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I’m keen to facilitate a series of monthly, online meetups about fediverse development.

What we’ll need for each meetup is;

* 3-4 people willing to give a short talk with Q&A. I’d like to have a balance of technical, UX, and organisational topics

* an MC

* a conference server, ideally with support for livestreaming and hosting recordings for later viewing.

Anyone keen to help with this? More details here:

#fediverse #AskFedi #Meetups

Alright friends, the time has come to get super official and make some business cards :blobfoxbongo:

What do we think of this? #feedback welcome and appreciated!

#advice #artadvice #askfedi

I recently tried to set up a so that users could help contribute to server costs of our instance. I linked it to a Stripe account and am now being told by Stripe that my account isn't permitted because "Crowdfunding" is a "Restricted Business" type.

I thought this was a common set up. Does anyone have experience with this? I can appeal, is there something I should say or do? Perhaps I didn't describe my Stripe account properly and got flagged?

#askFedi #MastoAdmin #MastoDev #HometownAdmin

If you want people's advice about any topic, type your question and tag it with #AskFedi, which is kind of like a bat signal for advice on the Fediverse 🦇

If you want a post to be shared, try adding "Boosts appreciated!". Some servers may even have an emoji for this such as :boost_ok:

By the way, remember that if you want your post shared publicly you have to give it a Public or Unlisted visibility setting. (More info about post visibility settings here:


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