an old debate I brought up a while ago. I strongly feel that the server in question should not be included in the stats as it renders the stats useless. While I agree that stats isn't everything and even after removing the server, they are to be taken with a grian of salt, I still feel that that argument doesn't result in the conclusion to keep that server in the stats. Quite the opposite. But after the old debate I gave up hope that that would happen.

I do not feel the maintainer of that server is punished if excluded from the stats.

I found the stats to be very interesting but stopped looking at them at all due to this problem.

The argument @utzer makes sounds valid, to better inform node operators and users about the stats and consequences of opting to show or not show in stats.

#friendica #stats #spraci #federation

Ah, yeah it does seem kind of sketchy to unconditionally ban Nazis, then establsh yourself as the benevolent dictator for life, and expect nobody to have a problem with that. Personally my biggest beef with Mastodon (aside from the fact that #federation is #stupid) is that it has these tiny columns that look great if you have a closed source, spyware laden smartphone, but on a laptop... not the greatest UI.